There today were talking about the dji om5, which was provided to me by dji. So i can make this review for you guys, but im not being paid for my opinions, im not being paid at all to make this video – and i just wanted to be upfront about that. Okay, cool thanks for being here lets get into it Music. So dji is back at it again with another gimbal and im pretty excited about this one. I had the chance to test their previous model to om4 and ive, also gotten my hands on their more expensive mirrorless, camera cinema, camera gimbals, the rs2 and the rsc2, and, from my experience with all of these various dji products, i feel like they just strike a Really good balance between build quality, the performance and smoothness of the gimbals, and also the price, which is really important. Its only 159 usd and comes with a few new tidbits new features that were gon na get into so lets, go ahead and jump into the new stuff. First, i would say the most obvious new feature or change from the om4 to the om5 is the extension rod you know. Actually i should have unfolded it first. It packs up really nice and compact, like this theres, a little beep boop here. That goes into a little slot thing, but if you unlatch it and then unfold it properly, then you can extend it and thats. Probably the most obvious new feature.

Youve all seen various dads out in the wild using selfie sticks at airports, amusement parks and other places to get those incredible, selfie shots. You know some video clips talking to their kids or facebook live. You know dads doing what dads do, but fear not youre, not gon na look exactly like any normal dad using this gimbal, because its a gimbal, its an iteration of the wonderful om4 but just happens to also include an extra tool that beautiful extension rod. So this is not only great for those classic dad shots, but this is also good for people who are into mobile filmmaking and, if youre doing filmmaking its nice to have a little bit of reach. If you want to flip the gimbal upside down and get some nice low, walking tracking shots, or maybe you want to dip it down into something that you cant normally reach with just your arm or if you want to get some high riser shots, you know if Youre filming spotter man, Music, the extension rod – will be great for that and its also great for those family selfie moments that we all have to go through. You know thanksgiving christmas, whatever holiday youre, doing at your country, theres always that time when your mom wants a group family photo and this extension rod is good for stuff, like that, you know those its important you got ta have those family photos. Those are memories. Now, probably the second most obvious new feature or change from the om4 to the five is this new bracket here for your phone? I think its technically called a magnetic clamp and heres like what the original one looks like from the om4, its basically the exact same design as the om5.

So your phone slips into here and then this magnet on the back clips into the gimbal and its the same exact story with this one here, obviously its a little bit bigger but theres. A reason for that. This baby has a built in light, theres a button on the back and turns the light on and then theres a button on the side where it changes. The color temperature, which is pretty nifty so like this light back here, is at 3200 kelvin, so its warmer, and if i wanted to match it, i would just change it to that setting right here, thats, pretty close heres like a colder one. You know actually. Actually, i think this one is kind of the closest thats pretty good. It has a usb c port here on the bottom for recharging the light, and this is just going to be handy for a lot of different instances. Maybe youre making ghost chase videos with your friends, maybe youre traveling youre on a road trip and youre documenting your experience. Having light is essential for capturing nice, looking images and so its cool that you have this option to have it built into your gimbal. So you dont have to carry around an extra light with you. There are also a couple of new features when it comes to the software side of things so were talking the dji memo app inside the app you have a feature called shot guides wow.

If youre a beginner, you might not know where to start, when you put your phone on a gimbal, you have this stabilizer thing: youre, just trying to figure out how to film basically shot guides are going to be starter templates that instruct you on how to take A shot and they guide you right through it with just a couple taps. So you can start to learn and become better and then create your own. Its like a launching point for people who just need a little bit of assistance in the beginning and whats nice about the memo app. If you dont know, is you can record directly in that app if you dont want to use the native camera app like on your iphone or android? So you can do everything in that memo app if you so wish, and then you get the benefits of the shot guides and also the brand new active track. 4.0 theres, not a lot new here. Active track has been really good for the past few iterations anyway. I remember testing it with the om4 and i was really really impressed at how you could draw a box around someones, face or body or any subject move your gimbal and because your phone is linked up with the app and the gimbal it just tracks. For you, the gimbal just follows the movement of the subject and its really smooth its not janky or jittery, or anything like that. So the memo app is a really powerful option for people who are interested in that mobile, filmmaking or beginners.

You know theres something in there for all of us, okay and another one of the biggest new things. Is it doesnt just come in gray anymore? It comes in light pinkish. The pink ones kind of cute makes me think of patrick. I love you cant forget your little tripod legs, so you can set it down on your desk. Can you guys see this power it on okay? So the first thing that i think needs to be improved for the next one is the tilt range, so lets say: im filming myself like this. Basically, it doesnt go down quite as far as i would like, especially if youre in the landscape mode, like if youre trying to get a big group, selfie lets say you want to use the extension here. Basically, if youre holding it out and trying to face yourself, it doesnt go down quite low enough to get like your entire family or friends. In that you kind of have to angle it like this and that kind of defeats. The purpose of being able to like stretch it way back like this and get a shot of everyone it needs to be. You know tilting down more okay, something else which isnt really an issue, but its just something i wanted to warn you guys about is sometimes when you put your phone on the gimbal, you see how this horizon is like slightly crooked, its not perfectly level with the Room thats, something that can be fixed.

If you go into the dji app and customize the gimbal settings, you can level your horizon and make it perfectly flat, but a lot of beginners who have never used a gimbal before might not be familiar with these more advanced leveling settings and things like that. Its just something i wanted to, let you guys know so feel free to customize that in your memo app its not really a problem with the gimbal, if youre experiencing that its something you can fix on your own. So hats off to you and when we just get down to the nitty gritty, the stability of the gimbal is amazing, like there are some gimbals that are still shaky. For some reason, there are people who make gimbals and they have shakes hey man thats. The whole reason we have gimbals to not shake, but the smoothness of this gimbal, all the motors theyre, just theyre, working in harmony, baby theyre, like a beautiful choir of angels, just singing in harmony. So what i can say is, i do recommend it, and i think, if you want it, you shouldnt be afraid to snag it as long as its a good financial decision for you, couldnt find the word for a second hey make sure to like this video, because One like does equal one mobile gimbal thats, smoother than your dads selfie, stick make sure to subscribe, to become a camera camper with us and check out the discord below as well for full information on our upcoming camera meetup in october.

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