com now here i have the new dji mini 3. If you guys are familiar with my channel, you guys know i like to do a lot of side by side comparisons. Now, when i first put the mini 3 up in the air, it definitely does have a different tone. I, in my opinion i feel like it is a little bit quieter, because i think what has changed is the length of the propellers. I think its broadened that tone down a little bit compared to some of the other drones. So in this video i want to do like an ultimate sound test of the mini 3, but put it up against all of the other drones out there, and i want to bring back some of the ogs. This is the spark as well as i have the original mavic air, and i just want to show you guys the sound progression that weve made over the years. The spark and the other drones have come out four or five years ago. So i want to bring those back out, so you guys can see what they sound like in comparison to the dji mini 3. and if youre new to my channel, my name is alden estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something interests you please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos now im not going to be doing a decimal test, because sometimes i just dont think it gives you the best representation, you really have to hear the tone and the sound of the drone when its up in the air.

So all the audio youre going to hear as far as the tone from the drone is gon na, be coming from my sony, digital mic on my a7 s3. So lets get these drones up in the air, put them side by side. So you guys can hear the tones of each one of these, so my so Music um, Music, Music, food, Music, wow, Music, so Music, so um, Music, foreign, Music, um, Music, Music, so Music, so oh Music, so Music and there it is guys the ultimate sound test Of the mini 3 drone compared to a lot of the other dji ones that have been out in the market for many years and its so good to see the new dji mini 3. Not only just be super compact, but even quieter than before. With these longer propellers, if you guys, like this dji mini 3 content, make sure you guys check out my full playlist down below in the video description. I have links to all the videos im doing on this drone right here. If you guys got value from this, video big, like would be much appreciated. Also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is also sassio with ill see you next video take care.