So this is the dj min 3 pro wide angle lens. What this thing is doing, as you can see here, its 0.65 x. That means this. If you put this on the dj mini 3 pro uh, you will have a it will transform your lens from 24 millimeters focal length to a 55.5 millimeters focal length, so that means you can shoot more from the same position. And where do you need this? If you are at the wedding – or you are filming uh some real estate and you dont have enough place to fly your dji mini 3 pro because there are trees or some other buildings, and you really need to get more in on your lens. You put this on and you will get a wider view. There are some cost with that there you lose a bit of quality and there is also a bit of distortion, as you will see in the footage that i will show you a bit later, that the horizon line its a bit curved its, not so cold. Im a bit impressed because ive seen some footage with the dji mavic 3. You know the wide lens and there is a bit. You see a bit more the curve horizon, but this one is not so visible. So this is the box that came. You know the price for this little wide angle lens its around 40 us dollars, and its opening, like this, like, like a like a wedding ring Music yeah, its really really small.

You can see how small it is. You also see it lighter when i will share with the footage that i got with this lens um, its very easy to put it on on the dj mini 3 pro its the same mechanism like uh, the nd filters. I dont have the inner filters yet, but i saw in the internet so its very easy to put it on on on the drone and um the footage that comes with this lens, its quite nice. One issue with this thing is that i dont think we can use the nd filters on the same time with this white lens. This is at least this is what i seen on youtube regarding the mavic 3. Pro, i think, will be the same with the mini 3 pro, so let me see, let me show you how easy it is to remove this thing from the gimbal from the from the lens you just twist it a bit to the you know, to the to The right and you remove it, and then you put the wide angle lens yeah thats it very easy. Very quick one thing to mention is that if you put this wide angle lens on your dji mini 3 pro drone, it will not influence it, not change the way you are flying with a drone, because i think its pretty much the same way as this thing That is coming with the drone and whats. Nice is once you remove the wide angle lens from this little box, the other one is get in perfectly inside, so you can keep it here.

You put it in a bag, and you fly with the wide angle lens. So with that being said, lets watch the footage that i got with this wide angle. S and with the dji mini 3 pro a few days ago, enjoy Music, Music, so Music, so Music, uh, Music Applause, Music, Music, oh Music, uh Music is Music, Music, Music, family, Music, Music Applause, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, well, Music. I hope you enjoy the footage that i just showed you. I hope you can make an opinion of your own if you need this wide angle, lens of mud. Please dont, forget to like this video subscribe to this channel and ill catch you in the next one.