I mean it was quite awesome, but what has dji done in order to give us a new rsd pro? Well theyve, enhanced the user experience and trust me its way more intuitive. It has a few things that are just amazing. I cant wait to share this with you Music. First, let me clarify the names because its tradition, now that dji is changing constantly the name so to put this straight. This is the dji rs3 pro its smaller brother. Also known as the dji rs3 like this, no more rsc and rscc pro and stuff like that Music, first of all, 1.5 kilograms, max loadout 4.5 kilograms, and this hasnt changed too much. Even the frame has not changed too much thats right right. I got ta say that both chivo and me were heavy almost on a daily basis, users of the previous version myself. I use the dji rsc2 a lot. Chivo uses the dji rs2, even though right now, hes filming on the dji rs3, which were gon na, make a review just after that stay tuned, because we have simultaneously uploaded both reviews. It hasnt changed too much, even though djs says that they have improved the algorithm and they have it made them way more powerful, which is interesting, but we cannot really test that out. Lets talk about what we do can test out. One of the big changes is look at this plate. You see that it is longer than the regular one you have now, both in the bundle i mean you can use both because i know there are so many people complaining.

You know the past years, like it doesnt hold my 70 to 200 millimeter lens well now, youll be able to the feature everyones probably going to be talking about shiva composer. Is this one? It is amazing, i must say, look at this its blocked now and if i turn the dji rs3 pro on again, this is quite amazing, especially for those that are using a gimbal regularly in between scenes or youre, for example, at a wedding and youre running from One spot to another: this is super helpful, especially because you can also make it in the sleep mode right now, its in the sleep mode and its locked, as you can see so that you can run somewhere and then just press once the button and youre free To go again, this is game. Changing trust me: Music, Applause, Music, down Music, oh Music, uh, Music, guys, the car shots that you just saw were shot with the little brother, the dji rs3. As you already know now, we have simultaneously published also the review of the smaller brother go check that out. If you want, and if you care about those car and more type of cinematic shots and all that jump onto my instagram links in the description i put tons of content over there now lets keep going with the rs3 pro. I, like the locking this autolog a lot, but what i do like the most – and it sounds stupid – are this buttons here.

This button switch from ptf, which is pantied, follow to pen follow and to the fpv, the last one which, by the way, is customizable, which means that you can set up it. You know you can put the 360 the inception, whatever you want into that mode. It means that, right now before on the rs2 and the ronin one, when you were pressing the m button, sometimes it didnt work. Sometimes it got all crazy. You had to connect the app you know all those kind of things that made it not fluent well right now, theres, no problem because you just can set with a button the mode you want same as i did with the dji mini 3 pro. I have one dji care refresh for you guys just for free, you can perfectly live without it, but if youre like me, constantly traveling for work doing projects running – and you know this may be interesting for you, as your gimbal in this case may be damaged over Time, basically, what the djik refresh does is covering accidental damage to your ronin like collisions, water damage or accidental natural wear. They will repair your gimbal as soon as they receive it. Send it back to you and yes: dji covers shipping both ways, oh yeah, and if you dont use your care refresh within your first year, they will automatically extend it one more year, its a safe way to protect your well spent money. Im doing this entirely.

For you guys so just comment with the camera emoji in the comment section of this video and or the rs3 review as well no limit so the more you comment, the more chances you get and please please, please very important. Do not fall in the trap. Fake accounts telling you you won on telegram and stuff like this. I will be personally choosing a winner on sunday june 26th and i will contact you personally, so please dont give any info or telephone number or whatever to anyone else, but me also. I will publish the winner in the community section of this channel. What about this 1.8 inch screen? I mean the bigger the better always especially in screens right and it is easier to use. It is more intuitive. It is bright, um, its nice, but honestly um its one of the features that i was happy with the one before um i dont know but its nice to have another very interesting feature and that im going to be using quite a lot. Is the bluetooth connectivity right now they have put bluetooth inside the rs3 pro, which means that you can connect, for example, in this case the a7s3, which is filming right there um you can connect it via bluetooth to the rs3 pro and, yes, you can use the Wreck button, so you dont have to be. You know constantly like putting one arm then hitting the record then running, then putting the other arm and all that – and this is quite awesome – Applause Music.

Why is this gimbal named perot the rs3 pro? Well, because, among other interesting and professional stuff, it has, for example, this new lighter from the ronin, which is amazing and helps your track? It helps you do many things: the focus mode. There are many things that make this gear professional right now were doing a review for us filmmakers more on the go that like to do fast, recording – maybe its not that interesting. But we will do another video explaining all the details of all the systems because they make this whole gimbal a really and true pro gear Music. You can purchase the rs3 pro or you can also get the combo, which is really interesting. The combo has the raven eye image system. It has the focus motor. It has a few extra things that are super helpful as again as im saying for the more professional systems were going to be talking in another video about this Applause. You know, as it is a ronin, it comes with a nunchaku and you can go out there and fight no just kidding just kidding. This is the new handle, the new grip, which is by the way quite interesting, come here chivo, because you can attach this very easily to your ronin look at this and attach it close it the way you want and voila, you can start using the ronin as A dual handle or the way you want, for example, like this – you center it and look at this im pretty amazed with this, because its easy to use its not too heavy.

This helps to get those bottom shots to do all these kind of things very easily and a second part a second hand that you can use to make everything way: more: stable, cheevo, Music, okay, this is very simple. The rs3 pro is unbeatable and i dont think there is a gimbal in the market that performs and delivers the same quality and the same technology that this one. Now, if you have already a rs2 pro, i dont know honestly, if its worth upgrading, i mean there are a few things that if youre, okay with it, spend the money and get them, for example, the auto lock the switch button. The extra new handle a few things that really enhance the user experience and, as i said, when we jumped from the rs1 or the ronin s to the rs2, they had a lot of work in dji to you know, make it lighter, make it more intuitive make It easier and all that, but from the rs2 to the rs3 pro i have the feeling theyve really listened to the final customer. Theyve listened to our feedback and theyve changed a few things that make the experience even better. I mean im im pretty happy with that. So remember, this thing is upgradable and its really a pro system that can be expanded in many many ways. We have not done this in this video, but the videos are coming so stay tuned for that and overall, i dont know im just impressed and remember that weve also reviewed the rs3, which is the little brother of this one, which is a little bit smaller and Lightweighter, nothing really else to say guys.