This is for the new mavic 3 or the mavic 3 cine im still waiting for my mavic 3 to arrive. It should be here tomorrow. This actually arrived early. It was supposed to come with that shipment, but it arrived here today so well, just take a quick look at it and well see if theres any firmware that we need to update so theres. Quite a price increase this year with the new smart controller, its a little bit cheaper. If you live in canada, because we dont have to pay as much duty on products drone products anyways, for example, here in canada, the rc pro comes in at 959 somewhere around there. And if you live in the states, you order it directly to the states its going to cost you 1100. 11.99. Actually, i believe, and currently the way it sits right now. This is only compatible with the mavic 3 series, its not backward compatible with older drones. As of yet that may change with a firmware update same with the original smart controller. At this point, it is not compatible with the mavic 3. cant see dji making it compatible because they want people to upgrade to the new one. But i guess well see what happens there, so here we have the controller; apparently they have it in some child proof packaging. So there we go there set that aside. We have a little bit of literature a little book there with some information, usb charging, cable and uh one thing thats different this year.

Is it doesnt come with a charging block? The original smart controller did so theyve kind of done. What apple have done and stuff, including those chargers, and you think for the price of these – they could include one. So lets go ahead here and well. Take a look around it. You can see. The antennas are a little bit different, now theyre folded up at the top, just like any of the other remotes that theyve had in the past, with the original smart controller they folded down. Underneath we have our control sticks at the bottom there and uh. One thing im noticing right away: you can see there they kind of got those really tiny threads similar to whats on the fpv drone. I really dont like that, because thats kind of a weak point im always afraid on my fpv drone that im gon na end up snapping those sticks off just because its really thin metal there. If you compare the threads there, this is the one from the original smart controller. This is the new rc pro you can see just how much smaller that metal is. So i dont really like that. Theyve done that, because if they happen to snap off in there, you know thats not really something that you can fix yourself, you probably have to send it back in for repair. So lets take a look at the button configuration on it looks like we have a back button on that side.

We have a 5d button. We have a speed, selector cine normal and sport pause button power, button and return to home at the bottom. Here we have a spot for microsd card, we have our usbc for charging. We also have an hdmi port right beside that and beside that we have those spots where we can connect a lanyard or other attachments. The back here we have a customizable c1 c2 button and on the back here we have our gimbal wheel and another dial there for zooming in just like the original does have a built in speaker at the back there, and the antennas are different. This time you can see they fold out like a traditional controller. I actually like that better lets. Take a look here and well. Compare it to the original smart controller. You can see there size wise its a little bit bigger a little bit taller and for the most part there, the button configuration is identical. The back of it is quite a bit different. Oh and i forgot to point that out theres your photo button on that side and the video record button on that side, and you can see there. The powering on sequence is different. This one is reverted back to the double press, quick press and then long press. The original smart controller you just had to press and hold to power it on, but the new ones a little bit different, so lets just go ahead and follow the on screen.

Instructions. Im, assuming this will need to be activated, agree well, connect to our network set our time zone well, log in to our dji account, so there we go there. Weve logged in with our dji account weve activated the controller and weve updated the firmware. Unfortunately, i had to update the firmware off camera because it took me a minute to figure out how to do it on the original smart controller. Here it was as simple as going to our settings and we would just scroll down until weve seen system update and from there we could update the firmware, but in the settings on this one there was nowhere in here. I could find a way to update the system. I went through all the different settings and menus and i could not find anywhere to update it. So what i ended up doing is launching the fly app went over to profile, then settings and from there i could download and update. Now i thought it would just update the fly app to the latest version, but indeed it was a whole system update. If we go into our camera view and then go over to about, you can see the fly, app version is 1.5.0 and the new rc firmware is 0 1.00.0300. Of course. Alternatively, you can plug this directly into a computer, use the dji assistant 2 app, and you can update your firmware as well. The menu system is a little bit different and the shortcuts are a little bit different as well.

You can see here its nicely laid out its clean and simple. We got shortcuts to the important things that we need like brightness and volume. Of course, we can initiate a screen, recording, take a screenshot and do a few other tasks as well theres this notification area over here. So if you do something like start a screen recording, then you stop it. You can see all that information will now be listed in your notifications, where you can go in and view it share it or delete it. I did install a memory card. As you can see there, and file management is fairly easy. We just launched the files app from there. We can switch between the internal storage and the external storage. We have shortcuts to images, videos and a few other different file types and of course we have the whole structure there that we can browse. So that is the new dji rc pro for the mavic 3.. So now at this point i just have to wait for my mavic 3 to arrive by time. I get this video uploaded. That means youre watching it tomorrow. So that means my mavic 3 will be here today and i ended up going just with the fly more combo. I didnt really have any need for pro res, so i just got the fly more combo and then ordered the smart controller separately. Well folks, hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.

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