So I use my phone a lot and I have an iPhone 6 plus and it works pretty well to shoot video. It works. I think it's just as good as my GoPro, maybe it better in some instances, but for instances where I would like to have stabilized video. This is kind of nice. This is a two axis gimbal it's available from our friends over at gearbest it's called the X JJJ on their site and it's a two axis, handheld gimbal, with lithium chargeable batteries in it. You also have a battery charger in here as well. I'Ll go ahead and open up the box and show you what's included. You have some pretty decent English instructions in here on how to connect the bluetooth to your gimbal from your phone, and it also will accept just about any different Samsung phones as well. Almost any phone on the market will fit this it's. A pretty big clamp on here. I'Ve got my phone over here to the left charging right now. So let's take a look at this there's a QR code on the outside. Here it does have brushless, gimbal and lithium batteries inside the handle. It has two different modes here: m1 and m2. It also has tilt control, so you can go up and down depending on your situation, there's an adjustment back here on the arm, so you can make it bigger or smaller power buttons on the very back here so make sure you're holding it flat and level.

When you do power it up and you have your phone locked into the gimbal and it'll do an auto stabilization. It takes about maybe 10 seconds to initialize and turn on once you do that, hit this button and hold it to turn on the Bluetooth and then go on your phone and connect Bluetooth, and we also have the power charger here and the batteries are inside. The gimbal handle here I can show you those batteries, real, quick there's, three of these that come along with it just fit in the charger in my charge in about an hour or two and the battery life of this gimbal is about two hours. So I'll go ahead and I'll grab my smartphone over here and I'll. Put that on there, for you see I'm go ahead and go into smartphone. I'Ve got just a little bit of charge on my phone here so and the way I'd like to do is I like to have my camera facing outwards so on the outside right out. Here see it like that, and now I can turn on the gimbal now that I have it clamped on make sure you hold it nice and level. I'Ll do an auto calibration and now I've got a little it's a little bit vertical, so I'm gon na go ahead and tilt it up. So I can see it a little better here, try to get it out of the glare for you and now I'm gon na go ahead and go into the Bluetooth settings so I'm going to press and hold that camera button on here.

The blue button on the gimbal and now I can go to X, JJJ and connect. So once you select X, JJJ and your phone's connected to the gimbal you'll see a red light up here and you can get the Bluetooth activated by pushing that blue button here. On the bottom, so, like I said, I do have full tilt control, which is really nice and I'll go ahead and go into my camera. I'Ll go over to video and I can start and stop video from the gimbal now, which is really cool. So you see it start the video there and I have pretty good stabilization left and right here up and down axis, and this is really cool great for chasing the dog or the cat around, and you want to get super cool, stable footage or your children or If you're, skateboarding or riding a bike, or something like that, that's pretty cool, now I'll show you this other mode on here and go ahead and stop. Recording m1 is the first mode and that lets us point it wherever we want to point it and we'll get stabilization. Now, if I go on mode to m2 that's going to lock into the last known direction that it was pointing. So if I move the handle, left and right it's going to stay focused on that direction, so that makes it nice if you're shooting a wedding or something like that you want to stay focused on the bride and groom that's pretty neat.

So you can kind of talk to your friends and record your video. Now I have some other footage that I did shoot while I was out on the coast of Oregon, so I'll go ahead and I'll show you guys. Some of that footage shows a lot of fun.