Pro were also going to talk about whether now is a good time to sell your dji mini 2 and prepare for the mini 3 purchase were potentially just a couple weeks away from the launch of the mini 3 and theres. A lot to consider before you make any decisions, do you get rid of your mini 2 now or do you take a wait and see approach now before we get too far into things again, i want to mention all the information that were going to be talking About is based on leaks and rumors, nothing is official and nothing is confirmed by dji, so take everything with a grain of salt. So as we get closer to the launch of the mini 3 rumors and leaks are coming fast and hard. Last week we had a dutch retailer prematurely, publish a landing page for the dji mini 3 pro and that provided us with many of the different specs and things we can expect to see. The mini 3 is shaping up to be one incredible drone and quite the powerhouse now the reason im making this video is ive. Had a couple people over the last week. Ask me if they should go ahead and sell the mini 2 to get ready for the purchase of a mini 3 and im sure if a few people are asking me theres. Other people wondering the same thing now its one of those questions that are very difficult to answer and theres a couple things that you need to consider.

First before you make any decision whether to go ahead and sell it now or take the wait and see approach. Both have their pros and cons, of course, once the mini 3 has been announced and launched, theres going to be a ton of these hit the marketplace, so it could be a little bit more difficult to sell. Now these drones tend to hold their value fairly. Well, so you shouldnt get any less after an announcement. What you can sell your mini 2 for today, you should still be able to get after an announcement of a new mini 3.. Now, of course, as mentioned, there could be a lot on the market, so it may take you a little bit more time. So that is something to consider, but the big thing you do need to consider. If you are thinking about selling your mini 2 now is that we dont really have any solid information on when were going to see the mini 3.. The latest rumors suggest that were going to see the announcement on may 10th, but what we dont know is if well, actually be able to get the drone on may 10th. Sometimes, when dji releases a drone, you can purchase it immediately. You can go into a place like best buy or order it on amazon. Have it the next day. However, sometimes with these drone releases, you have to wait a couple weeks so thats something important to keep in mind.

If youre a person who likes to fly every day, you could potentially go a month without flying a drone. Some people would be okay with that. Some people wouldnt the other thing to consider when it comes to something like the mini 3 that has not been announced by dji. Yet is that the product can get pushed back and weve seen that before with other products, they could discover some kind of flaw or bug in the software and push it back even a couple months. If its a critical hardware flaw, it could even get pushed back to the fall. So if you go ahead and sell your mini to now, you could potentially go all summer without flying a drone. So those are the two main things that you have to decide for yourself: theres, no right and wrong answer could be easier to sell before an announcement, but you could potentially go without a drone for quite some time. So with all that said, lets go ahead and well talk about what benefits youre going to gain if you upgrade to the mini 3 pro from something like the mini 2.. Essentially, what youre going to be getting is a miniature version of the air 2s. Of course, the mini 3 is going to have a little bit smaller of a sensor. The r2s has a 1 inch sensor and the mini 3 is only going to have a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor. Now that translates into approximately 0.

75 inch of a sensor. So its pretty close, but the specs on everything else are very similar and in some aspects, its even higher. So, as mentioned, the camera is going to be your first major upgrade youre going to go to that larger sensor, which is going to allow for more dynamic range and generally performs better in lower light conditions. On top of that, the mini 2 has a fixed aperture of 2.8, whereas a mini 3 is going to have a fixed aperture of 1.7. So again, thats going to allow more light in and its going to allow it to perform better in low light scenarios and not just that night, because a lot of people dont fly at night. But even if youre flying on dark overcast days, youre going to have a better image quality, but not only that if your person who likes to capture sunrises sunsets flying at twilight, youre going to overall have a better image quality. In addition, the mini 3 camera is going to be able to record at 4k 60 compared to 4k 30 of the mini 2.. That higher frame rate will allow you to slow your footage down by half when editing and for myself thats my preferred format to capture in now. Another interesting feature that youre going to get with the mini 3 is vertical style. Videos, according to the leaked documents, the camera is going to be able to turn vertically and technology that dji is calling true vertical.

That allows you to capture portrait style, shots and videos for uploading to social media such as tick, tock, instagram reels and even youtube shorts. With a traditional drone, you capture in a landscape and then, if you do want vertical video, you have to crop it in that situation, youre not making full use of all the resolution available to you and things may not be framed properly. So if you can turn the whole camera vertically, you can then frame things correctly and youre going to make use of every bit of resolution thats available to you now that vertical video is definitely not for everybody, but for some people, its very important, especially if you Are growing a social media channel and its just a nice feature to have available to you whether youre going to use it frequently or just maybe perhaps once in a while? The camera will also be able to capture hdr video, which is something you cannot do on the mini 2.. Another feature that youre going to get from upgrading from the mini 2 to the mini 3 is being able to capture indesign like now. Dsn, like is a flat color profile. It allows people to go in and do their own grading. You can pull out more detail and basically get your video looking exactly like you want when grading it now. Another big improvement youre going to get when you upgrade from the mini 2 to the mini 3 is flight time.

The mini 2 is rated to fly for 31 minutes. The mini 3 pro is rated to fly for 34 minutes with the standard battery, but one of the things we learned about the mini 3 is that its going to have a second battery a high capacity battery that will allow the mini 3 to fly for 47 Minutes so, if youre a person who prioritizes flight time over anything else, thats going to be a great option for you now when it comes to that newer, high capacity battery, we dont have a lot of information about the packages, whether you can get it with a Base package, or, if theyre, just something that you have to purchase separately, but to my understanding, if you purchase the drone with the stock battery itll, still be classed a 249 gram drone with that higher capacity battery, even though youre going to get more flight time it Most likely will put the weight of the drone over 250 grams, so that is something to keep in mind if that weight 249 grams is important to you now, of course, one of the big new features of the mini 3 is now. It has obstacle avoidance. We have two big obstacle: avoidance sensors at the front, theres going to be two obstacle avoidance, sensors at the bottom and then of course, theres two rear facing obstacle: avoidance, sensors. Now, obstacle avoidance is again one of those features. Not everybody uses a lot of people just disable it on other drones that are capable of it, but they do come in handy from time to time, especially when youre flying in reverse.

Now, with the addition of obstacle avoidance, it allows dji to include some of its other intelligent flight modes, such as tracking tracking, is something that people have been wanting on a mini drone for quite some time. Dji doesnt include tracking on drones that doesnt have obstacle avoidance. Just for safety reasons, because theres nothing to prevent it, then from flying into a tree on top of that were going to get the full focus track features. So that means youre also gon na have the feature of spotlight and point of interest. Definitely some really useful tools on top of that were gon na have a pass. Basically, if youre not quite sure what apas is, if youre flying something like the mini 2, when the drone is approaching an object, apas is going to try and find a safe route. Above it or around it, so as you approach itll keep going around or it will go over top now when it comes to intelligent flight modes, on top of that were going to be getting master shots and hyper lapses. Up until now that was not available on their mini series and, lastly, another big upgrade is the ocusync 3 transmission system thats going to allow for greater range and more reliable connectivity, so yeah folks, just a quick overview of what youre going to be getting. If you upgrade from something like the mini 2, a lot of really nice new upgrades and especially if youre, coming from something like the original mavic mini its going to be like a night and day difference for image, quality and just performance of the drone.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up if you did its always greatly appreciated dont forget to subscribe to my channel, so you dont miss any of our upcoming videos and well see in the next one: Music. Applause.