What to expect so? I decided to reach out to a good friend of the channel gavin hr and ask him about the top five things that hes most excited about the dji mini 3 pro when its released and of course you should not be cheated out of my view, which i Will tell you later, but lets first hear what gavin has to say. Thank you very much, henrik. For that introduction, my name is gavin hitch, and what im going to do is give you my five favorite things that im looking forward to on the new dji mini 3 pro. What im going to do is im going to flip the order slightly so im going to stay the thing im looking forward to the least, of course, im still excited, but the least first and of course, the thing im looking forward to the absolute most ill. Save the best till last so lets crack on so in fifth place: im looking forward to ocusync 3.0 now ocusync 2.0 on the dji mini 2 does an absolutely fantastic job already. Dont get me wrong, although just recently its not been quite what i would expect. However, occasion 3.0, hopefully, should be better. It promises a lower latency time to your actual device, such as the phone that youre flying with. So you should get a smoother video feed and, of course, with occasion, 3.0 youll also get additional antennas inside the drone as well. Basically, meaning that overall, especially in urban areas, we can look forward to a much better connection in fourth place is all to do with the camera sensor.

Now, whilst i dont do a huge amount of flying in low light conditions, the sensor that will be coming with the dji mini 3, its good to perform so much better when the sun starts to set the dji mini 2 was absolutely fantastic during the daytime, but It really did suffer when that light started to drop, but with this new sensor on the mini three, we can look forward to so much better footage in dark conditions in third place. Active track. Active track is something that many of you have been looking forward to and myself included, and even though i might have the dji f2s, the trouble is because of the weight of it. It is quite heavily restricted. Where i live in the uk now i am actually doing a little side project at the moment where im setting up a car youtube channel. Now i want this drone to be able to track me whilst driving a car um and, of course that was heavily restricted using the air 2s, because i had to make sure i was well out in the open away from absolutely everybody, but the dji mini 3. With its active tracking and, of course, is air pass 4.0, where it can actively detect obstacles and fly around them, is something im going to find incredibly useful, especially when im wanting to film content for that channel in second place, im looking forward to the new controller, This pro controller with this built in screen is going to help me as a content creator so much more.

It basically means im going to have to be able to carry less equipment and, of course, the ability to actually screen record, which is important for my channel. Instead of usually having to tip my mobile phone connect it up to the controller, then, once i finish, screen recording ive got to upload that to the cloud and download it back to my uh back to my mac, to be able to edit into creating a video For you guys to be able to watch – and this is going to be actually so much easier – i can simply pop an sd card in the bottom of the controller, and then i can simply just take that out straight in my computer. So much simple and of course, as ive just said, its much less to carry one controller and its going to do everything that i wanted to be able to do. And last but not least, the thing im looking forward to the most out of everything when it comes to the new dji mini 3 pro is actually the battery and the longer flight time now, on my channel, i do regular flights where i film ships um over Water and unfortunately with the dji mini 2 and most of the other drones that ive actually got. I find quite often that by the time i get to my destination, i have reached the ship on the river um and ive just about framed my shot im.

Just about nearer ready where i have to start flying back because im getting a low battery warning the additional flight time and of course, we have been told that there will be a larger battery which will allow up to 47 minutes flight time. This is absolutely going to transform the way that i can film my content and, of course, be over the water filming. What i want to so much longer without having to worry so much about making sure that im getting back and potentially missing out on that vital shot. So now, youve had my top five things im looking forward to with the new dj im in 3. Pro thats me about to say, bye, im gon na pass you straight back to henrik. If you want to know my view and what im most excited about for the dji mini 3, pro then head over to gavins channel through this card and make sure to check out some of his other videos as well and possibly subscribe to him.