This thing is an absolute blast to use Music whats up everybody peter mckinnon, here welcome back to yet another video, another kirk kirk peter mckinnon. Here, welcome back to yet another video and today were reviewing the brand new dji cinema camera hot day. Hot damn buckle up seriously buckle up, because this thing is absurd. New innovation is great. New cameras coming out is fantastic technology being pushed to its absolute edge. Is fantastic because we are the the beneficiaries of that beneficiaries? Beneficiaries that sounds like the right one. We benefit from these companies battling it out to push tech to the edge the bleeding edge. That sounds cooler. This is one of those products that comes along. That does something that youve just never seen done in a camera before and thats refreshing to see something come out that youve never seen. This is the dji ronin 4d. Music. Look at this thing! That is absolutely that kirk! You got to come see this dont. Look at my screen. Try to find your way over. Okay, look at this thing, wheres the front! Well, i dont even know so, if you havent noticed yet there is a gimbal arm built into the body of this cinema camera. This arm literally acts as a gimbal. Is this the memory card, one terabyte? It has to be this just slides straight in, and this looks like it uses the same batteries as the ronin gimbals, so thats good. If you already have a ton of those and youre rocking that thing bam, im guessing this slides in and locks, looks like youve got focus support here.

This is just leaps and bounds. Music. Okay, that feels good Music looks like focus pulling accessories holy smokes. This thing comes with it: dude kirk, look at this thing, so this is the other thing that was in the package. It looks like with these. If i just unlock these handles that we just threw on here, there, probably just slides on unlock theres a little theres a little button at the front, pull that in and now youve got this setup, where youre, probably controlling the gimbal. Here record your wireless antennas up top and then no doubt youve got your focus pulling here. Youve got strap mounts on the ends here and then you just hang that off your chest. So when youre just chilling drinking your coffee on set all right lets, go positions. Bam, put your coffee down. First, pull your thing up, start dude! This is so cool. I got ta call maddie maddys gon na freak out Music. I am so excited and i cant tell you anything more thats. It man. I hope you have a great day thats. It thats it. I love you bye. Oh okay, lets figure. Now that we got that going, we got, we got a little bit of a suspicion brewing there, or maybe he doesnt care at all im trying to make the most informative video. I can for you guys. I i think whats gon na have to happen is this is like you experience this new tech with me.

We go through things. We open the packaging, we look at it, we we discover together and then you leave it with uncle pete here, maybe ill try to go shoot something rad with this and come back with the thing we shot. Thats super rad and a little more comprehensive walkthrough of how this thing works and all of the bells and whistles but ill try to get through as much as i can today, so that you at least watch this video and walk away. Knowing like got a good idea of whats coming with that Music, Music Applause – Music – oh maddie, youre – not going to believe me – you wont believe this, so you know about the built in four axis: gimbal yeah. But did you know about the 6k pro rise yeah pro res raw full frame? Oh, but the lidar yeah dang it miss you Music. This is the craziest camera i think ever made. Would you not agree? I think i would agree. It looks so gnarly dude, like weve, gotten great cameras and before but like and a bunch of them lately, but this is like totally different. Unlike any camera, it really is and, like weve tried a lot of cameras and its like okay, yeah cool cool cool. This is like whats, like oh man, and it you know what it looks. It looks insane and you look at it and think how, in the what is going on, but its its actually pretty easy to use yeah its pretty intuitive and everything has a place and a reason, and its very thought, through ive, noticed very thought out, like its Hard to put everything in one and that it actually works in practice.

You were running full speed. Oh no, i was hauling so go watch maddies intro. He was hauling with this thing i could have just been on one wheel and got like this. No, i was you, were tom, cruising tom cruising this thing i just got back from shooting with this, for full disclosure like two hours, Music – that doesnt make sense. This doesnt make sense last minute, shoot scrambling, got this camera a little bit late, classic pete, classic scenario. Classic influencer, i went to a brewery and shot a bunch of behind the scenes, stuff of just the dudes spraying, down the vats and cleaning things up and dumping things into tanks and moving stuff on a forklift, and it was fun. I dont think i would even bring a gimbal with me anymore. I would rather just bring this camera and do i feel like for the for the first time in a long time, theres theres, just new innovation here that ive never experienced, and it brought back that that joy now see. We talk about this a lot in the magic industry um what was referred to as like a child like wonder when you do a magic trick and you perform something for someone you strip away everything that makes that person cynical or not believing and they just live In the moment where the effect happens, thats the moment of astonishment and thats when people react so true and and honest with what youve shown them be that its a card trick or an illusion or whatever you did thats the kind of feeling that magicians chase, because To feel that as a spectator is something quite well magical for a lack of better terms and thats, what makes it so cool you lose that magic as you become a magician, because you know all the secrets and and and the more you learn in the art And that craft, the less that youre going to be fooled and feel that moment of astonishment that childlike wonder thats kind of gone.

I liken a lot of that to the same thing as filmmaking and photography weve all been doing it for so long and you get so desensitized to the same cameras. The same updates. You start to anticipate what updates might be and they just get less and less exciting, but i feel like this for the first time, is it brought back like the moment of astonishment that childlike wonder of of how fun it is to use something thats thats fresh, That to use something thats thats never existed before. Look at this, you turn it on startup time is pretty fast, Music, its not as like slow as what a red would be, but its definitely not like mirrorless fast, but its fast enough bam good to go center. Gimbal you want to go into the 4d mode. You hit that button on the side. It extends out, bring it back in like that is just so look at that. That screen is also massive. Its a huge smartphone of a screen, everythings thought out so well, the ssd stick, the little gum stick ive been calling it that slides right in the fact that you can change all the follow modes and the fpv modes and lock the modes from a tiny little Tiny little joystick right here, the fact that you can have auto or manual focus at one time, so you can be using autofocus and if you need to snap it to manual, you have that ability to just snap that to manual the lidar focus system, that matty Just showed us at his office see these lines here.

So the monitor is these lines were focused on the monitor were going to go to the chair. There. We just go chair wall bam, oh its all, in like wave forms yeah. You can see its like a top down view of your scenario, your map, and you can just focus to whatever its really smart wow. These types of things have just been made, really easy for us to use and its its taken its taken. So many different facets of filmmaking and smashed it into one package really really excited. Now i would have loved to have been able to use a couple different lenses. I only had the 35 here. Oh you got a 24 mil yeah. I got a 35.. They, like me more, is that or did you want a 35? I would rather have a 24. 24 is my jam. Dude 24 is my jab. How do you can you replace this lens yeah and then put different lenses on it? I would assume like that. Oh, i havent seen that yet i was pretending like i knew what i was doing Laughter the first time, youve done it pretty much this guy 24. I would have preferred that um you have the e mount. I need to look into that more. The whole lens situation more because there was a few moments at that brewery, where i was just thinking: um 51.2 or even a 200 100 ml on this, with some compression, which just looks so good with that beer coming out.

But it was very easy to use, and i had a ton of fun. Maddie also pointed out theres a button on the handle here. That does like a smart focus, which i did not know about when i was shooting for two hours, and there was a few times i thought im relying too heavily on the autofocus and theres things i dont want to be focused right now. I dont know how to mitigate that or change that or manipulate that. That was that button, and that just comes with time. Like again, i opened this camera. You saw me open. It. Ive used it for less than two hours, so its definitely something i am going to work on im, going to pick a project for this im going to commit to that and im going to shoot the whole thing on this 4d to really flex its muscles. I want to get kristoff involved and come up with some kind of a script that i can use so that i can use this. I can use all the fun features of wireless control and multiple operators. My honest thoughts i like it more than i thought i would when i was told about it and i watched the videos ahead of time. I was like okay, thats cool. Will i like it though, like? Is that good, you think itll be popular like will? I actually use it, i dont know and another another another camera more stuff, but then it arrived and i took it out of the box and i will say i was more than pleasantly surprised and i can definitely see myself using this way more in the future.

Like im excited to end this video, so i can get back into making a new one about it, so definitely expect to see more of the new dji ronin 4d good job, guys you absolutely crushed this Music yo. Look at this. I just was looking at the lens. I got my phone here, im recording with my phone and it looks like i dont know, i was trying to clean it off with this lens lens cloth and it wasnt cleaning very well. Then i took this cap off and and realized Music. I shot all that b roll with a lens sticker on it all of it. Kirk everything youre editing right now has this lens sticker Music, uh, maybe d haze, maybe d haze, or i mean how bad, how bad does it look? Is it oh yeah its like a its like a pro mist right there like a little, i was thinking everything looked a little pro misty uh. I thought the brewery was just you know a bit hazy. I thought it was too.