This is my stepdaughter melissa. Mcculloch shes never flown a drone before and i think we should try. What do you think? Oh yeah, im ready yeah you nervous a little bit. Yeah uh were gon na, be flying the special drone, the johnny sc uh named after my friend, johnny drone flyer, so yeah so heres. The deal melissa has never flown a drone before in her life, but uh when melissa was growing up. She was my video game buddy and we spent a lot of time on the sticks of those video games. Oh yes, so i dont think shes gon na have any problem with this uh. What do you think i think itll be okay. I think i got it yeah. I know you do and if not then ill just get you a new one. Trust me. I got plenty of drones, melissa, im, sure uh. So anyway, lets quit messing around lets. Get this bird in the air, hey, okay, so uh weve got the drone. All fired up, weve been through all the pre flight inspections, and i just gave melissa just a a verbal instructions on how to fly the drone. You know what the left stick does you know gain an altitude, reduce reducing altitude yaw. What the right stick does you know forward backward pitch forward pitch back bank left bank right im, not going to remember this, i think shes got it down. Pretty good ive played a lot of video games with this girl where shes kicked my tail.

So i know shes going to do just fine and i see weve already started, recording so thats a good thing im going to stop, recording and start it again and were going to start recording so were recording and uh. Do i still do the same yeah. So you do the same thing, so i already told her how to do an auto takeoff, so shes gon na do an auto takeoff right now and see look at that melissa as long as itll just in the air and itll just hover there. As long as you know you, you know, dont touch the stick, so why dont you try a yaw either left or right, whatever, whatever you want to do. Ah, look at that nice, slow, nice, even yaw – oh my goodness, okay, perfect and i already explained to melissa how we always do uh manuel drony on all these flights. You think you can do it ill. Try and i told her. I said you know its. The left stick up the right. Stick down so well see how she does. We got some pretty good wind out here too. I will throw that up on the screen, so you guys can see it but uh. What do you think you want to try drawing if it comes this way, im running just just take your time, so you so with this stick youre going to go down the right stick and with that stick, youre going to push it up.

Okay, so on the count of three one, two three holy cow melissa does a better dronie than i do and look shes already adjusted the camera. Look at that shes already adjusted the camera. So there it is there shes got thats her hands on the controls. You know what whatever you want to do. You fly that drone wherever you want girl, i dont want it to come back this way. So so you can reverse, you can turn it around. You can go clear out to the corner of the park. Whatever you want to do and then go up yeah and and if you look at the bottom of the screen here, melissa itll tell you youre how high you are: youre 10 meters high and thatll. Tell you how far away you are. Okay, so shes doing pretty good experimenting around moving forward. Dont fly into that tree. Oh scared, turn around dont be scared. Melissa turn around dont be scared. There we go full forward. Look at that! Look at that girl go holy cow full forward. Look at that drone! Go get some altitude push that left. Stick up grab some altitude same time. Yeah! Look at her! Look at this camp, oh my goodness, so melissa. What do you think of the first person view on that? On the phone i mean, the camera is just stunning isnt. It yeah absolutely it is so clear, yeah wow yeah, oh my gosh, i cant even see it now.

I got ta turn around okay. So do this uh ill! Let me challenge you. Oh gosh flat turn the drone around to its facing us again and just fly it back to us and bring it down in altitude and hover hover right in front of us again. Okay got it. I see it. Oh shoot youre good its just like a video game yeah. It is just like a video game, thats exactly right, thats, why i knew youd be good at it, and – and it is its cool looking at the fpv huh, because you can see exactly where youre at one of the things they they say when theyre in their Training is they want you to be looking at the drone im telling you, i think youre way more in control when youre looking at the fbv screen on the and so there you are yeah youre right, youre right back there coming closer yeah, you ready to duck Music and then the camera you said, shes got this figured out: yeah, yeah and thats how you control the camera up and down see my landing pad yeah theres, the landing pad uh. Okay. So let me uh challenge you to do this. How about uh just go out here in the field and just do a figure. Eight go around back around the other way going off the camera well or you can yeah its easy, its yeah, so yeah, thats, thats, perfect yeah, so youre pointed back out into the field so forward, and then you can bank to the left or right.

Whichever way you want to do it, i know youre thinking now arent you yeah its hard because everythings almost reversed yeah yeah when its going away from you its the same the same, but when its coming back yeah. Look at that shes executing a perfect turn horse is going back. I wish shed grab a little more altitude. Im scared altitude altitude, oh man, oh man, so the higher you are the less trouble youll get in trust right. That makes sense. Yeah, Music, yeah. Look at that shes got it. No idea where we are. I can still see it again. Yeah am i too far too high. No youre, fine and itll. Tell you: how far out are you wheres that 104 meters right there youre 21 meters high what Music? I love that red house, so its pretty quick, isnt, it yeah its so fast, yeah and thats, not even in sport mode and weve, got a pretty good wind today and this little drone it just handles it. Yeah it does there. We are okay, im going to show you another trick here, bring it down right in front of us again its fun watching. You do this because youre looking up at the drone and looking at fpv. At the same time, i i very often i hardly ever take my eyes off of the scrap tv screen yeah. I just cant yeah, no youre, fine, youre, doing good. Okay! Now what Laughter? Okay, calm down? Okay, yeah and, like i said, if you ever, are getting trouble just let go of the sticks and itll just hover back back it up just a little bit a little a little more okay, cool okay, so were gon na stop.

Recording here for a second and im going to show you an automated feature on this thing that this guy will do so. Click on that little film strip looks like a little film strip there and see that bottom, where it looks like a film reel that says: quick shots, click on that and then click on the one that says: droney, yeah, okay, youre already on it. So then select see where it says: 25 meters there yeah dont, just scroll that up till its about i dont know wherever you want. 40 meters is good, so uh its gon na do an automatic droney for us here. Oh so that green button click that green button, yeah itll hold it first we should select the subject which is gon na, be you okay and then and then uh hit start and itll count down and well watch it do a droney. Oh thats, awesome. Just one button yeah just touch it and see it and there it goes now thats a perfect trick. It started recording on its own, its so cool yeah. How much battery do we have uh 43? Oh yeah were doing good, then thats, awesome and so uh and itll tell you you can tell how far it is through the dronie by that little white circle and then it stopped and now watch itll automatically come back to where it started. Oh, my gosh yeah. I love it melissa, and this is a 299 drone thats insane, i know.

Are you gon na buy one for your kids like two one for me and one for them? Yeah that scared you there didnt it okay, so go back into that click on the little dronie thing at the top: okay right there and then click, oh and then select how high you want that to be, and then click the plus you got to do the Plus put the plus on you: okay: well, it didnt like you for some reason, so it doesnt matter so yeah so go ahead and click start three and itll count down and it and watch what it does with the camera. Oh keeps it and itll keep us right in the picture. Is that cool or what i love it yeah and thats all an automated feature on a flipping 299 dollar drone yeah and as soon as its done itll come back to its starting spot. Oh my gosh yeah here it comes come back little drone not too fast and if say, for instance, you didnt want it to come back you if you just clicked on that red x, it would stop right where it was at so, in other words, if you Like where it was at to begin with right, okay, so lets see, probably we i dont, think we go ahead and click on that rocket again and i dont think we can do some of those other ones but were going to have to go out in the Field to do it so how much battery do we have yeah were kind of close on battery? We can probably do it, though, im going to turn this camera around lets walk out into the field, and you got it.

You got to fly the drone out there. Oh man lets go buddy, youre, doing good, thats good youre good right there. I think it has to be fairly high, stop right there and then point the camera down point the camera down at us yeah. I think thatll be fine, so click on that one that says: helix, okay and then uh yeah. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise, whatever your choice and then you can say how far you want it to go yeah i do a 40 meter hit that plus button. No, you got to hit on yeah, okay and then hit start and watch what it does and were looking right into the sun. So, oh and it keeps it oh, my gosh and watch what it does. Itll raise an altitude. It does a corkscrew. It moves away from us all the way up, yeah and it keeps the camera yeah and keeps the camera on us all the time. What do you think of that is so awesome thats my favorite one, pretty cool yeah and then, when its done see, itll come back to its starting spot. Yep returning yeah thats awesome, yeah its taking us time coming back, so go ahead and click the x and stop that okay and see you heard it it just. It started hovering. So go back! Click on that uh, where the little helix thing again and go back into uh video and go ahead and click the red button to start video again and heres.

What i want you to do, fly it out in the corner of the park here and then were gon na. Do a return to home. Okay yeah so see the picnic shelter there, yeah yeah, oh boy, youre, spinning baby. So let me show you now, then, how it would if it got low enough, it would go into emergency return to home, but lets do it on the app here. So click that little yeah that button and then you dont, want it to land. You want to click, you want to hold down return to home, hold down return to home yeah, and it it started going into automatic return to home, as it was so wow well see how close it gets. God i think he did great. Should we turn this off nope just leave it until it lands and uh. Let me get now. We can point this camera back again and i will get the drone. Oh yeah, oh yeah, okay, its straight above us here it comes fast yeah. It doesnt mess around it wants to come home. I tell i tell people that you know they dont need to be afraid of losing their drone. Your drone always wants to come home, yeah yeah, so youre messing with the camera yeah, and you see its telling us low battery on there its got an algorithm in there. That tells it you know, depending on how far away it is when it needs to come home and still have enough battery to do it yeah it is its going to be close wow.

Oh, my goodness, look at that that is so close, yeah just barely yeah. We mowed a little bit of grass. Okay were gon na, get everything shut down and then were gon na. Do a quick conclusion: hey, okay, everybody uh. We had a nice little flight with the uh dji uh, johnny mini se, so whatd, you think melissa. It was awesome, it was so fun and so easy yeah and youve never flown a drone before no 100 percent played a crapload of video games, but never never flown. It was just like it was so easy to do. Yeah, if youve ever held a game controller in your hand, you can fly a drone and, like i told melissa anytime, you get youre nervous, you just let go of the sticks and the drone will just hover there. So yeah, i think its pretty cool uh. I thought melissa did a better job on her dronie than i do and its her first time so whats that say about me. You know a little crooked yeah. I know you did you did great and uh, and then i thought that she did a great job. Just learning how to fly it around and do figure, eights and so forth, uh, and then what did you think of the quick shots, the the the automated droney rocket? Oh and then we did this. I love that yeah. The helix is just such a cool trick to do so yeah anyway.

We hope you guys enjoyed that. This is marcus, crawford and melissa mcculloch with the idaho quadcopter channel out, and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and we absolutely will see on the next one.