Today we are doing the flight test of the femi x8 mini if you missed the unboxing setup, and everything go ahead and check out the card pop up here, also down below in the description and also everything all the gear and everything i review here will also Be down below in the description as well so check that out, but today were gon na put this thing through the flight test and were gon na. Do it in depth a little bit of wind today, maybe about five from this direction over here, which would be like the west im going to record my phone screen here also going to record in 4k on the drone, so you can kind of see everything all The different aspects of this thing, while im reviewing it, also got my son ken here hes, going to help me out today remember kia. He helps me in a lot of my videos, hes going to be the tracking guy, so im going to put this up ill, be flying it and hes definitely more in shape than me and can run faster, so well have him doing um being kind of the Guinea pig for the tracking features and see how good this this does anyway lets go ahead and get started and put this thing through the test: Music, okay, so first things: first, im gon na do a complete setup here. So if youre in your flying field and youre wondering how fast this is, this thing is to set up, of course, just open up the arms here.

The front ones come to the front first and then the back slide right underneath this is the lithium ion battery um. Just to let you guys know, uh femi is sending me the pro battery, which is a lipo battery, so this is kind of the same kind of battery as they had in the the mavic mini one. So im gon na take off this uh camera guard here. Dont need that right now so theyre sending me the pro battery and youre supposed to get under 250 grams with that battery. This is just a little bit over that supposedly flies longer with the lipo battery, so that is going to be in a different test. This battery, it kind of like it, hits a little stop inside, so you just got to be careful that push it in nice and tight make sure everything clicks. I do have a sandisk high speed 4k card in here because were going to be uh recording in 4k on the camera in all of our flight today, so anyway, thats ready to go now. We just need to set up our controller, of course, open up your antennas and usually what i like to do is like leave this unplugged here. This is the usb type c plug because im going to be using my phone, this is just an android phone right here, put it in the phone first, so it has a really solid connection and then, as you can see, we have like this little hole in The side just put it in there and then pull the controller open and that will go in there nice and easy thats.

Really all you have to do for mounting. It looks like youre going to want to take off any kind of case. I did have a sling slimline case on this phone and its just a little bit too thick and doesnt really go in there very well so taking out the control sticks, putting these on really not much time at all. To set this thing up, we want to turn on the controller, so click click and hold the power until you hear a beep and then same thing for the drone, we want to click, click and hold and im going to be watching this, as i put it Down on this drone map, because we dont want to have this camera kind of binding up on the mat right, so click click and hold there. We go so watching the camera here, real quick, you guys can probably see that it did a really quick initiation. So nothing major there just takes a little time to make the camera go up and down so the controller. What i noticed on this controller is it takes a little longer than dji to link up, but there it goes it just linked. We have four solid dots versus them, blinking, so thats ready to go so im going to screen record this. For you guys i like to use the az screen recorder. If you didnt already know really, all we need to do is plug this, since its already plugged into the phone plug this little one here into the controller, getting a little vibration on my phone and then it should auto launch the femi mini app.

I just updated today, so this has the latest updates. It just had a little firmware update for the flight controller, so im entering the vice and its just going to kind of go into its pre flight check and all were looking for is to make sure that everything is a okay. You can see. We have a hundred percent power im in mode two. The rth is going to be the sale fail, safe, of course, and im just going to click out of that onto the screen and were ready to go so theres our screen and im. Just looking up at the top for the satellites, we already have 17 satellites for gps well go into the settings and i want to go into uh compass calibration see that so the amount of magnetic interference is two bars. So im gon na go ahead and calibrate. You should do this anywhere youre flying hold the drone horizontally and spin clockwise, so im gon na set my phone down here, pick it up and just watch the screen and see how im rotating this clockwise a little bit. There we go and then it says we want to face it up. Okay, so i got it faced up and then do the same thing again. Hopefully im spinning it the right way. I just keep spinning keep on spinning im. Looking at the screen got a check, marked thats, what were looking for set that back down and success.

Please restart the drone. Okay, sorry about that. Im gon na need to restart this thing. Okay, guys just got through a restart ill. Have the screen up again for you, and just remember you always really do want to do that compass calibration just to make sure everything is good to go. I just want to look at that again now see the interference. The amount of magnetic interference for the compass see how its on one bar, so it seems to actually make it go lower when you do that. You should just do that anyway. Okay, starting to record in 4k, pressing, auto launch, dragging it into the box and holding it and letting go seems like right when you let go it launches and remember, we do have some wind blowing from my left and see that h pad it blew it off Course, quite a bit and its just gon na hang out up there lets just see what this thing can do, so it launched to um whats. Our height top of the screen were looking at a 17 feet, 17 and a half feet so go ahead and bring her down. So you can kind of see this thing close up. It sounds very similar to the dji mini one and two, maybe right around. Maybe more around the one sound decibel level and tone, but it definitely is a little bit more squirrely its moving around a lot more than the minis and thats.

Just because you know comparing it to dji its dji has such a much better software hardware system. It seems, but of course this is cheaper, so lets get a nice close up view of this thing. Remember it has like no sensors on the front or the sides. Just the bottom sensor see if it even works, yeah see how its going up on its own. So it cant see the ground its just not going to be basically avoiding anything except the ground, so its looking pretty good man its handling that wind, but as you can see its maybe about six feet off of the target from that wind. So lets just fly around in normal mode: real, quick, just pushing forward and flying ill. Have the video up on the screen so keep that in view too, you really want to see how um Music im just full stick forward, and this is its default. Speed settings were looking for um altitude variations, letting off gon na take a little bit to stop very similar to other drones, but thats where it really gets. Wonky is when youre kind of turning and stuff moving around watch ill come close to me here. Even in this only about five mile per hour – winds – maybe 10 at times but yeah a little gust, its just kind of all over the place Music, so not quite as good as other drones. But you know its reasonable, so ive had the um mile per hour up on the screen, see how the winds kind of blowing it away, maybe not the best day for calm but uh yeah.

It is a little bit more windy than i normally do. These reviews in so well give it the benefit of the doubt lets do a full stick up, see how fast it gets going about nine miles per hour and lets drop it down so im just up. There lets turn it, so you can kind of see this camera how it performs here. West valley, mountains, there lets go ahead and pitch the camera down real, quick, already getting a little bit of blotchiness on the screen from the video. I remember this. They claim this thing can go like what eight kilometers or something so being that were kind of getting that blotchiness thats already a little bit worrisome full speed down its going at about four and a half miles per hour. Full stick down and lets see this video. While were coming down, i want to kind of rotate it down still smooth looks smooth to me: nice pick that up im, just rotating the left roller here up and down, and you can see thats its default speed right there. So those are the speeds for the um, the regular mode, and this things supposed to fly for close to 30 minutes. Remember were at 82 percent power, just kind of look at looking at it with uh the wind at it and um. You guys be the judge of this camera, maybe not so great into the sun like that, and what were looking at.

What were looking for is um. Some of the femi drones, like the x8, hey by the way, guys aloha and thanks for tuning in to my videos, really appreciate it. What i was saying is um a lot of the femi drones. Their camera is kind of lacking. So you guys be the judge of this camera um, since we did it in regular mode. Lets switch this over into sport and to do that you kind of have to go into um the options here and you see sport mode right in the center here were gon na, go ahead and click on here, and it says maximum speed of 18 meters per Second, sensitivity and everything is adjusted so now were in sport. Theres no real button on there for sport mode, so lets see how fast it gets going now in sport. Full speed forward coming with the wind definitely faster right overhead yeah its definitely a lot faster. Turning faster yeah, its thats fast, its going down a little bit, so it kind of suffers from the just. Let it off right there. It kind of suffers from that little bit of um altitude, instability, Music, letting off see how it goes up and then goes down. So it just about hit the ground when i let off going that slow and it almost hit the ground um. I just want to fly out really quick over the trees here. Full speed ahead lets see how fast we can get going real, quick, not over any houses and stuff a lot of range tests, but a speed test about 25 miles per hour 26 im just gon na turn around and zoom back whoa that spun around quick man.

‘ 42 is as fast as i could get going, so its pretty quick. It was going like 42 with the wind bring it on down. You guys will be checking out that camera the whole time i was zooming around, like that. It looked like it wanted to jerk, quick left and right Music and what happened here. I got a black screen and im disconnected oh, my gosh. What happened here so thats unfortunate im going to unplug the controller and im going to plug back in lets, see if it reconnects there we go so not good at all. Oh, it was still recording okay, but still recording thats good, but definitely not good, that it disconnected im gon na go out of sport mode, and i only have one battery so far were at 66 percent. Now we want to try some of these advanced features right. So this one is supposed to be able to do these shots kind of like the x8 and also the um, the dji mini right. So, im going to stop recording real, quick, well switch over in the picture im just hitting that on the top right, and we want to take some pictures in default. Just real quick before we start some of these advanced modes just go up here and take some photos a little bit wishy washy in the left and right steering and lets take some pictures. So i can hit this picture button here and it takes photos or i can press it right here on the on the screen.

Right, you get a double beep and it says photo succeeded. Im gon na go up a little bit tilt. The camera down already got blotchiness in the screen, sorry about the dry grass, but its that time of year in the summer, taking a photo okay im going to take a couple at different angles. This is all auto photo settings. I didnt change. Anything different angle photo see that blotchiness in the fpv lets take another one and lets pull it around to the left and try to take one up here: west maui mountains and yeah. We can go over the level see how its pushing up over its level on the camera. So i push it up a little bit now. These are the camera. Shots guys ill. Have these um popping up on the screen as im doing this, i dont like that. Little control delay lets take one right here: camera shot. It seems like even more than a half a second control delay, dont, really like that. Anyway, we want to try some of these smart functions so lets get back down before we run out of too much battery down real quick, remember. I got key in here to help us track and stuff so well get to that in just a few seconds. You see this little robot ahead to the bottom right im going to click on him, and here we go so lets, try to tap fly and we can just tap on points of interest around us.

So im going to zoom out here should have been nice. If i could choose a different map, thats, not allowing me to do that so im just going to tap pretty close to us here and see how that works, just a single tap and go go lets see what it does. Yeah so lets see it there. I dont have a recording or anything but ill have that up on the screen of how its flying and what it looks like. So those are just default little one quick little tap. You know what i mean. Oh theres, the lets get the map up on here. There we go so theres the park im in see. If we can do another tap fly, looks like you got to go out of it and then do it again. Each time lets do another one just going right there and you can choose your height and your speed so well just go and im just kind of watching it in my my hat cam right now not doing any kind of recording because it wouldnt. Let me go into this when i was recording, remember it was all grayed out, so not a very good feature, thats kind of like a lame feature, not really as good as some other drones tap fly, so were not going to spend too much time with that. This also does waypoints, though check it out. It has built in waypoints, so you can do these waypoint waypoints um directly from the app which is missing in like the mavic mini and stuff.

Unless you get an aftermarket map, smart track orbit, lets, try the orbits and stuff first and then well go into the smart track and track key in there im going to go into a regular orbit and were going to press ok. Can i track you? Okay, lets track in and lets just kind of go out and up a bit boy. Did you guys see that i just lost connection again that is lame edge, so it puts a gps point up on the screen where it thinks it lost the drone. So man, they got ta really work on that it just randomly did that so im unplugging the controller and im plugging in again, and it came back so definitely a big con there. Why the heck? Would you want to do that right back into orbit? Okay, Music tap. Please fly to the top center. Okay, so definitely not even as an advanced tracking. You got to like fly over your subject, so were flying over key in here. Real quick, so were going to go right. There tap on it setting center on the top right, and then we do our radius so were going to pull it back, and you see that radius ticking away im just adjusting my gimbal manually were gon na, go right here and setting radius on the top right Flight altitude, what does it say? Flight altitude should be over five, so you got ta be high on this one sheesh come on give me a break its already pretty high setting radius.

Okay, let me do that so ill. Just do you can see how it has heading options, counterclockwise or clockwise, and the speed setting lets go up to 9.8 max, go its going while its doing this, its not going to record im switching to recording what the heck yeah thats, not keeping it centered so That was kind of ridiculous, its not keeping any kind of tracking going on him. Its just orbiting him and i got ta move the drone back and forth myself. So quite crappy there and im gon na stop the orbit. You see how if i dont jeez dont, like that, if i dont move the head of the drone like the yaw itll, just keep going. Okay, so lets keep them in view here. Lets try some other things since were here, but you see how i cant start. This smart stuff on the bottom right, its grayed out until i stop recording thats pretty lame to me um is the spiral probably going to be the same thing. How much power do i have left 38 were not going to do that stuff because the spiral is going to be the same thing were just going to go right into smart track. You see how it has these other things. It has sar search and rescue. All that does is it puts a coordinates on the screen for you. We got course lock tripod cinematic and these other top intelligent flight modes. The main thing we want to test is smart track, so lets trace him rectangle open area.

Okay lets: try it drag on to the target okay, so i got them boxed in im. Just going to press go on the screen and im going to record doesnt automatically record all right ken go ahead and run this way to the end of the park. Kind of slow, jog, slow, jog yeah go ahead, so this is where its um tracking him guys. So you be the judge of the quality of video. We kind of have the sun to its back right now, so kians well lit and then just come back at the same speed can slow, so keons coming back man. The i thought the fpv connection would be a lot better. So you see how the drone is. Is kind of keeping its um itself behind him just keep running back and forth, just like you are so at least its tracking him pretty good. Oh looks like its almost losing and it lost you so same kind of problems. I was having with um the first x8 doesnt look like they really worked on it. That much you know i mean its like. You got to have the super good kind of contrast and look what its doing now i cant move up and down with my roller. I have to actually somehow get out of this or wait for it. There trace is done, refined can stop recording because it wont. Let me go into this when im recording go back in and then try the smart track again, so a lot to be desired here.

So same thing lets: try this again so dragging a box on him go now what this is supposed to do: low battery? Okay, please land asap. So this is the profile so im going to bring this thing around to the right lets see if i do move it, if it kind of turns its yaw to track him nope, i got ta turn the head to keep him in view, thats ridiculous. All right ken uh, slow jog towards me all right its supposed to be. Let me uh start recording. I forgot that so profile wherever you put it in the sky, its just gon na keep that bearing and track them see how its tracking them from the side. Now run this way, slowly towards that goal right on man, okay, now book it to the end of the park and back that that way, im back go all right lets see how good it keeps up with kian. Oh last time you went out of the screen already and i cant do anything there. You go its oh. I thought i almost retracted. Him see that box up there on the right whats going on hold on stay there, uh profile is done. What an irritating cumbersome deal here you got, ta stop recording, go back into smart track. Lets, try lock real quick! So all this is is like a tripod okay, guys so im gon na put the box on him. Go its not taking its not taking its, not taking boy come on, go up a little more target lost, so nowhere good as dji guys not at all.

Go okay, um well, go to five miles per hour, start recording and lock. Well, here we go so the lock is like an orbit, a locked orbit. They go up a bit. I want to hit the trees and stuff okay, so use lock if you want to do a locked orbit, so i just went up and let off and lets see if it kind of continues on okay, i can just jog slowly. This way were running out of power, guys 19. So this is supposed to be like a tripod lock, its not really going anywhere, but you see how its like tracking him and staying still in the beginning, it seemed to start moving but its not moving anymore. So the lock is done so maybe use that if you want to do like a tripod, i mean uh orbit and tripod all in one, but a little bit to be desired. That wasnt very good at all, and i really hate that how you have to stop recording then go back into like the robot head, advanced settings and do all this stuff so down here in the bottom right tripod is just going to be um just going to Be like really slow lets just try it real fast, see how it just slows everything down and look at that. I have the gimbal all the way up and look how slow its going start, recording so heres maximum speed in tripod mode, probably like two miles per hour.

Super slow turning super duper slow. So if you want to get like really cinematic slow shots, this is how you do it, so we want to do. I think the last thing were going to need to do is a return to home. If it lets us im going to fly out here a bit and lets do a return to home landing pad not detected its trying to land right now. I want to see if i can do a return to home, so im going to press and hold to return to home lets see if it has enough come on baby, so its gon na i have it set to go up to a hundred feet, so it Even goes up that close thats only about um 50 feet away or so from the landing pad, but im still recording, and i just want to see what it does low battery. Please land looks like its still allowing us to execute the um. The return to home landing, which is good, we got 10 battery left. It does show us in red up there. Our voltage as well 6.4 volts so were getting pretty pretty low and lets just see its supposed to detect the landing pad landing pad detected. Okay guys this is it lets see how close this thing lands. The camera is still in the same direction, so its not turning that camera down on its own, its using the bottom cameras to the tiny little cameras to look at that landing pad.

So at least the technology is very accurate. If you have a landing pad, i just hit the little anchor. Did you hear that i nailed this little anchor from the landing pad? Okay, so i got everything turned off. It is cool that every time it loses connection it does show the coordinates here. So at least you can lets see if we press press on the coordinates it copies it. If you press on it, so it copies the coordinates. I dont see any like find my drone yeah, so at least you can copy the coordinates, and then you can go like into your google maps. Let me just try that real quick since i copy the coordinates ill go into google maps here and its its on us right now, im going to kind of step away a little bit and lets see if we copy and paste these coordinates into the search bar. Okay, so it plopped the um, see that little thing right in the center of the park is where it plopped it so a little bit off, but hey man thatll, get you close. So at least you have that option and thats. Basically, what you can do for search and rescue too, when you are doing search and rescue um you can, you can use those coordinates to spot people and then copy the coordinates and thats when you go into search and rescue mode. The coordinates will always be on the screen and you can copy them so lets talk about a quick little pros and cons man a little bit.

This disappointed in a few of the things, some of the things that were happening with the um. The first remember the first x8 larger versions were having some of those same issues where it wouldnt track very well. It would lose tracking pretty quickly really irritating was you had to stop recording, go into those advanced features, and then you had to when the advanced feature was starting to move, then you had to click on record again. So if you forgot, you wouldnt even have gotten any of your video, so a pretty lame there um, you could see a big con was that i think two or three times it just completely lost connection and lost video, so it glitched out. I had no video the con. The controller still said it was connected, but there was no video, so maybe thats just um a thing about my phone. Who knows maybe they need to update for more compatibility but thats how it happened. For me, um at least it does have those coordinates up on the screen. You know, as you disconnect itll still have those coordinates. So in case you do lose it well. You have no video what we didnt try was to hit return to home when we lost video and im thinking, since the controller was still connected and everything was still happening. A ok on the drone, except for that video connection, im thinking it would have flown back. No problem, so you can always hit return to home.

I would think if you do lose, that connection with your video and itll come back, but you saw how i remedied. That was, i just basically unplugged it from my controller, real, quick and plugged back in, and i immediately got video back and everything worked, fine speaking of the video nowhere near as good as other drones. As far as the video link connection, it was blotchy ill have had my phone recording, so you could see that kind of draft the drag blotchiness at times, so they really need to work on, maybe their camera and their their link connection, and they still need to Work on like the app features and how all that works just having a stop record and start record when you go through those features, kind of confusing, remember the tracking like the orbit like it was really hum really hard to use the the orbit like really old School when you fly over a point and then you back up over the point and then it can orbit, i had to use the gimbal and also the yaw on that entire orbit, so thats pretty much dysfunctional. It shouldnt even be there. The only thing that kind of worked was that kind of uh, lock mode, where i locked on key in and then i put in the miles per hour in which direction and that was kind of the orbit mode. So i forget, if thats, how it was with the x8, but that seemed like the best type of orbit and follow kind of mode.

You could do. It did work with some of those other modes, but not nearly as good as that lock mode. That seems like the one you want to do, for locking and following things, but even so you saw how it lost him pretty quickly. Um, maybe like a slow, jog, its okay, but as soon as he took off, he saw how, when hes, when he took off sprinting even from that far distance, he just ran out of the screen that completely lost him. So as far as the flight time, thats kind of the only thing im wondering about ill have had that up on the screen again for you guys, so you can see that um, you will have seen the pictures and the video go ahead and comment down in The description down below and tell me what you think about how that video looked how stable it was, how clear it was and anything else you saw that maybe um could be a pros and con to you and, let me know in the in the comments down Below, as usual, guys ill have the links for what im testing here and all the gear i use down below in the description as well as well as the other videos. In this series, we did an unboxing im going to get that pro battery, which is the lithium polymer battery. This is the lithium ion. Remember so ill do another flight test with that see what the difference is in actual flight time were going to do a range test.

Probably right here, fly out that way see how far this thing can go. I have a feeling its not going to live up to what they claim as far as the video link, because that was quite to be desired from what im already seeing just testing it close by in the park anyway. Guys thanks a lot for tuning in uh.