The dji mini 3 pro packs a lot to be excited about, but its the cameras ability to flip over and shoot. True vertical video that makes this drone so exciting for the social media creators. Among you, the huge rise in vertical video on tick, tock or instagram reels means its just as common to see people shooting video when their cameras like this as it is like this, and that is fine, but most of djis. Recent drones, including the air 2s, have got their cameras locked in a horizontal position, maybe theyre just old fashioned. So that means, if you want to do some vertical video for the socials, you have to crop right down the middle of your horizontal video and sacrifice a lot of resolution, but not so with the mini 3 pro with a simple tap of an on screen button. The mini 3 pro will flip its camera over letting you shoot vertical video or still images using the full resolution of the sensor, while of course still taking advantage of all the stabilizing from that gimbal lovely stuff and in either orientation. That footage looks great. You can shoot in 4k, its got a wide aperture of f 1.7 and it uses hdr techniques to get a wider dynamic range. It has a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor, size which is smaller than the 1 inch type found on the air 2s. But even so i found i could capture video with bright skies and shadowy grounds without worrying too much about losing detail.

I found colours to be nice and true to life, and there is plenty of clarity to the image. Thanks to that 4k resolution, itll shoot 48 megapixel still images as well, including in dng raw format, which gives photographers like me a little bit more scope to edit those colors and highlights in apps like adobe lightroom, but its not just that flippy camera thats new here, Its been given additional sensors as well, covering forwards and backwards, and also downwards now that helps the drone, see whats around it and, as a result, it can do a better job of automatically avoiding obstacles, obstacles like trees or, if youre, just flying too close to a Wall and not really paying attention those same sensors also allow for automatic flight modes. For those occasions when you want to put yourself in the frame and just have the drone, follow you, but i mostly love how small it is with a weight of only 249 grams and it being not much bigger than the size of an average can of coke Or, in my case, a lovely pale ale, its so easy to just chuck into a bag when youre heading out somewhere, just in case you end up somewhere beautiful and really want some aerial footage. Thats great. If youre a solo, video creator as something this size will sit really happily alongside your lenses or camera bodies or tripods in your kit bag, you really wont feel weighed down by this, even after a full days, hike its incredibly quick to fold away and then, of Course to unfold when you get to your location, so you can be up in the air in a matter of moments, these little propellers fold in to make it easier to store and also to make them less likely to shatter.

If you do absolutely plough it into a tree swapping out, the battery is also dead, simple, as you can just pull it out the back and then just shove in a fresh one when you need to it supports high speed micro sd cards in sizes, up to 512 gigabytes, which will be more than enough room for all of the beautiful aerial footage your tick tock fans can handle that 249 gram. Weight also means that it falls below the minimum requirements for licensing and registration. In many areas, though, of course before you fly any drone, make sure you are flying within the lowers, wherever you are, despite its small size, dji reckons you can get about 34 minutes of flight time per charge. From my own experience, id say that might be a little bit ambitious, particularly if youre flying in windier conditions, because its so lightweight it has to fight really hard to stay in the air and the harder it fights the more power it uses. If youre flying in a windless desert, then youll probably get decent battery life, but if youre taking up into the windy mountains, you can expect that battery life to drop. It also, of course, depends on how you fly it. If you keep it in sport mode and spend all the time flying it at its fastest 16 meters, a second speed, then you can expect that battery life to drop much faster. Even so, i reckon you can fairly comfortably get up to 30 minutes of flight time with general use and if you get the fly more combo that includes three batteries thats comfortably over an hour of flight time.

Every time you go out, it uses the same chunky controller, seen with many of the recent dji drones. So flying this thing is absolutely no different to flying any other dji drone and thats great because it means theres no learning curve. For those of you who are already familiar with the flight controls, that said, it is incredibly easy to fly, so even complete novices will not take long to get up to speed. You can also buy without a controller if youve already got one from a previous generation that you just want to use with it or theres a new controller with a screen built in, but you can get as an optional extra if you cant be bothered having to Attach your phone to the previous one ive not spent a long time flying it yet, but already the dji mini 3 pro is among my favorite drones. Dji has launched in recent years. I love how easily it can just fit in my kit bag amongst everything else. So i can always have the option of getting aerial shots. If i want them, i love being able to flip that camera up and be able to take proper vertical images and video. It might not have the same image quality as some of the bigger, more expensive dji models, but if youre after a great lightweight drone to take on your travels and then fill your instagram page when you get back the dji mini 3.

Pro is a great option to consider.