So the first thing you would see is the drone and the remote control next to it, drone foldable, hair so and its a very lightweight drone, both lightweight ever you know size, maybe bohot compact, although muji ko experience, ninja drones use kernika. This is going to be the first one that im ever using, they can seems quite reasonable. So obviously this is it the second one, as i mentioned, the skins are take remote control. This is also connecting cable yeah, and that is all in the box. The drone itself, or connecting cables and spare wings k, lava theres, not much thats, all so theres, one way to look at it. Okay, you almost are the key match: guy yo, its the next product, ill, say and um. Those price range me obviously up for limited cheese, theres, no pouch theres, no, nothing to store it to keep it safe. I would be able to you know, share links for a few storing um. You know pouches or kits for this specific products in the description below. In the coming vlogs, and hopefully when i travel especially to you, know, countryside to your merry like useful product over, and i think i would be able to learn a lot with this product im. Just a beginner and um Music in the description below.