So what most people dont know about this thing is that it does come with a couple of parts to it. You can restore it. You can do a whole thing to it. Um, but yeah were gon na open it there. Okay, so were just gon na open this thing. So here you will see open up the lid. You will see the drone right here: controller and the batteries okay, going to open up so well. First, have a look at the main thing of the project and thats the drone itself. Now the drone has a protected camera case and you will see some like little stickers onto it and thats. Okay, just peel them off and make sure you read them first before you peel them off um, but yeah. You need to open up these top ones. First, you fold them out hold them out and fold the bottom ones out like this. But if you do a reverse, like this youll see that yes, we can open that one up, but we cant actually physically open that one so thats. Why we do it? The other way, and by doing that, you have the drone drones pretty cool um. We can also take off the case camera protective case um. The drone moves around skills, really cool mode Music, flaps work perfectly yep, please turn um. Let me turn it over to the back and see if its got this little pouch open it up and thats, where youve put your battery and your sd card.

If you really want ive, just got a 4 gigabyte sd card, its pretty good um. I havent had this drone for long so yeah, so you put that back in um. I also got a charging port here, um so well get back to that later now to the rest of the stuff. Youve got the controller. Now how you would set this up is that you would pull these bits out. Do that and do that and then youve got your own button and you return to home bottom and you record your photo. Youve got your oh, so scroll wheel to move the camera up and down. If you put these down like that, where you meant to put your phone um youve got your two joysticks that can just screw on to there like that they move. Yep um. Do the other one like so um, and by doing this you can really see it transforming into like your drone um moves and all that well get to that later too. So youve got these two parts. Okay, now lets go to the main source of power. Weve got the dji power source um. We do call this. The dji mini 2, two way charging hub charging dock hub, whatever you want to call it now you, if you push the on bottom, once youll see these lights turn up. It will show you how much battery percentage everyones at at the moment ive got full battery on everyone.

Now all you do to take them out. Is this little bottom on the top push that in and pull out now you got one battery now. This is what they look like. Weve got these batteries. The um dji lithium ion polyether rechargeable battery, and this can be inserted back in by following those this bit into that you slot it back in like so, but then, if you do want to put it in put a battery into the drone. Just pull it out open up the back of the drone, and you see that i want to follow up that with that boom and then make sure it clicks close. The back of the drone boom youve got a battery in the urine, but when it comes together, youll see that a battery is already in the drone, thats. Okay, you might have to charge it first. You will have to charge it first. I think and the by charging it just means you can have longer battery time, because i think it will only stay at 50 percent in the drone, but like that now um we have also got other things in the box like um, these propellers, all sorts of Propellers your two chargers: youve got the um normal type and the type c um then youve also got heaps of these extenders. To connect to your phone to the controller. Youve also got other joy con other joysticks, just in case you lose these ones and a screwdriver and thats all it comes with so with one of these um either one you might want to pick the um double android one which just means it can plug into It and like one with the normal type um adapter or you can have type um the apple adapter or type c samsung adapter um, im gon na be going with type c, samsung adapter, so im going to grab my controller im going to put that down.

Now you can see how youve got this little like rectangle box, and you can see this has a rectangle on it now thats, all you want to do plug it in like that. You just want to plug it in now. You can see down here. You just want to pull this bit up and pull that one in there and use this little gap right here like so. You just put that in there like so and then youve got basically your controller set up, um thats, basically the setup of it. This is kind of part one to the channel um ill.