My passion for aerial photography resurfaced and i bought a drone. The dji phantom 4 pro and heres is my in depth: review Music, Music, Music right after unboxing you have the most advanced 4k camera drone, complete and ready to shoot, advanced object, detection and collision avoidance new tap to follow and tap to fly flight modes suitable for Amateur and professional applications, and on top of that it could reach up to seven kilometers or 4.3 miles range Music, Music. The phantom 4 pro is the most sophisticated flying camera designed for high quality, aerial, photography and cinematography Music, Music, so Music, i personally proved the quality and ability of five years of strict use. It is the most intelligent, easy to operate, flying camera drone available for less than two thousand dollars: Music, Music, its like an entry level dslr for the sky like its successful predecessor, the phantom 3 pro the phantom 4 pro is designed for professional high resolution, aerial photography And film making Music, ah Music, the phantom 4 pro comes complete with a 4k camera 1 inch, cmos gimbal controller and integrated software. As i said earlier, its ready to shoot right out of the box Music. The new phantom 4 pro is also equipped with dual mode: gps plus blown ass receivers for autopilot redundancy and djis unique vision, navigation system, which makes navigating close to the ground and inside buildings a breeze without the need for gps, Music, so Music, the phantom 4 pro Is a big improvement over the phantom 3 pro in several ways we have obstacle detection and collision avoidance, which is the biggest breakthrough for the phantom 4 series, is its inclusion of a new optical sensor unit and real time 3d vision system that makes it capable of Automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles, while in flight Music.

If the drone detects an object in its path, it will either full break or automatically plot a course around the object if it can obstacle, detection and collision avoidance provide an entirely new level of safety and convenience. For the operator, and it makes planning and navigating a shot, simpler and darn near foolproof Music. To do this, the phantom 4 pro uses forward looking rear, looking and downward looking optical sensors to detect objects up to 50 feet in front of and 30 feet beneath the platform. The vision is stereoscopic, which means the phantom 4 sees in 3d Music, Music, Music. The phantom 4 leads all other ready to fly camera drones in this important feature, although one drone of its kind is catching up fast. Hopefully it will result in fewer crashes and props for you, Music, Music. Other notable upgrades are the new advanced camera and flight automation modes, active track, draw and tap fly which make professional quality film production easier, Music. With the recent introduction of new dji controller software, all phantom and inspire models are now equipped with the following advanced camera modes. Follow me point of interest: gps waypoints course: lock, return to home and gesture mode Music with the phantom 4 pro. However, professional film makers get three more advanced flight camera modes that simplify the planning and execution of high quality, interesting and dramatic shots, and all rely on the new optical sensors to make sense of the surroundings Music.

We have one active track: want your shot to follow a fast moving object automatically. Now you can just tap on any object in the cameras live view and the camera will stay focused on it. The vision system automatically detects multiple objects as it flies. So all you need to do is select one Music do Music to draw want to fly a panoramic view of a majestic coastal estate. Now you can just draw your flight route on screen and the phantom 4 pro will move along that line, while keeping its altitude stable. There are two draw modes to choose from standard mode moves at a constant speed, allowing the operator to focus totally on the shot in manual mode. The operator controls the speed in the camera Music, so Music, Music, Music, three tap, fly tap on any location in the live view and the phantom 4 will fly there if theres an obstacle in the way it will fly around it automatically: Music, so Music, Music for Better performance, flight dynamics and performance have been upgraded as well compared with the phantom 3 pro. The phantom 4 flies a few minutes longer 28 minutes versus 23 minutes is faster 45 miles per hour and weighs slightly more so its a bit more stable underway Music. So, Music, Music, Music, the phantom 4 pros range – is greatly extended. It can fly up to 4.3 miles away from the controller. It is more than twice as much as most other rtf camera drones, Music, so Music.

The props have a new quick release, feature that simplifies repairs and packing. The motors have been upgraded too. According to dji, they are more efficient and operate more smoothly, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music. So, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, the phantom 4 pro controller comes with a new sport mode button which boosts power temporarily to add a kick and speed. Music, do Music, as in prior models, just connect your phone or tablet ios or android to the usb port on the controller and youre ready to film Music. The phantom 4 pro streams live video direct to your device in 720p from up to 1.2 miles, and your phone will charge while connected to the controller Music. Music do Music for an additional 300. The phantom 4 pro plus adds a 5.5 inch dedicated 1080p display. That is exceptionally bright and integrates the dji go app into it: Music, Music, Music, Laughter, 6. dji go app, the dji go app, runs on the pro plus display or on your phone or tablet, allowing you to see and control everything through one screen: Music, Music, Music. My Music, some of the key features, include a live scrolling map that provides real time. Awareness of your location and surroundings control the camera position, control your flight settings and direction view live flight telemetry, including altitude, speed and direction view your flight log, edit, publish and share video straight from your phone or tablet: Music, Laughter, Music, seven dji video editor using the Dji video editor app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can create professional, looking movies in minutes, Laughter, Music and thats it for this video. I have plenty more other reviews to show guys next, please, like videos and subscribe to our channel for future updates.