com purchasing this drone and they gave me two options at purchasing this drone. The first option they gave me was to purchase the drone and the remote control for 449.99. The second option they gave me was to purchase the bundle for 599.99 and which the bundle comes with six extra propellers just to catch the propellers on your drone brakes. Two extra batteries, including the one thats in your drone, so thats three batteries all together. Each battery containing 31 minutes of flight time, thats almost two hours of flight time that youre in the air. Also you get a bag with it to transport your drone safely from location and location. Also, you get a remote control, of course, to control your drone. So this is a new dji drone mini 2, which comes in about 249 grams, one gram less of having to register your drone with the faa, which requires you, any drone, 250 grams or more will have to register their drone just so that they can identify. Who is the operator of that drone? Just in case you fly into a restricted area and they can identify you. So when you first get the drone, the drone doesnt come with a memory card, so you have to provide one in which i provided one with 128 gigabytes so that it can hold my videos and my photos. So i chose the bundle version because it comes with extra accessories, as you can tell on the front of the box.

These are the accessories that it actually comes with so im going to take my blade and just slice across the top gently im not trying to damage the device before i get it open. I rip the plastic open and basically im not ripping it fast enough because you know im excited, but i dont want to damage the product at the same time. So you know, i take the plastic off gently and i show you this is the dji mini 2. turn it to the back, and this is the accessories that come inside the box. So this is the side of the box. It shows you the dji mini 2 specs. It shows you whats supposed to be inside the box. It shows you where you can download the dji app from you can download it from the app store. Also, the google store so that you can activate your drone along with the app because youre going to need this. Okay after we took the plastic off its time to flip this cover open and see whats inside the box wow its a bag inside of a box. We flap those flaps open and we bout to pull out this bag its a little bit heavy. It has a little bit of a weight to it because you know its a lot of accessories or a lot of goodies inside the back, but anyway, dji actually did they think about protecting the drone. This is what you get with the bundle version of the drone for 599.

99. You get this bag of full of goodies and you get like this paper thats on the side of the bag and everything just tell you about the dji bag, but its a nice bag, though all right its time to see whats inside the bag, so were gon Na just try to pull the zipper open and were gon na try to get it open, um hold up hold up. Let me just pull the zipper, see whats up. Okay up, we pulled the wrong zipper because technically this bag has two zipper slots, so it has one for the front pouch and it has one for the main pouch thats inside, like thats big, the bigger part where the drone actually sits at so were gon na. Just pull this zipper around and let me just scoot this a little bit closer so that you guys can actually see exactly whats inside the bag like the goodies thats inside the bag, because, basically you know thats the whole point in the video. You know he wanted to see what his eye you want to see: whats the goodies and stuff. So you just pull that and basically voila. We just pull back the flap okay, so were going to reach inside the bag and we pulled out a remote control thats. The remote control for the drone and were gon na pull out something else which is looks like the instructions of how to control. Your drone were gon na open that a little bit later and then were gon na reach right back inside the bag and were gon na pull out something else which has some goodies inside there.

So were gon na open that a little bit later too and see whats inside there and were gon na place that right down on the table and then basically were gon na pull off. Something else which is drumroll is the drone itself. Look how small that baby is? It only comes in 249 grams, one gram less of registering with the faa. So basically you know i showed you how big the gram is so its not that heavy. So what else is inside the bag? Uh we dont have anything else so in this pack. Right here is going to be the dji instructions on how to operate. Your drone also how to operate the battery pack, also, how to download the dgi app all right so whats inside the box, oh automatically accord. Just pops out it looks like its for a cell phone, then were gon na tip the box open and show you guys. Whats inside the box were pulling out something um. Basically, it looks like its the battery pack charger. I think it is so were gon na. Just unravel it just to see exactly what it is up yep, it is the battery charger. You just take out the battery from your drone thats dead and pop it right back in there. Also, we have the charging um ports for your cell phone and also we have the charging brick and also we have the usb to usbc because thats how you charge that battery charger so that you have full batteries all the time.

So you get three batteries with this um drone and basically you almost get exactly two hours, so two hours of flight time, almost two hours of flight time in the air and thats thats great. If you want to buy more batteries, you could um. We have the phone chargers micro, usb to you, know: usbc we have the charging brick and then we have the actual. You know charger that charges that battery pack right there for the battery for the drone. Okay. Next, we have the remote control for the drone to control the drone, so were going to just take it out this plastic and were going to just show you what the functions are. So you have the power button right here. You have the functions of going fast, medium or slow. You have the home button and you have the controls that goes up and down side to side round and round. Underneath you have the the sticks, the knobs that you actually screw in so were gon na actually screw in the knobs and show you guys how it is when you screw it in so they actually come with extra knobs. Just in case one of them gets misplaced or anything so oops i made a mistake and dropped one, but lets just uh. Actually, you know show you guys how it screws in its just screws, in like a regular screw and everything. So those are the controls thats. How the controls look when you go up and down side to side round and round and everything then you have on the top.

You have the camera taking pictures record and on that little bezel right there that goes forward. It zooms in the camera. Up right here is where the the cell phone will sit and you connect your cell phone to the wire thats down down there. It expands to your cell phone, but you might have to take your cell phone case off if your cell phone is too big and bulky. So next were gon na show you the drone exactly its small. It comes in exactly at 249 grams and it can actually fit into your pocket. So underneath we see some instructions, let me just put this remote control over to the other side, so i have some more room on the table, but also it shows you how to get this clip off. So we just pull this apart and it unfastens this clip right here protects your propellers from getting damaged during travel, so we wont put that to the side, so were gon na actually show you underneath how it looks so were gon na actually try to unfold the Bottom first, but then i realize that if i unfold the bottom, i cant unfold, the top so just remember unfold the top first and then unfold the bottom when youre unfolding this drone right here, because the bottom locks in the top. So, basically, you might want to do the top first and then do the bottom and then thats how you can actually activate your drone.

So, as you can tell im just unfolding it gently, you know top first and then the bottom last so thats the drone right there as a protection for the camera, the 4k camera at the front, and also it has the stickers which you might want to remove Before flying also so that is the drone in the back, it has another sticker, along with the battery uh thats, where the battery sits at thats, where the memory card sits at and also you can actually take a c cord and actually charge the battery thats inside There, so if you want to remove the battery, you just press and pull and thats the battery that comes out the same battery, that is inside of the battery case that battery slips into that, and then you just slip it right back in and it clips right Back in and you just close the door as im trying to get the battery in the right way. Okay, turn it upside down and then put it in there. You go all right, so now just close the door and then youre ready. You know once your battery is charged fully so on the front like i said it has a 4k camera. It has a gimbal that when youre flying up in the air, nothing will actually damage. You know your footage or mess up your footage like if its windy outside then. Basically, the drone will pick up your footage and you will not happen to worry about your footage being shaky.

So you want to make sure you take all these stickers off even on the camera, so that you have no problems when youre in the air um you dont have no problems of anything interrupting, so you know you want to take all stickers off on the camera. You want to take all stickers off on the side on the back and you have the sensors right there. So next i am going to put this case back on to the camera the cover so that the camera on the front of the drone doesnt get messed up, thats to protect the camera from getting messed up or scratched up so im going to insert a memory Card inside of the drone, the drone does not come with her memory card, so im going to use my handy dandy blade, just like my last video, my handy dandy, blade and just cut it open Music. So, in the back of the drone, this is where you insert the memory card so that you can be able to save your pictures and videos of what you record or what you take. So i just realized i had another slot inside the bag, so im going to unzip this because it seems like theres more goodies in there. So im gon na just reach my hand inside. Oh, we got more propellers extra propellers that they said it was gon na. Come with also some more stuff, we got the screwdriver that unscrews the propellers, so i can replace them and screws them back in and also we got.

The extra thumb sticks that replaces the thumb sticks thats on the remote control. Just in case i misplace one or one just breaks, we have a usb to usb c cord. We have one battery, we have two batteries and we have three batteries along with the charging dock along with. If the batteries are dead, we can place them back in there and theyll charge it. We also have a charging brick where we could place a usb in there to charge this charger break along with the remote control. We have the remote control that controls the drone. Of course we need that, and we also have the drone lets just close this door back here and we have the clamp. So when we wrap the drone up, it could protect the propellers from getting damaged during travel.