You Music, ive, received a lot of questions on my latest videos, whether you should get the mini 2 air 2 or the air 2s. Instead. Lets start with the facts here: the mavic air 2s has a one inch 20 megapixel cms sensor and a mini 2 has a 1 2 3 inch, 12 megapixel cms sensor, so the mini 3 sensor is actually a huge upgrade from the mini 2s sensor. With a 1 1 3 inch 48 megapixel siemens sensor, but what does this actually mean now? The easiest way to understand this is that the bigger the sensor is the more light comes through the lens which equals a lower aperture and a better overall image, something we can easily see when shooting in low light. And if we take a look at the image here, the mini 2 will be at the second to darkest blue, whilst the mini 3 pro will be closer to the darkest green and the air 2s. Following with a bigger one, inch sensor peaking at the green, yellow color, so the difference between the air 2s or the air 2 models in general and the mini 3 sensor isnt that huge. It will also be hard to spot the differences when shooting in low light. Without pixel, peeping and zooming in, but for the comparison between the mini 2 and mini 3, the increase in sensor is significant and well worth looking into. If youre considering a new or a first drone sensors, the mini 3 has six obstacle: sensors two in front two.

In the back and two on the bottom, these are most likely wide angle, sensors, which offers a close to 360 degrees obstacle censoring, as we can see in the leaked release image with the obstacle sensing right here, the mini 2 has only downward sensing sensors, so it Doesnt have any obstacle avoidance, but for the mavic air 2 and the mavic air 2s. This has 8 obstacle sensors sensing in all directions, offering a 360 degree of safety. Now, according to the leaked product release image, we can see the mini 3 having focus track. This is a huge upgrade from the mini 2 and something we see in bigger drones that makes this 249 gram drone the most consumer, friendly and versatile drone on the market. If we dont consider live testing of wind resistance now, this 249 gram drone can be flown by anyone. There is no need to register the drone anywhere and its basically a toy so having some of the same features which we see in the higher end. Models is really a good selling point for this drone camera, so the mini 2 can shoot up to 4k 30 fps and has a 4 times zoom. This is crazy, good for an entry level, camera and basically a toy. It can also shoot in 2.7 k at 60 fps, so you get some of that slow motion by slowing it down in post production, the mini 3, from what ive seen from dm productions.

We know for a fact that the mini 3 can shoot 4k 60 fps and has a 2 times zoom in 30 fps. But since the mini 2 has a 4 times zoom, we might see this in the mini 3 as well. The mini 3 can also shoot slow motion at 120 fps in 1080p. Now the mavic air 2 or the mavic air 2s is the superior of the 3.. It shoots 5.4k at 30fps, as well as 4k 60fps for more professional grading and quality. You can also shoot in 10 bit d log now, both the mini 3 and the mavic air 2s has the option to shoot both raw and hdr photos, whilst the mini 2 only has jpeg and raw, though, if youre getting the mavic air 2 and not a 2S then youre able to shoot hdr videos as well. According to the leaked product release image, we can also see the mini 3 pro shooting 4k hdr video and, according to the leaked information from early mini 3 owners, the mini 3 can also shoot the cine light. Though this has not been confirmed on paper or through video settings, but what no other drone can do is shoot vertical. This opens up a whole new world for anyone owning a mini 3 pro. This will allow you to record vertical videos. Take them directly over to your phone and upload to instagram tiktok youtube or any other social media platforms directly without going through a cropping process in post production, for example, applying a 16×9 normal aspect, video to a 9×16 aspect project to make an instagram reel to fill The entire screen with your video, you will need to zoom in to the image and youll lose some of the quality, and you will also lose 66 of the image which wont be in the video.

So if youre shooting a lot of reels or vertical videos, getting the mini 3 is a no brainer. Now over to storage mini 3 air 2 and air 2s comes with an 8 gigabyte of internal storage. To save you, when you forget that sd card at home, the mini 2 doesnt come with any internal storage, so you will always rely on having the micro sd card with you before we move on remember to hit that subscribe button. If you havent already so, you dont, miss out on the epic mini 3 videos coming in a few weeks where i will be testing the cinematic capabilities of this 249 gram drone and bring you some tips and tricks on the vertical shooting mode flight time. The mini 2 on paper can fly 31 minutes measured while flying at a 4.7 meters per second in windless conditions, but in reality this is about 25 or so minutes, as you need to fly to your location or to the spot, where youre gon na start recording, Then start recording and then fly to a new spot and record and and so on and for each time you go from hovering to max speed you drain additional battery, so 31 minutes is not accurate around 25 or less or a little bit. More is what you can expect from the mini 2.. The mini 3 has a few more and comes in at 34 minutes with a standard battery, and given that the standard battery, i think we might see a bigger battery coming later, which gives the mini 3 up to 45 minutes of flight time.

This will, though, push the mini 3 over the 249 gram limit of being a everyone can fly drone, and if we take a look at the drone itself here, we can see the 249 gram text is being listed on the battery. As for the mini 2, its on the drone itself – and that might be the reason why it says standard on the spec sheet as well as we might see this bigger battery coming in the future. But for the standard battery, the mini 3 would fly for about 27 minutes for most users give or take a minute or two, the mavic air 2 and the mavic air 2s has even less coming in at 31 minutes, which, for the average user might be around The same as the mini 2 so give or take a minute or two 25 minutes of active flying now for the wind resistance. This is probably the most asked question, as the drone is so small. I personally will have to wait for a real world test to give my own opinion, i have the perfect place for this and well be making a comparison with the mini 3 and the air 2s in about a week or so now, overall, you wont go wrong With any of these drones, its a dji product, so its quality, the mini 2 is the cheapest one and will give you tons of fun as a beginner. The mini 3 will be twice the price, though coming in at a thousand dollars, whilst the mini 2 is around 400 or less if both on sale.

Now the air 2 and the air 2s is in the same price range as the mini 3., if not a bit less being an older model. This also depends, if you get it on sale and so on, and we can actually expect the air 2 and the air 2s, especially the air 2, coming on sale this summer, once we have more products being released and also when the release of the mini 3 Is coming because they want to push the sale towards the mini 3 and since they are so similar, we might see a drop in the price on the air 2 and even the air 2s. So taking that into consideration, the decision is actually quite hard. The ear 2 and the air 2s has a better camera on paper, but in reality we might not see that much of a difference. Now both the mini 3 and the air 2 has a 360 degrees obstacle sensing, whilst the mini 2 has only downward sensing. So this is also something that you need to consider for me. It definitely comes down to the wind resistance. The vertical mode is a selling point for me, of course, but if it cant handle the norwegian coast to be honest, im out so whats your thoughts so far on the mini 3, would you be getting it for the vertical mode? Only or would you rather go for an air 2 or air 2 s or begin with the mini 2 or even the cheapest model, which is the dji mini se.