Rick whats a propeller stabilizer, and why do i need one ill? Show you so the mini 3 pro has one issue that always concerns me that i like to call floppy props, where you can see how loose those propellers are, which is a wonderful thing if youre flying but its a terrible thing when youre trying to pack the Drone up at the end of a day to head home, because youve got to be very careful to hold the props gently on the top flip it over hold these props on the bottom and then slide it in the bag. Making sure you dont snag those props. On anything on the way in or youll damage them, and even if you get in the bag, see how they flip down, even if you get it in the bag carefully its going to move around a little bit inside there, and if these props work themselves out. Just a little bit, they can snag on something on the way out of the bag and thats. Exactly what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, i think, was my third or fourth flight. I was heading home after a long day of flying and it was the perfect shot. I had sunsets over a lake, everything was calm and i thought this is perfect. I got to get the mini 3 pro up in the air and i had it in a backpack. I didnt have a case at that point, which, by the way, is the worst thing you can do, throw in a drone like this in a backpack with a lot of other gear without having a stabilizer on it, because its like a washing machine where everythings banging In everything else in there and sure enough, i pulled the drone out and something had worked its way in between the propeller and the case, and it actually bent these propellers out.

So much like this that had i not noticed that during my pre flight checklist i dont know what would have happened to the drone im sure i could have taken off, but im not sure i could have landed it. So i had to really quickly swap out the props and it got me thinking. I got ta find a solution that will sort of groom those props to keep them in nice against the body without damaging them. So i can slide it in the bag and not have to worry about damaging those props when im transporting it back home. Now to be fair, you dont need this right. A lot of people are going to say. Oh, i can use a rubber band. You can you can use a big rubber band on it, but then you got to worry. Are you deforming? The props, you know is the rubber band too strong too loose. You could also just tuck the props in so, for example, whats unique about the mini 3. Pro is youve got these two little feet in the bottom. You could gently lift these over the feet, so theyre inside the feet like that and thatll hold them pretty well and on the top. You dont have feet to actually tuck them behind, but you can sort of intertwine these or put one above the other just like that. Then gently push them forward, so you feel a little bit of resistance and theyll kind of like dovetail together, like your fingers.

Do like this and theyll hold for a little bit of time and theyre not going to go anywhere, so you can slide them inside your bag, but again the slightest bit of friction and they loosen up and then youve got the floppy props all over again. So i was looking for something that could hold the props in against the body gently without damaging them, but the second thing i was worried about is the mini 3 pro has a set of sensors on the front, the back and on the bottom, for crash avoidance. For obstacle avoidance and on the bottom, youve got two optical sensors right. There and youve got a set of vio sensors underneath the gimbal cover, and my worry is, if its in a bag, something bangs up against those and scratches them or if they get dirty because theres fuzz or debris inside the bag. I have to clean them off before i take off, because theyre really, the only thing that keeps you from crashing into something when youre landing and i wanted to protect those. So i was looking for a propeller stabilizer that would hold the props in nice, and gently was easy to use and would cover those sensors, and we looked at probably, i think, six or seven different models and some of them were okay. A lot of them were really just modified rubber bands, which really didnt do the job. For me, a couple of them were fairly expensive and they were complicated to put on so we set those aside, and we finally settled on this set over here and its incredibly easy to use now.

Theres two models: theres a black model, which is the one i use theres, also a model that has a bit of an orange band to it, which is pretty close to the color of the tips on the drone. So if youre somebody that likes a little flash of color, maybe go with that one to me: thats like a cream circle orange, but it works the same and to use it. You basically flip the drone over make sure the feet these props are inside the feet. Then youll take this band off right here, just unsnap it and then on the front. Youll see these two little cups right there. Those protect the lens cover so pop it down over those two lenses and youll find that its custom fit for the drone. So the minute you snap it on there its already stuck in place its not going anywhere and its holding those propellers inside the case, so nothings going to nick the outside of them in your bag, theyre not going to move around then flip it over just again Set these two in the center pull the band over top of it and then attach the band here and thats it. And now what youve got is a nice little package, nothings flapping around the floppy props problem has been solved by the way that was my nickname in high school floppy props, but but back to the drone. So the drone is nice and compact.

Now its going to stay together, you can slide it in your bag. You can throw it in a hard bag, its not going to give you issues and when you get on site you just pop it off like this. It pops off the bottom and youre ready to fly its just that simple and again its not something you absolutely need, but for me when im looking for accessories, i want something thats gon na make it easier to fly. Keep my drone protected, thats, not terribly expensive. I think these are about the cost of a set of props and honestly, if you damage the props in the field and you dont have a spare set with you that can ruin the entire day. So my suggestion would be, if youre looking for a clean, quick way to hold your props and gently, protect them when youre carrying it back home or taking it out for a day of flying. This will do the job. It also protects the sensors. Underneath now we searched out there to find the best set. We could we like these an awful lot its a company ive worked with before so anytime. I find an accessory that i use myself that i can recommend to others. We bring it in. We offer it up on the website. We also have these up on amazon, so you have a couple of choices where you can find them. I have links below if youre interested in them go check them out, maybe its something you can use, maybe its something you dont need either way we like to present this type of accessory, because its something i use and something, i think, would be a good addition To your kit, so if youve got any questions about anything, ive covered today drop me a note below and ill get back to you as quickly as i can.

I promise you weve been out flying like crazy with this drone, a bunch of other drones and a lot of other high tech gear. Weve been testing. So if you havent subscribed to the channel yet hit that subscribe button down there and join the drawn valley family, because youre not going to want to miss a lot of the reviews that are coming up, ive also got a lot of other accessories. That weve been carefully testing over the last couple of weeks, because weve had the drone, i guess a little over a month and ive had a lot of time to get out in the field, fly it and try and figure out what i need to actually protect. It make it a little bit easier to fly im, not a big fan of just buying accessories that i wont use.