0 meet dji phantom 4, pro version 2.0, visionary intelligence, elevated imagination, featuring a one inch cmos sensor that can shoot 4k 60 fps videos and 20 mp photos the phantom 4 pro version. 2.0 grants filmmakers absolute creative freedom, the oqsync 2.0 hd transmission system ensures stable connectivity and reliability. Five directions of obstacle. Sensing ensures additional safety and a dedicated remote controller with a built in screen grants even greater precision and control. A wide array of intelligent features makes flying that much easier. The phantom 4 pro version 2.0 is a complete aerial, imaging solution designed for the professional creator, incredible gimbal camera, the onboard camera features a one inch 20 mp cmos sensor and a mechanical shutter, eliminating rolling shutter distortion, an advanced sensor and impressive processing capture every detail and Provide the image data needed for advanced post production, the phantom 4 pro version 2.0 camera has an optimized f, slash 2.8 wide angle lens, ensuring consistently detailed photos and videos that remain vivid and sharp, while maintaining color accuracy. Professional 4k. Video, an enhanced video processing system allows videos to be captured in cinema 4k at 100 megabits per second enabling high resolution. Slow motion, shots record in d log mode and h.265 codec to capture professional footage with high dynamic range optimizing image quality thanks for watching.