So today, what we are going to do is im going to review this dji mini sc drone, yes, its one of the cool toys i got recently and i feel like, if youre a serious content creator. Maybe a travel blogger, you travel! You want to take some area shorter things. You need this drone dj. I mean its one of the budget friendly girls. You can get on the market so without wasting my time. Welcome to app in tech reviews im back again, so welcome back. We are about to review this dji mini super um, as i said, if youre a serious contributor and trap mostly lets, say, travel, bloggers or maybe real estate. Me like this, i like to sell peoples house and then get some money on each other. So you got the real estate, i i do a lot of real estate, videos and things for people to bring. As i do area shortages increasing your house, everything i get money for me to understand. So this drone helps me a lot to shoot in those things. So as im saying the travel blogger real estate, maybe you should um natural places like this. You need this kind of drone, so today we are about to review this drone. Okay, so first of all lets see whats in the box lets open it, but everybody comes like this. It comes in a very nice box. First, there was rubble on it i removed, but i want you to see.

I bought it. I think two days ago, so this is it theres, nothing inside this box again, so it comes in this wonderful case wow. I guess its nice this. This is a very nice protective case, so whenever youre going now, you can hold it like this lets see here. The case is very nice, so lets see whats inside the box, its hard too. So you can protect the things to say: lets see whats inside the box, nice, okay, so um. I think theres a battery case. First of all, you get a battery case. The battery case – and what you need to know is this is the dji fly, fly more combo. So whenever you buy the combo, if you buy the normal dji sc mini sc, you get only one battery and you get the remote control and you get it on yourself. But you dont get this case and everything is just packed in the box. But when you buy the fly more combo, you get all these things. You get a china case. You get three x uh two extra batteries plus the battery, which is already in the drone. So first of all, this is what we get again in this beautiful um. China case, i think, its more like a power bank. You can check, i dont know, but its not like a problem, so you get two extra batteries so thats. The first thing you get from the one thats put in here before we go to, i think, and then this is the the accessories that come to the box.

I think you get a usb cable, which i think charges there, the remote control it gets there. This is a type c charger with charges. I think the drone itself and then the the charging case as well. When you put your batteries inside, there are a couple of things in there in the box as well. I think you get extra propellers for the drone. You get this extra propeller too, so three extra propellers inside you get an extra. I think there might be an extra the joystick dont want to see it. Okay, when we get there, you see you get this um usb does. If you are using an android phone. I dont usually use iphone people use android. I dont know whats wrong with you. Okay, so lets look at this, the um. How do you call it? This is a remote control and this is very nice. You can see the remote control that comes with the drone. This one comes in first and then we come to the drone itself. This is very portable. This is this is the mini, because i think they have their m2 pro. They have the maverick pro and all the other ones, but if you have beginner – and this is battlefront – because i bought this for um – i think four thousand two hundred dollars – yes so and the quality you should choose from two points: thats the highest resolution. You can shoot with this drone, so um, you know when we get there ill show you a couple of shots.

I shot with the drone and youd be amazed. The kind of quality i got will be amazed. So when i was taking my time lets just check, these are the things in the box and it comes with a lot of manual who is manual. Who is nobody challenge at least india waste of time? Nobody read it actually thats what they do? You see that since there you go to youtube, you see so lets see how the road looks like theres a propeller. So this side it looks like its very light, its very portable. You can carry it anywhere. You go. You see. The case is very, very small. So you put it in your bag, you can put it in your handbag, travel blogger. Wherever you go, you can use it. You can use it for your real estate ill. Show you a couple of real estate videos. I took with this particular group. That means the quality i told you, shoes, 2.7k, almost and its amazing. I dont like to you, can see the ass the protecting car whenever i want to fly, take this thing out and then so let me put this way and then this is the the remote control that comes through there yeah. How do you call it with the drone itself, so you fix your phone yeah. I i dont have my phone youre like ill show you you fix your phone because he has an extra cable here which is connected to the um with a remote control.

Then you take the joysticks from this. I has two joystick because theres an extra joystick that comes in the box as well so fix the joystick here, like this theres, an extra one that comes here flip this one to here. Like this kind of stuff, you go out today, so this is amazing. This is amazing. This is beautiful. This is one of the most budget friendly drones with that kind of quality. Bti is the best when it comes to those on the market by their friendly drones. You can ever get on the market and i got it for four thousand two hundred dollars. If you do want to buy this drone ill put a link um or the content numbers under this video or lets leave a comment there. You want to buy it. So this was the first time i flew the drone and you can see this is amazing. Look at the quality of this video hey! This is amazing. I just love it look at the way hes taking the shots, beautiful, beautiful beautiful. I forget so, as i said, this is one of the best buyer friendly drones. You can ever get to the market and i can assure you, if you buy this drone, you will not regret it. This is amazing. Look at these shots. Wait! Charlie! You know: where are you going to get this 4020 compared to other drugs? Drugs are expensive, so if you are getting um, this kind of quality 2.

7 k resolution with this kind of quality. I believe, if youre a travel, blogger youre in the real estate or you, whichever way you use your drone, i believe this is one of the most vital friendly drones you can ever get on the market. This is amazing. I believe you should get it boy. Look at this look at this look at this hey. This is amazing. I shot this um this this i shot this particular video. Hey! Look at this quality bro! Okay! I put a little cloud ready on it, but im not showing you the actual footage, because if you visual edit it so definitely im going to get this kind of quality, i saw this video at a brie the same day. Im going to draw the same day. I want to show these videos because i was trying to make sure the quality i was going to get was very good look at this. This is amazing. This is one of the best drones you can get as a beginner. If you want, if youre a serious content creator – and you want good quality in terms of area shots with the drone, this drone is the best rule you can. You can ever get on the market. So, finally, if you ever think of buying a drone – and i believe this preview has given you enough reasons to buy it, this is one of the best rules you can ever get. Dji get the best thing on the market when it comes to drones, and i believe ive shown you every single reason that you saw the quality in terms of um, the picture, quality, the views and everything, and i believe this drone will be best for anyone who Has travel vlogs whos into? Thank you so much for watching and hope to catch you next time? No, but before i go, i am back.

I need to pray for myself. God make me consistent. Let me put more content out there. You answer related um content. In terms of having tech she was review, she got up hawaii thats, the only problem with me. Maybe it is im gon na sit there and i have to shoot all this video. You know shooting videos too its difficult its, not its about it. Im gon na sit there, and i want to shoot all these videos and then foolishness money is calling me for my way and i have to go. You understand why i pray. The lord gives me strength, gives me consistency and ill be bringing more videos.