So yeah, i guess uh selfie sticks are kinda back Music, okay. So now i personally dont really use gimbals and thats, mostly because im a photographer so theyre, not really that necessary and the times that i do film video on my smartphone when im traveling or on my canon camera. I find that the in body stabilization is usually more than enough, so i was pretty skeptical when i first got djis newest product. The om5 i was like hey – am i really gon na make use of this? If you guys follow me on instagram, you know that when i travel i like to vlog and usually what ill do is that ill actually just take my iphone put it on the 0.5 lens and turn it towards me and ill just walk around and talk and Vlog as i travel and usually i find that thats pretty good thats enough. For me, the only issue is that well, your arm is only so long, so this is sort of the field of view that im stuck with when im vlogging. So i was actually really excited to test the new selfie stick portion of the dji on 5, when i got it because im really excited to see what new vlogging opportunities that can really open up for a lot of mobile creators. So today were actually going to bring the om5 with us on this hiking trail and im gon na kind of show. You guys what i would use it for in like a real world example what it would look like if i actually brought this along on one of my trips and um.

Currently i have the iphone 12 pro max mounted on this and im using the selfie camera. So that i can kind of see whats going on on the screen, as i talk to you guys, but immediately. The first thing that i noticed is that the type of shots that im getting right now as im talking to you guys, is really similar to what i would get on my phone if i was just holding it out and sort of vlogging like i already do So right away the benefits arent really evident of the om5, but i bet if i pull out the selfie stick, then the environment is going to completely change, so lets go ahead and do that so, as i pulled out the selfie stick, then i re center myself. Wow check it out, so the field of view got way bigger. This is actually way more immersive than i expected you guys can actually see the entire environment around me all the trees and all that stuff. How big the hiking trail is – and this is really good for drawing on drawing in your audience as to where you are and really showing the environment around you, because i think thats, the toughest part of vlogging, with an iphone without any kind of stick or anything. Like the field or sorry, the range of motion, like i mentioned at the beginning of this video, is really really limited. So this stick is actually sweet.

You can see so much of where i am and if i actually even stick it up into some trees over here, youll notice that you can get some pretty cool, interesting angles: okay, maybe not that cool, but this is just to kind of show off how large The range of motion is with the stick and yeah you can actually see way more, and that is really really dope for vlogging, and i think this is actually. This feature is going to really interest a lot of people, because this is this is pretty cool. I didnt expect this okay, so, besides from adding the selfie stick, the other new feature that dji has packed into the om5 is active track 4.0 and thats the same tracking technology that they have in the air 2s and ive extensively test that out on my drone, Um theres another youtube video on my channel regarding active track 4.0 and how well it works and ill link that up here somewhere below, but im really really excited to test it on the om5 and its pretty simple so based on the dji, tutorials and stuff that I looked at all you do. Is you have to tap the trigger on the back of the phone, so im gon na? Do that right now and yeah there you go it tracks my face right away, and it knows that im the subject and im the one talking and lets see how well it does.

If i start moving around the frame pretty frantically and for the most part it does a pretty good job, so you guys saw that it lost me over there for a second lets. Try that again so im going to tap the trigger and so im the subject. Once again, so it does really well side to side and keep in mind. These are some exaggerated movements like im moving around the gimbal really really fast and yeah. There you go, it loses me, but there you go. It picks me back up, so it seems to do really really well side to side um. It was the downwards motion where it lost me initially, so i moved it down and it still has me but youll notice. It kind of loses me again and now the active track is turned off, so it looks like it struggles a little bit with the up and down motions yeah there you go. You see that so when i move it back upwards, it loses me. But here let me turn it back on, but if i move it side to side, this is pretty good, not bad. It recaptures me eat pretty easily when i move it side to side and thats really good, so it looks like it does pretty. Well, i wouldnt say its the same: active track 4.0 or the same level of quality that you find in the air 2s, because that thing locks onto you like really really well.

But this is, this is pretty good for vlogging and stuff and if youre not moving around the camera too frantically. This is this is pretty good and again keep in mind im using the selfie camera, so theres probably less data to work with there. But this is pretty good. This is doing a pretty good job of keeping me in frame as i move it to the side and sort of behind me. Oh there you go, it loses me, but will it recapture me? No? No, not that time so. Im gon na reactivate it tapping the trigger and yeah im on my way again so yeah, definitely not bad um usable for sure, but yeah thats, the new active track 4.0 um. I wont sugarcoat it or anything you guys saw it live in use in action me using the selfie camera. I think well do one more test. Um, because i dont i want to see if the front facing camera does a better job with the tracking um. But i did bring my air 2s, so maybe well use that as a subject. So why dont i go out and well set up the drone right now and get it going okay, so a bit of an awkward moment. I realized in order to fly my drone. I need my phone and my phone is whats mounted to the om5, so were obviously not going to be tracking. My drone um, i just set up my camera in a tripod position which ill show you guys in a quick second thats.

What im going to be kind of running around and trying to do the tracking on um? But this does bring me to the first flaw of the om5. And i just realized this while testing, because i kind of wanted to flip between the front facing and the selfie camera um its, not letting me do that once im actually recording. So once i started recording i cant flip between the cameras, so i actually have to pause the recording and then flip the camera, so just something to keep in mind as the first kind of downside of the om5. So let me just pause this and ill flip. It around okay, so this is my canon camera and i just have it set up on a tripod here. Um i dont have any tracking features turned on or anything right now um. So there are two ways to activate active track. 4.0. You can drag your finger along the screen, selecting the subject, just as how you would on a dji drone or you can use the trigger so im actually going to try and use the trigger to see if the gimbal is smart enough to figure out that this Is the subject that i want to track so im going to tap the trigger and yeah check it out? So i selected the camera and im just gon na walk around it and im walking pretty fast and for the most part it does a pretty good job of keeping up.

So it has the camera in focus and its tracking it and yeah its doing like a pretty good job for the most part and whenever it loses it looks like it tries to research for it um. So in this case it didnt find the camera again. But im sure if i tap on the trigger yeah, so it has a subject selected for most of the time. Okay, so there it was, you guys saw it in action. Active track, 4.0 um, its, not bad, definitely definitely usable uh. You just got to know what to expect its definitely not the same thing as the dji air 2s. Now theres, one more con on the om5 that i want to talk about um and its pretty windy day outside today. Um. But honestly, i dont understand why they didnt add this into the gimbal. Most gimbals have this now and thats the ability to flip around the camera. So basically, if i wanted my front facing camera to face me, theres no real way of doing that, so theres no button or anything that i can press for that to happen. Um and i basically have to turn it around and hold it with the opposite grip. If i want the front facing camera to face me so thats, i think a huge missed opportunity by dji. I think they could have included this in this gimbal and it really would have been it really would have helped. It would have been a really really good feature.

Currently, you are able to switch from portrait to landscape just by tapping the switch button and i think thats obviously very useful and really good. But i do think that dji needs to add this one last feature which will put the om5 or the om6 or whatever. Really above any phone gimbal thats out there like undisputedly, it would be the best phone gimbal out there. I still personally think it is, but i think this is a really big missed opportunity and i think that it would have been really cool if you were able to flip around your camera. Okay. So before i wrap this up and my final thoughts on the om5 theres, two more things that i want to touch upon – that, i think, are pretty critical about the om5 and theyre, both software related. So the first one is that, especially for iphone users who dont have this natively built in to their cameras, the om5 unlocks the ability for you to use manual camera control. So you can basically tap on the screen and youre able to control your shutter speed and your iso, and i think thats so valuable and a really really good feature that dji has added, especially for ios users, because we dont have that built into our phones. And i think its really critical, especially for mobile creators, who might not have like an actual camera yet and are still learning the basics of photography and videography.

I think its a great way for them to learn and understand what the mechanics of exposure are so good. On you, dji thats, a really good, plus manual camera controls with the om5, okay, so theres one more effect that comes with the om5 that we need to talk about, and i dont exactly know what its called. I think its called glamour effect. Dont quote me on that, but basically it lets you change the way your face looks so this is personally not something that i would use, but if youre into this sort of thing it is there so here ill show you guys you basically tap on the screen And you turn it on and youre able to adjust a bunch of things. So i can make my face slimmer, i can increase the smoothness of my skin um. I think i can lighten my skin can even enlarge my eyes, which is kind of crazy, and then i can finally brighten my skin. So this is with like a bunch of filters on right now. This is what what i would look like, and this is completely all in the om5 interface, so lets quickly. Take a look at what i look like with this on and with this off and yeah. That is, that is totally crazy, um yeah. So this is not something that i would use, but if youre interested in this kind of face tuning software, it comes with the om5, so totally depends on what youre looking for.

So here are my final thoughts on the om5 um. If you dont have a smartphone, gimbal and youre a mobile creator, i think you should definitely pick this up. I think its a suite for vlogging um, if youre only into photography, then it might not be worth it for you. But if you do a lot of vlogs and a lot of video, i think this is a pretty sweet tool, and this is something that i can see myself using and i think its very simple to use and it integrates integrates into most workflows really really easily. So i think its a sweet tool that you guys can definitely pick up if you already have the om4 um. I personally think the selfie stick alone is worth upgrading for this range of motion, and this all this around you you can show, i think, its sweet and its totally worth it um. So yeah. Those are my final thoughts on the dji om5.