You may have seen a bunch of my videos on this mini 2.. Its an amazing drone, but at a more cost of effective price, were gon na see if this kind of compares holds up. Theres gon na be a full review series on the x8 mini were gon na basically do an unboxing setup and see how it is and then in the next few videos were gon na. Do flight testing range testing all the normal stuff? I do in my series to really put these things through a thorough and in depth review series so anyway, lets get started with the femi x8 mini Music, okay. So, as usual uh, my first time unboxing, this is going to be with you just so you can see kind of my reaction and how this whole thing is. For a first time, user ive never used one of these ive, never even seen it outside of the box, sealed plastic off of it here, as you can see, this is the white version. Thats unfolded there, thats kind of how it looks over here on the back is the orange version so kind of in that autel evo, slash, femi territory, right theyre, having a few different options and colors. So, if youre looking at kind of like the under 250 gram class, this is it so this is 250 or under it does 4k hdr. Video is what its claiming here got: a real three axis, gimbal thats, going to give you that stable video, hopefully were going to test all that 31 minute flight time.

So this is getting up there with the mini one mini 2 flight time. I believe those ones were right in the 25 to 27 minute range in real life and theyre, claiming it does eight kilometers of transmission video range so were going to be testing that as well on the range test coming up the level five wind resistance, so thats A pretty high wind resistance, i believe, a level five im gon na have to look it up but ill. Have it pop up on the screen here on the mile per hour, i guess were gon na have to do a high winds test on this. One too, like i did with the mini, and it has type c connection for fast charging kind of like what dji does. They do have a little sticker here to show you its um, it hasnt been opened yet so im just cutting that open. For the first time – and here we go guys with you there – we there – it is a little qr code on the top – is telling you to download the fimi navi mini app, so theres a whole new app. So apparently i got the white version. Lets pull it out as usual, just all a little bit, not quite as good of packing as like the dji products and stuff. So, as you can see, the gimbal cover already just kind of fell off out of the box. Put this back on and then well do like a full on inspection of it uh.

Once i get everything else out of the box, but there you go that went on pretty fairly easy its. It feels like its pretty tight anyway. Lets get the other stuff out of the box and come back to the x8 mini okay, so we got ta go down a layer on the bottom layer. We got our controller and the instruction manual is right in and the controller is a total different color than the drone look at that. Some of you may like that. Some may not but theyre going with a darker, definitely controller, then uh theres, the mini controller over there. You can see that kind of light gray. This is like a definitely a dark gray, but anyway, that was the antennas just kind of popping up the fin. Finish, of course, is not going to be as good as dji. Of course, im always comparing it, but you know you kind of have to because its in the same class, one disclaimer actually and then thats the quick start manual, its just this little manual, and it looks like its pretty thorough half of its english and then half Of it looks like its uh chinese check it out. This thing slides way: the heck open. This is the ipad mini 5 here, and i just want to see if this will fit real, quick nope. Oh, it doesnt quite fit see that there thats as far as it goes so you are gon na need um some kind of extender.

You know they have those little those little ones for like the mavics and stuff ill, go ahead and link in the description as well that you can put in here and then it kind of pops up and it has a clamp. It looks like its gon na fit any kind of iphones or larger phones, samsungs and whatnot, because there it is see how its spring loaded and it locks it in there no problem a little off center to the antennas but thats just how these controllers are, and You can see how, if i pull it open all the way, i want to say about a half inch of room for some larger phones, anywho uh. We got a little compartment here that looks like where the cable is going to come out like in the regular femi controller theres our sticks compartments. So these will pop out and we just twist them on and theres our power button im hitting it once im. Seeing a full charge there return to home button, ill, assume, thats pictures and video, and then we have our little gimbal roller here. It definitely snaps back as you pull it again, not the fit and finish you would expect from something like the mini, and i keep saying that. But it is just worth noting that it just feels all around just a little bit cheaper, because it is a cheaper drone and the whole objective is to see if you can spend less money right and can still get a quite a good product and thats.

What this review is all about, so it looks like cooling or speaker here little vents. That goes all the way into the controller, and that really is it, except for a usbc type, port and thats. Where were going to be plugging in the uh cable that will slip in here and then in turn, connect to our phone, so lets try to see if we can find that in the box as well all right so last thing here: you can see that box Is empty now and looks like this is going to be just kind of falling out. The bottom is this little final box and were just going to slide out the bag and see what comes in here, so a bag within a bag, both opposite ways screws on that side, and then these are the two extra sets of propellers, so not gon na Give you the full set of four just two extra phillips screwdriver, a very small screwdriver in the package and uh here – are all of our connectors. On the controller, for the controller to your phone one side, we have all usb type c and on the other side, guys are all your different type of phone connectors, so usbc. I know the newer iphones now are going to be using usbc, so that would be kind of a universal. This is the lightning and then usb micro and these arent really used that much anymore but theyre still including them for some reason, as you can see guys in the box, there was no uh charger, so theyre going real minimalist on this, where im not getting a Charger or anything all youre getting in is getting is this usb type c, cable and theyre, assuming that youre gon na have some kind of charger for your phone that you can plug this into and charge the drone, and that really is what theyre banking on is For you to have your own source to plug in so a little con there, but not such a big deal and then thats, where youre going to plug this thing in to charge.

It see how it just plugs right into the back open bay here, and there is a usb micro there and a little switch thats, actually a wi fi to regular rc switch. So apparently you can connect this to like your smart device strictly from wi fi and fly it that way. I almost forgot to mention the memory card port here so sd memory card. I usually use this one, the sandisk extreme pro for all my 4k needs. I always have these linked in the description, so you guys can get the right one down there, but it looks like it just goes kind of writing up and then push in and click snap, just like other drones. So very simple. Sometimes you have to actually get a tool, but it looks like your finger is going to be just fine for this one and you can grab it even with my banana fingers. It works pretty well two little interesting things, no door on this. Its just open and kind of raw, it looks like thats how you take out the battery so thats intentional and wow. Look at this theyre going with two lithium ion round cells. So these are like 18, 650s, so kind of difficult to see because the writing is getting smaller and smaller, but these are 8.4 volt max charge so like a 2s high voltage and these are 2400 milliamp hours. So almost like the almost like the mini one. Remember this, so this is kind of like the battery technology is competing directly with the mini one, so well see how this kind of uh does because remember the dji mini one.

This is the mini 2 over here, but the mini one only had a 2k camera. This this one has a 4k so as far as the resolution and features go its kind of competing more with the mini 2, i think hopefully this does all that tracking and stuff that the mini 2 and the mini one couldnt do out of the box. They only could do quick shots so really going to see if this can do like infinite tracking. That would be pretty awesome ill, find all that out with you guys during this review im just going to focus in you can see some of the circuit board up top theres the connectors where the battery plugs into and just the whole battery bay there anyway. Just taking a closer look at this thing, flipping it around theres the bottom, so theres the power button, the power lights. There is a indicator light here. We have this kind of white film here, smoke film, two actually, three sensors boy, thats a tiny little camera. A very tiny camera there and then it looks like maybe a laser on these two, maybe lidar or something to detect the ground. And then we just have venting here on the bottom: itty bitty little white foam inserts on the bottom of the motor similar to yes, the mini and the mini two flipping it over to the top before we open this thing up just have like a black stripe Here, on top and just oh theres, a vent, okay, so real vents right in here on the top there.

That is a real vent. I dont know if you can see that, but i can see like light coming in on the bottom. This here is just a sticker in the front, so fake, looking vent here, thats a real vent there. This is just a sticker. On top, so looks like you need to do the back first, opening the back legs boom boom and then actually front. First, sorry got that mixed up and then the back otherwise theyll close each other out more venting there on the sides. You see a little two vents and thats the same on both sides. We got little vents here and then the whole back of the battery compartment is open through the legs. You can see how you can see some light through there, and so that is open as well. Of course, once you put the battery in thats, going to kind of block that off but added cooling is always nice looks like its well ventilated, since there is like a circuit board on the bottom and a circuit board on the top inside there, you can see That there are vents in here. I doubt this thing has any kind of fan, but well find that out when we turn it on no rubber feet on the little landing gear it looks like the antennas are going to be in the front legs, and really all we have to do now is Check out this camera so really easy clip thing, just kind of pushing it up from the bottom really pronounced, set of three screws on that side and uh thats, the three axis: gimbal camera, so very small camera.

Honestly, dont expect this to be as good as the mini 2 camera just because of its size weight and the look of it. But you know we might be surprised it might do pretty well for what it is and its also a cheaper drone as well. Thats kind of, as far over as it goes side to side pitch that goes up and down so maximum upward angle. And then, if we push this camera down, you can go all the way down kind of facing the back, and then we got a roll. Of course, so the roll will go all the way until it kind of bottoms out, and if you look in there since i have the battery out of the back, you can kind of see all the way through it see that so thats, a good um, also Venting system thats going in the front anyway, guys thats it in a nutshell, really, the last thing we got to do guys right now, uh before we get it set up on our phone is download the femi navi mini app, so im going to do that on The android phone, since that fits inside of the controller, get all that up and running and show you guys what it takes to get it set up, see if theres any updating and see what the interface looks and all that stuff. We just have this qr scanner app on my phone and im just going to scan the back of the instructions comes up.

Super quick so lets go ahead and try it out open yep its going to the femi service, and this is the latest app so were going to download it here. Since we got the app installed now its time to charge the battery and also charge the controller. As usual, they dont give us two separate uh, usb type c cables. You can always use this uh as well, but then youre gon na have to have an adapter or power brick that supports the usbc type. When youre plugging into the wall, then you can just plug the other side into the drone battery or the controller anyway, let me charge these up and well be back and get everything connected up, heres, something of interest, guys so basically theres, two battery versions to this Drone, you have the standard version, which is the lithium ion which i got, and then you have the pro version, which actually uses a lipo so very similar to the mini 1 and mini 2 type drones from dji. The lithium polymer battery is a little bit higher voltage than the lithium ion and its going to give you like one more minute of flight time. They claim so very interesting between the two different battery technologies for the takeoff weight, theyre saying with the lithium ion standard battery its actually going to be over 250 grams, so theyre bringing it in to 258 grams. With that battery, i got and then 245 grams, with the lithium polymer battery, so very important to know.

Im gon na go ahead and just weigh this on the scale with the battery in it once it charges just to make sure we know the exact takeoff weight with your memory card in there and everything and lets compare it also to the dji mini 2 drone. So lets take off these two gimbal protectors, and this is actually going to be the all up flight weight right so 242 on the mini 2. Definitely under 250 grams and the x8 mini with the remember lithium ion battery is going to be heavier than the lithium polymer 264, so its actually over 250 grams with this battery, so id recommend, if you guys want to be under 250 grams, definitely switch this out With that pro battery and id assume, you can buy that from the site. I got this from go ahead and have that link down the description down below. So if you want to get that lighter battery, which will bring your craft under 250 grams go ahead and do that without the battery, it is 161. with memory card and for the mini 2 without battery its also 161 162, so same weight without the batteries. But you know you put that battery in and you have different so lets. Try to put the x8 mini on there and then lets put the mini 2 battery on top and thatll definitely bring it below 250 grams thats 241. So a lighter technology with the lipo and more power with the lipo, okay guys so lets get the x8 mini booted up uh.

I did charge these two things up the controller which, as you can see, is fully charged. This one took only like 20 minutes because it was already almost fully charged but uh this battery here boy this must have taken about. I want to say an hour or so just because it didnt seem like it was um as charged as the controller. So we want to get this thing up and running so were going to slide this battery in lets. Just go ahead and start up the fema navi mini app uh we downloaded and see what it tells us to do. Im in the united states here user agreement agreed to the policy, and i should already have a um fema account from the last drone, so im gon na see, if i can punch in that information, if not go ahead and register just got ta put in an Email and make sure you confirm it so im gon na do that real, quick, okay guys, so, unfortunately i guess it didnt save my fema app from a while ago. So, since this is a new app for the mini, i had to go ahead and do a new registration, real, easy, just sent me an email and uh. Then you have all this other stuff like allow access to your device, and so you just have to allow a few things so thats, basically it okay, so for the first startup we are going to power.

This thing on just like a other type of drone. You just kind of press it once to see the power here and then you press, press and hold, and that will boot you up. You can see that gimbal kind of going up kind of interesting noise. There kind of a generic noise – probably what i should have done – was turn on the controller. First, you usually want to turn on your controller. First, press press and hold there goes the controller and what were doing is were just waiting for the beeping to stop so taking a little bit of time. Here there we go so we have see once those power lights stop blinking. We know its connected to the drone and we should be just about ready to go so im grabbing the usb type c. Cable, of course, remember theres, two other ones in the package, so just get the one that pertains to your device and it looks like the way this is going is its just kind of sliding in this little indention here and then i want to kind of loop. It around and plug it right in the bottom, maybe plug it into the phone first lets. Try that i felt a little bit of a vibration, and i want to always open the femi navi mini app. Okay lets just slide it into this little port. Here. Just want to slide it in, i guess thats one of the ways you can do it just like that.

I want to just kind of go into the settings real, quick and take a look at this and thats just like disappearing, real, quick, so kind of funky. There you see how thats happening just so. You guys know how this is. Sometimes its frustrating enter device lets see what happens new user guide before you fly. Lets read the content heres some information on it. If you guys are new to this drone like i am definitely want to read all this stuff tells you where not to fly beginner mode. You have a 50 foot meter height limit and a 100 meter uh lateral limit. There get to know your aircraft how to unfold it. What the controls do lets see if we tap the view mode one there you go so you can choose two one or three enter the camera view is our only other option. You can see how thats the last page we can swipe enter camera view and there we go so it shows were not connected, so it never did connect through the phone. Unfortunately, for some reason lets go ahead and check out. It just says: no data transfer. So im gon na make sure it can do file transfer there. We go lets see if it connects there. We go so immediately if you have trouble doing that, go into your usb setting that pops up and enable uh data transfer between the devices firmware, download and update. Here we go so heres a firmware guys new firmware after click.

Ok, you will enter the firmware download interface. Okay looks like theyre working on a few things, only 662 kilobyte, so thats less than a megabyte. So you saw how fast that downloaded super quick, download, complete button. Okay lets see if we can click on these little nope. It still doesnt work thats, so weird just like a little glitch, maybe it will work on a different device, pre flight check. Actually this is a sub window. Here we got our return height. We can adjust that and what does it do when we have a fail? Safe, which loses control you can choose hover land or rth, usually wanted on rt8 shows you the power. You have currently mode 1 mode, 2 or 3 controller selection. We swipe cant swipe any lower im gon na go ahead and format that sd card just to make it happy and its saying theres. Another firmware update so lets try that again theres another update here, maybe its the same one lets see what it does. Okay. So this one might be a little bit different, so were just gon na. Let it go through this update yeah. This is definitely updating the flight controller and everything im looking over at the drone here in this rear light. Im not sure if i should be moving it, but now its blinking uh, green red and yellow, actually just green and red quite a bit there. So this one looks like its going to take a little bit longer to update so im going to kind of let that go were at 56 right now, so well, just leave it here and uh ill.

Try them in when its just about done. Okay, guys so im noticing that its was taking about 10 seconds per percentage until it looked like the light, just kind of stopped blinking and it looked like its rebooting itself. So now its going quick and if you notice theres, no sound whatsoever. Theres no fan on this thing, so i definitely wouldnt advise doing this in a super hot environment. You know definitely make sure there we go. Rebooting flight control, update, successful, update, complete the controller is still locked in with the four lights there. That was the big update. It looked like because that did update the flight controller im gon na go ahead and hit this triple there. That basically took it away, and this is where its gon na tell you like what the um screen is so status kind of hard to see the screen. But you can see the writing on it. Ill go over all this stuff. After all, this kind of goes away, but you can go ahead and look at this if youd like to, and it shows you what all these things are so im just gon na keep clicking on it. There we go and we can see the entire screen here. Sensor, temperature too high over there in the top left corner, so im gon na go ahead and turn this thing off guys and do a reboot. Let it cool down a little bit and then well kind of continue on.

I dont want to overheat this thing. Okay, guys we are back its cooled down a bit and id recommend just having a fan on this thing. If youre, you know updating it and stuff or do it on a cooler day, definitely do not do it on a high temp day kind of like the mini one was overheating. Remember i was having that issue in the mini one, video on the initial startup, so lets see. If we can. Click on this now remember were having some trouble up here on the top now thats working check for updates lets. Try that one more time – and it says its already – the latest version pops up here on the bottom. There you go so you can sign in and out of your account, i just want to see what this insurance code means. Okay, so i guess you can purchase insurance through femi for your device premium care within 48 hours after the app is connected. So i didnt even do that, but if you want to, it seems like it might be kind of like a dji care. So you have that option to do it. Im gon na back out of this were gon na go into enter device again and lets continue going on through all of the options and stuff and while were doing this, since it is a cooler day and everything uh lets just see if that overheats again, if We go ahead and just click outside of this box that basically takes it away and there we go so unable to enter gps mode because were in the house.

So i assume thats whats happening there. We have a nice clear picture, nothings happening when im clicking on the screen. Cant really zoom in or anything lets really see what we got on the screen here in depth, so theres, our satellite, so its only showing we have 11 in the house here so looks like its just under the threshold to have enough satellites for good precision coming Home high video signal – and then this over here on the right is the controller signal. Weve got 8.12 volts nice. It shows you a little voltage up there on your battery and its also showing you have a 93 battery and a little battery gauge there for the drone over on the left top. We have the meters from the home point. We have the height in meters and still has that unable to enter gps mode because were in the house. So if i click on that, that menu comes up again that preflight menu lets see what happens if we do click on some of these things. On the top, so im just clicking on the battery thats great, so its showing you same, like some other drones, its showing us all of the information on the battery. This is a smart battery, its defaulted at 30, but you can turn that all the way up to 50, if you want it return to home when battery is only enough to return the home is on. You can turn that off as well and land when battery is only enough to land.

Tells you if its been over discharged, it tells you the temperature of the battery thats cool. Now this is all in in celsius id imagine. There is going to be a setting here lets. Let me just move around here there. It is so you can turn it into imperial units. Right now is in metric im going to turn it into imperial since im in the us, but at least you guys, you know over there in europe or other parts of the world can change that if you want and basically heres just all the options here. This is the main screen here on the bottom of the settings: maintenance mode, firmware update. You can check that again from here. If you want to it, tells you all of the firmware and everything thats great, so go back here and well just start off with the drone menu here so clicking on the drone and thats what we got on the menu guys. So we can limit the flight speed if you want to change your speed of flight, its defaulting at 17.9, which is probably the most efficient but check this out. You can go up to 35.8 or 6.7. Dont really have an on the fly button on this one, but you can change it in there for your speed limit flight distance. If you want, i can go all the way up to 16 404 or all the way down to 32 feet, or you can just turn it right off.

So, im going to turn that off and, of course it gives you a warning so press, ok on that and limit flight height right now. Its set at ‘3. lets see what we can get maximum on this drone. If we wanted to check out these settings and check out what i just noticed on the top left there sensor temperature is too high. So this things gon na overheat when its not flying really quick. So you better hurry up here, so you can go the highest! You can go guys is sixteen hundred and forty point four feet and then you can also set it to not go over 98.4 feet at the lowest so im going to keep it right just under uh, 400 ‘7. You know to keep it safe there and rth height again. We can adjust that when its coming back home beginner mode, so you can turn that on or off, if you want, where it just has a preset everything quick turn that off and on so you dont have to adjust these other settings uh. It does have a sport mode, so apparently there we go so its going to go to 18.18 meters per second in sport mode and just fly real quick. So just telling you be careful, so there is a little sport mode, but you got to go into the settings. I dont see any button on here anywhere on the controller to get you into sport mode immediately.

We can turn precision landing on so thats kind of cool. I like to turn that on it was off by default, so well check that on the flight test, how precise it is at landing on the launch pad there aircraft indicator not really sure exactly what that means amount of magnetic interference. So in the house here were going to have were in the yellow, so a little bit higher compass calibration always do this like out in the field before you fly where youre flying just so. You have the best compass ability and not really that much interference. What do you want the fail safe to be home? Point great, so you can go into it here so youre flying on a boat, you change locations, while youre flying you get back to location where youre anchored go ahead and press the person. The pilot right here and it will relocate that home point to where you are, and it will fly back there if you press return to home or you lose signal, so make sure you look at that, depending on your situation and set that correctly and theres actually Update dynamic home point in smart track, so im gon na turn that on so thats good to know, because what that is is as its tracking you its going to keep updating its own point home point. So say you run out of power when youre riding a bike or skateboarding, and you dont want the thing to fly all the way back say you went like a half a mile right.

If the thing starts running out of battery itll just lift up and go back to where you started, you can have that, but wouldnt you want it to kind of land where you are. If you have like, maybe the controller with you, you wouldnt want it to go back to the original point right, so im going to leave that to update while its tracking enable backward flying. Yes, a caution, because this doesnt have any side backwards up or down sensors or does have a downward sensor for the ground, so kind of like mini one technology mixed with the mini 2 technology for supposedly range and its 4k camera. So, of course, were going to test all out that out in the flight test, see how it is gain an expo, so you can tune all this stuff guys for your control. You know if you really want to tune in your control how fast it reacts with these sticks right, so you can adjust all that stuff and also the sensitivity see that so its all defaulting at 50 percent. Moving on down trying to do this quickly as possible to the camera quick parameters, you can go into manual, video quality, normal medium and high defaulting at medium wouldnt. You want it to be on high its probably gon na use more power and more space on your sd card right, video size uh. So it was medium and its defaulting to 720. We want to do 4k man.

This is a 4k camera. It only does 4k 30 and then the lowest it can do is 720 at 120 frames per second, so no 4k, 60 here on the x8 mini we do want to have high, probably adjusting the bit rate. So we have a more of a quality picture. I want you to see what the latency is in the camera real fast. So, if im moving my hand here, thats quite a bit of latency, so thats more latency than what ive seen from dji thats about pretty much twice as high so thats, maybe 400 to 500 milliseconds, which is basically just about half a second or maybe even a Little bit more so youre gon na have more of a lag. It looks like on this uh aircraft. The sensor temperature is too high. Im burning this thing up, so you better hurry the heck up, white balance, auto or you can do incandescent floor fluorescent all this. Other stuff, color metering mode, you can change all that video encoding. You can change between 264 and 265.. You can put grid lines on it, shows you how much you have in your sd card. I have a 32 gig in here and you can format it. Okay, moving on down to the controller, you can recalibrate it. If your sticks are off. You cant get the thing to fly right, try recalibration! Remember you can pick one mode, one, two and three and thats all i can do there on the controller.

Moving on down to gimbal, if your gimbal is kind of out of whack horizontal go ahead and calibrate it, i would recommend doing that at home on a level surface before you even go out there, and then you can change your speed its at 50. But you know you can really change this, go all the way down to one percent to a hundred, and that just depends on how fast the camera is going to move up and down right. Advanced parameters can cause it to tilt. So what you could do is go in here and you see how you can really just adjust little by little, if youre having problems with that, i guess you can adjust that nothing else. You can do there on the gimbal so well go down to battery. We kind of already saw all this stuff, its still taking the battery temperature at celsius. So i guess you cant change that to fahrenheit. I thought you would be changing that to fahrenheit if you changed your units but see its showing the mile per hour. Still on the drone but its showing celsius on the battery, so maybe they can work on their app a little bit. You know, as with dji as well, dji needs to work on their apps too. To get them. You know kind of all set. You could turn these things off getting back to the battery. If you wanted to get your drone back and it you know, if youre doing a range test, i might want to turn these off, because, if youre doing a range test, id rather kill that battery than lose the drone right, itll just keep flying until it just Cant fly anymore, but if it looks like, if you have this to land, when the battery is only enough to land itll force, you to land so maybe well be checking that out before i turn it off when were in the flight test before we do our Range test, anyway, nothing else i can do on the option screen so thats great.

Now it has 14 satellites. It still cannot take off, apparently, maybe because uh its overheating on its sensor in the flight controller, so be really careful with this again guys yeah its, not even letting me do anything, because i think the picture that, since its overheating, everything is just locking me out Of taking pictures so videos and photographs, we got hdr mode, we got super night, wow cool, so we got night vision. We got time lapse. 60. Second, clips to one second clips: we click to video, normal hdr and also thats video lapse. The other one was time lapse, so we can do 67 seconds to half a second videos. I guess one click video you cant do that without taking off so in a flight test, well be checking out the one click video looks like one quick shots, thats. What theyre calling quick shots like on the dji stuff, minis uh theyre, calling this one? One click video so well see how that works in our flight test and panorama, horizontal vertical and wide, so no 360 shots here, and then this one over here smart features um. This is kind of like what the fimi x8 has uh same kind of tracking youve got to be up flying the drone. To activate most of these, you can see how we have tap to fly waypoints, so we can do waypoints right out of the box on this drone, just like the regular x8 and the x8 2020 smart track, so thats not infinity tracking guys.

It looks like this ones going to do it. We just got to be launched, um orbit spiral. Now these are infinity things, while its tracking this isnt some little quick shot that it just does for one revolution like the mini does so. This is awesome, flight mode, cinematic tripod course, lock, fixed wing and search and rescue awesome. So its going to show the coordinates up there on your screen, if youre doing a search and rescue looking for people, so great options, just like the regular standard x8 has were going to be testing all that stuff out a couple of quick things on the bottom. Here it tells you how much you have left on your sd card, what mode youre in its 16 by nine right now, its zero ev and the angle of uh, the actual camera which apparently i cant move its just locked up. I cant even move my camera up and down with this roller on the left. You see that im turning it and its just locked there, because its overheating so again hurry the heck up and finish this up. So we can go fly heres our compass over on the bottom clicking on it. Thatll go into our google maps, itll show just the regular street maps and then you can click on it for the other stuff, like satellite maps, so thats great, and then you can click on the picture again. Lets see if we click on this little guy right here and theres a little thing on the top right corner, and that just brings us back to our compass on the left.

Here we have just our takeoff. Of course, i cant do anything right now, because its just overheating, like crazy, so dont leave this thing running im, gon na turn it off right now, but i think thats gon na really do it as far as the initial kind of run through on all of The options how to get this thing set up, how to get it really updated and stuff turn this thing off. Basically, click click and hold sucker is overheating, makes some kind of very strange noise. Dji looks a little bit more polished. It is more of an expensive drone right and they have been around longer, in my opinion, youre going to get better quality um its just a known fact with the dji stuff youre going to get more polished, higher quality, but youre going to pay for it. You dont want to pay that extra few hundred dollars here you go. Try this again. We are going to be testing all this out and flying it. You see how wide um the mini 2 is its a little wider, so the x8 mini on the right is a little thinner side to side, but its a little bit higher just a tad a bit higher. You can see that side by side its a little bit higher. Let me stack them on top of each other and you can see the difference here front to back just about the same, maybe a little bit longer on the x8 mini there.

The front coming over. Just a tad, but you know really the same kind of design just a little bit higher coming from the bottom here you know overall same theory, vents on the bottom and on the back overall same theory, just a little bit different. You can really see the height of the mini is a little bit higher on the back. You see how this is more slim line here and uh. They just got the feet on the back, but this comes all the way down with the feet coming out there. Now the motors are interesting. If we try to compare to the motors i i noticed something here: the motor on the x8 mini it feels like the magnets are gripping stronger. You know that little like ratcheting feel as you rotate the motor, but with the the uh dji mini its like a really soft. You know little ratcheting effect, maybe a little bit higher on the x8 mini motor. You see how its just a tad bit higher. It has like that top little cap on it, but the propellers do go on and off the same way, and i will say i mean im not measuring these right now, but i will say that the x8 mini motor on the right looks a little bit. Uh. Smaller than um the mini 2 motor on the left, so this will probably be pushing out more power than this, especially since this is using those lithium ion cells.

Unless you buy that extra upgraded lithium polymer battery, i dont have one of those but im just going to be testing it and its kind of like default mode with the lithium ion coming up. What i am testing guys is a pretty cool parachute. Now this is a parachute from fly fire, its called the manti and check it out its just a velcro parachute, really light and slim line that attaches right to pretty much any drone. I think this ones made for the mavic air 2 series, its just basically rounded, so you can fit it on any kind of drone. So id imagine itd, probably work even better on these, because these are lighter as long as they can lift it, and this doesnt really feel that heavy at all im going to be testing this on one of these drones in the near future. So anyway, i think thats going to wrap it up for the x8 mini uh initial unboxing setup. We did updating all that stuff uh, just looking at the interface and everything seeing how it performed and again, remember, uh, be real careful with this one because of that overheating. So, as you can see, if i let it sit there for a few minutes, it was already overheating is probably only around 80 degrees out today, its a nice and cool windy day, so its not very hot in here, so i wasnt expecting it to have that Overheating problem that quick and when you can see that when it does overheat, it kind of shuts everything off you cant record video.

You cant take off any of that stuff. So hopefully, when were in the field and were doing our compass calibration and all that stuff its not going to have that problem as well anyway, guys. I hope that was really fun and informative for you, maybe not super fun as fun as flying, but its really good to know what youre buying and really inspect it. I think in depth. So you kind of know what youre getting into before you drop the money on buying this and as usual, if you do like what you see down there down below in the description ill, have the links to what i review in my videos and also the gear. I use to record my videos and what i use to like fly. My drones, like landing mats, backpacks and all that stuff ive been doing this for a while. So i try to get the best stuff down there in the links down below in the description. So you guys can know what to uh, buy and thats gon na work anyway. Remember next, video in this series is going to be the flight test for this cool.