But this thing really really performs just when they showed me the spec list. I mean what an overhaul a larger sensor, hyperlapse collision sensors active track vertical filming a smart controller, a 47 minute battery option its like they went on the internet and looked at all the what ifs of what people thought they would never actually do, and then they Just added it, the biggest improvement is always going to be the sensor, the bigger they make the sensor the faster the image quality improves. Thats. The reason to go make a new model of drone is to get a bigger sensor in there. Not only is it a bigger sensor, the camera also has a higher aperture, so it absorbs more light, its f 1.7 and obviously the image quality has improved really well. This is starting to break so far away from looking like a cell phone filmed it originally with the mini. It was just cool to have a drone that size that could film and, at the point of the mini 3 pro its like almost unnoticeable, that youre not filming on a much bigger drone. This has gone from a 1 over 2.3 inch sensor to a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor, thats, basically double the size. You get more dynamic range with the bigger sensor. That means bright, brights and dark shadows at the same time, so you can see richer shadows. Colors are deeper, the image doesnt feel at all, like it was filmed on a small drone.

Youll also get more usable iso from a bigger sensor, so i think were out of the ballpark of just completely unusable iso, where, if you add anything, it just starts to look super grainy like older drones and now, if you wanted to do iso 200, its not The end of the world im using iso 400 on photos and its coming out usable. It looks good when you remove that first bottleneck, which is the sensor, and you you give it a big enough sensor, now, theres a justification for all that data when it has a really rich data rate. You get more details and shadows, it makes sense to have more data now now theres, actually more information in the image. Even if you cant see it all. So when you pull up shadows its workable, you need a larger sensor and rich data to be able to color grade, and this just makes the cut so now its applicable so yeah, you can get artsy moody shots with this because it has enough data. More importantly, though, if you make a mistake, you can color grade this enough to fix that, if youre a little underexposed, its not going to fall apart as soon as you raise the exposure, half a stop that has been really cool filming at the beach where you Get deep shadows and tons of light in the background with clouds in the sun, its very much workable. It looks really good so to me the sensor thats, the absolute number one thats always going to be my biggest deal im, always filming and lighting extremes, because im trying to find crazy conditions to get the best shots.

The more you improve the more youre going to notice that conditions matter more. You have to pursue those things like sunrise and sunsets, crazy weather, thunderstorms. Things like that and thats when dynamic range is a big deal. I love long exposure, photography hyperlapses the thing i wanted. The most in this is hyperlapse im, just happy that they added hyperlapse. That to me was a dream come true. I cant believe they stuck it in there for the price and having used it its, not just a hyperlapse, its a very good hyperlapse too. So, yes, you get quality photos out of this with a bigger sensor, so im thoroughly thoroughly happy to be able to use this thing. I have my own special way of doing this, so the default looks different, but still, i cannot believe i paid thirteen hundred dollars for a mavic pro one back in the day with that thin data and that tiny sensor i mean it was cool to have a Flying working drone thats what got me into this, so i can never say that it wasnt a great experience, but man is it just weird to see how far weve come in so little time like drone technology is moving at warp speed and all of these features. Small enough to fit in your ninja turtles lunch box on to the other fun stuff. Most of the footage youre going to see for me is at the beach, because i took this thing up and down highway 1.

. I put it through all kinds of tests, and this is exactly how the footage is. Turning out. You dont see any hiccups, you dont see the wind blowing it sideways, the mini 3, the mini 3 pro is actually rated hot. The mini 3 pro is actually rated better in wind, but you can see from the footage its pretty much not noticeable. It was already like that with the mini 2, though i would see it wobbling next to me, and the image came out super smooth, so dji has always had the best gimbals and the best stabilization. So im super happy with that. Its still a small drone, though so im not about to take it straight into a hurricane like i would, with the inspire 2 or a haboob ive, crashed a drone flying into a hubbub to get photos before by the way. This is just a quality of life improvement when i turn the mini 2 on after using the mini 3, there is a distinctly more aggressive like from the mini 2 than there is from the mini 3, which is like its a lot less scary, its a lot Less aggressive, it doesnt seem as angry that helps with the anxiety a lot for a first time, flyer, its way more chill to fly a drone that just isnt super loud and is a lot more steady collision sensors. This is such a big deal because lets be honest: nobody needs collision sensors more than the mini crowd, its not the inspire crowd or the mavic crowd its the mini crowd.

That needs to be able to have some insurance ive, never crashed a mini too, but i know people have online, so i have a friend who doesnt want to buy another mini 2 because of the collision sensors, because hes broken three of them. Hes crashed three of these things, so if your drone out there up for adoption, beware of this guy because he is abusive, this probably helps dji in the end, because theres going to be less people calling support and crashing drones. But this isnt really a surprise to me because ive i have a bunch of drones, so i know how they work and yes, these are collision sensors that work. So if youre worried about bonking into a tree, you can relax. The mini 2 only had ground sensors. So it could stop itself from hitting the ground hard, but nothing else focus track is now a thing on this drone. You just click and draw a square over whatever you want it to track, and it gives you the option. Do you want to rotate? Do you want to follow where its going? To be honest, i was never in the crowd of people that wanted this at all. I didnt care, so i immediately tried to crash it. I tried to stress test this to like make it run into a wall or something it didnt do any of that. It just followed me the whole time and i couldnt get it to ram into a wall or get off track or anything relax because its a sandy wall, so it wont, hurt the drone im, never the person for this kind of stuff, but man this just this Works really well and heres me at full speed, still going fine.

That is really nice work. I never used it before because i thought it was like a janky gimmicky feature that, like oh, its kind of cool but im not like completely confused and old and ill just fly myself, it works really. Well i mean you can speed up and down. I spent sent this thing in circles around myself and it kept me point of interest. Ive always been someone who filmed some stuff manually before, but when youre on, like a windy beach, you dont want to have to think about aiming so this has. That was the most helpful spot when i was on the beach and it was windy, and i didnt want to keep looking back at the drone to see if it was in the bushes. This feature is also helpful if youre having a moody main character moment where the whole world is about you and youre, just being so artsy and introspective so like for influencers. This is great for you, while were on that subject. The coolest thing in this drone, probably to me that makes it the most unique, is the vertical filming, and this is completely new, but this is so cool the other feature for the person whos, always filming themselves. This will save you so much time before. Youd have to film wide and then youd have to send it back to your phone and then crop in for social, and that means you have to edit it and then put it on instagram.

Now you get the framing straight away of what youre filming you know exactly what itll look like when its tall, so its not like. You aim wrong and then its off center. The other thing the drone camera turned sideways, so this is full 4k. This is not like just a crop or something its, not framing it for you, its its full resolution, full data, everything this has been really fun because you get unique angles. Also. I like this because itll force you to frame better itll force you to keep things in the center, because you dont have a lot of wiggle room and people wont, be flying 10 miles into the sky and just filming earth. This way, because you have to make use of the frame better this way for drones with short lenses, its always been important to keep something in the foreground to show off the background. But this, like really pushes you to do that and yeah. I tested this sideways and normal there isnt any weird funkiness going on there, isnt like the pictures, kind of warped or its like the color changes or anything its its pretty much the same thing. This is also super cool for photography, because before i would have to shoot a panoramic and then make it tall and now you have the framing from the get go. I was worried that was going to be a gimmick or like hey. We have vertical filament and they just crop in on 4k, but no its everythings good so far, its usable.

The quality is great. The mini 3 pro lets you shoot in decent alike. This is a flatter profile, so you can absorb more shadows and more highlights, and then you just do the coloring on an actual computer which will do a better job. This is really crucial in situations with a ton of shadow like this scene right here. This helps you recover a lot more shadows, especially because the normal profile would just be pure black in some of these spots. This is a secret weapon if youre shooting something like a sunset and its cloudy, and you want to make sure you get the most dynamic range, but you can still work with a normal profile. So it gives you an extra tool and its good to have that safety net when you need it and then the smart controller, the dji rc ive, said before this is something i really suggest you stay away from, because its flying business on an airline once you Get a taste of this: there is no going back to the peasant life of not having this its easier. When you dont know what youre missing out on to remove the third variable, which is your phone completely, you dont, have to worry about people texting you. The battery dying, like unlocking your phone, turning it sideways and then flipping the app and then trying to fit it in the housing and then wiggle out that little cord. You just turn this thing on and then you turn on the mini and you can take off.

Like that, such a quality of life improvement its so nice to not have to think about an extra third thing and you think its not that big of a deal using the phone, because i was one of those people i was like id rather just use. My phone and save money, but this makes flying so simple and itll, encourage me to go film way more, and i realize this with the mavic 3, when i got the sena how important it was having just this smart controller to work with saves so much time And its such a nice big, bright screen that, like its so hard to think of going back and i think its cool of them for people who absolutely want to prioritize convenience with the mini 3 pro you want the smallest drone you can get that has the Maximum ability – but you also dont, want to be punished by being forced to use a phone so having this smart controller is really really a good option and i can see it doing really well its also for businesses that dont want to have to make their employees Anybody whos using the drone go download. The dji app log into your dji account its just ready to go like this. Its found satellites really quickly, so i can take off here, while im sitting here actually ill. Give you a demonstration of the noise on this thing, because i did this before with the mini two, its not very loud, but this ones even quieter.

So if you can, if i can take off and youre still listening to me, talk while im doing this, then relatively speaking, compared to other drones, which are like way louder, this is doing a really good job. So im i mean this things closer to the mic than i am, and if you can still hear what im saying its, i just noticed that its quieter so im also going to do the mavic 3. and its going to be. I have to yell a little bit more, its not the end of the world. I have to project a lot more im. Also gon na do the inspire. So you have an idea. I enjoy the sound from the mini 3, a lot more than the other drones. This model of remote controller, the dji rc, is not the one that comes with the mavic 3.. That controller that comes with the mavic 3 is called the dji rc pro ive been in a serious relationship with that controller. For about six months now, its a little smaller its a little lighter, but it is still very big, its bigger than my cell phone screen. It matches the same material that they use on this. On this main, three, its a little sturdier actually – and i have the thumb – sticks off because i fly without the thumbsticks. The live feed is also 1080p for up to 12 kilometers. I dont know who you are out there that needs that spec to buy this drone.

Its not like anybodys flying 12 kilometers and needs 1080p that person whos like wanted to fly 10 kilometers and one foot and theyre just bummed that the mini 2 could only do 10. Kilometers then great. This is for you its already doing a good enough job. I mean i fly this thing so far away and the signals super strong, ive ive been behind a cliff and i havent lost reception, so im very happy with how well its performing the only thing im looking for there, because i know the statistic is like way: More than ill ever need im just making sure that its steady and consistent and theres been no issues there. Just havent been ever at all flying this thing, i have more hiccups using my phone. Actually, this thing is very, very rock solid, the other major quality of life improvement, the first thing youre going to notice when you open this up – oh my god, no way, oh man, okay, i thought they were both going to come out, but yeah. We still got the thing where you have to figure out which oh, no you dont. This is the biggest okay. This is the biggest step up. Is you can flip out either one you dont have to go in order. Thats like such an annoying hang up. Thank god they got rid of that, because that was such a unnecessary, oh thats, cool the legs open up, no matter which one you open first 47 minutes of flight time is, is just insane thats an optional upgrade, though, by default you get the 34 minute battery With the mini 2.

, comparing it to the mavic 3, i know how much more that flight time feels like having more flight time when youve flown and you come back and you have like 70 battery left. Normally. I would be like okay time to stop and go charge, but not having to think about, like okay im getting to a dangerous point where like. If i spend five ten minutes out there, like its gon na start beeping at me, its it relaxes you so much and if youre like hiking or something out there in the wilderness, its just really nice being able to have a little bit of extra time. You dont always need like five batteries. You only need an extra 10 minutes to get a second or third shot at your second location that youre at that cushion is really nice. I was never upset with the flight times, though i always got all the footage i needed out of a you know, one full battery. That was like 25 minutes, so i kind of just learned to work with it, but this is really nice being able to hang out in the air and adjust your settings and like not panic, all these new drones theyve come out with have had gradually better batteries, Though so, no matter what, even, if you dont get the 47 minute one, its still great to have, the 34. photos are still 12 megapixel. It does have a 48 megapixel mode. I dont really see a big difference in that.

I think its the same sensor trick that they were doing last time like the way you can get a 48 megapixel on a cell phone, its like bayer technology or something i dont really care about the 48 megapixel. I dont notice any big jump in quality. The mini 3 has something called dual raw iso. That means itll put iso just on the parts of the video they need it if youre filming like sunset or something it basically just levels things out better, and i think this is the same thing as that: quad bayer stuff, theyre, linked together, somehow im just not Sure so we cant completely complain about this 48 megapixel thing, because it did bring us that, but either way the 12 megapixels in photography world. These drones didnt, even it didnt theyre so far ahead that it doesnt matter and for photography its more dependent on your inventiveness and your creativity than it is on like the tool that youre working with as long as the drone can give you a couple of things. Panoramics raw photos – i mean you, the rest is up to you, so you can take these really far, even a phantom 3 standard. Today, you can take really far because the photography technology is great. You can do long exposures that are a second long at the beach and it will hold still. You will see richer, deeper shadows, though especially at nighttime, especially during long exposures, with this bigger sensor, though so thats really awesome.

4K 60 frames a second. How freaking cool is that to get that in this drone just kidding, i dont really care at all. Um ive, always filmed in 24 frames a second. If anything ive had to speed up my drone footage, so its not like, i need 60 frames, a second to slow down im, not filming dirt bikes. Doing back flips for the person out there, whos filming, like jousting from five feet away. Great youve got your slow motion. Option awesome to see it in this drone, though, because i think itd be a little weird at this day and age. If a gopro can do way more frames per second and dji. Couldnt pull out 60 frames, so its probably in there just to cover their bases and say yeah. We can do it. Im happy with 24 frames. A second and theres more data per frame in 24 frames. A second because its the same data rate, its just spread out farther doesnt, make a huge difference. Matters to me, though, because im trying to color grade and test this thing to see how far i can take it here is some mini 3 pro next to mini 2 footage side by side. I had to find a scene with lots of contrast. This guy is darker on the mini 3 footage. There is a vignette. That is because i had to tape on an nd filter, since nobody makes nd filters for the mini 3, yet so side by side.

This is where it will be most noticeable because straight from camera, theres more vibrance in the mini 3 footage. It shows a range of colors instead of one solid tone of blue the whole way. If you zoom in on the horizon, you can see that theres, more texture and shadows are deeper. That allows the picture to illustrate that theres cliffs back there and theres clouds and stuff. I hate when people do this, though, because this is not going to tell your story its not going to market your product. You dont need to obsess over little tiny details if the thing gets the job done, but i just want to show you the difference in the two. Then, of course you can color grade the footage and heres the color graded version of both of them. The color grading is easier on the mini 3 because its a little more flexible, you have to be very accurate with the mini 2. Otherwise it just kind of falls apart then well go to another scene. I have over this grassy area. The only way to get this perfect because the clouds were changing so much was to literally film. At the same time, i look stupid doing it whatever you get the point, this is the same footage being filmed at the exact same time, so you can see it side by side and, yes, i color graded both of these as well. So this is like the finished product.

This is just a fast example, though this is not the mini 3 versus mini 2 video ill make a separate video for that. There used to be a debate about this. There really is no more debate. This is the best bang for your buck drone. You can get the mini 2 before sat between the mini 2 and the air 2s because it was like you have a little bit less crucial things like hyperlapse isnt. There collision sensors arent there, but you save some money and thats cool, and this is just like theres theres, no reason not to for the little bit extra that it is so capable this many professional features too. Not just like good features like you could you can make money with this thing? Ive already made plenty of videos showing you how to do that. This is not what this is about, but i was making money with the mavic pro 1, but that does a heck of a lot less than this. So yeah you get pro quality out of this drone, which is, is so cool to see in a drone that small, the experience is still incredible, though 10 out of 10 experience with the minis thats, why im excited to do videos on the minis because its its The most fun drone to go test with everybody, doesnt stare at you, its not noisy its, not huge. If youre new, the anxiety is like almost completely gone, because it looks like a toy.

The inspire is like a helicopter. Everybody looks so you have to like be ready for that interaction. So again you can get pro stuff out of this. I think the push theyre trying to make is to get the mini two people to stay exactly where they are. The same type of people would buy the mini two, but everybody who wanted more quality like wanted a really professional drone to get the most they could, but also prioritize the size and the convenience and the weight 249 grams. This is the option for you, so this is maximum features you can get for the size. The quality of life improvement with the mini 2 was so huge, and it was just such a good all around experience for everybody, hobbyists professionals photographers its earned its name like really well its not going anywhere, and i mean for the price, especially if the price is Going down now or getting it used, you can shoot long exposures, it shoots in raw format, its a stabilized footage. It will fly home to you if somethings wrong. I cant believe you can get so much for the price, so the mini 2 isnt going anywhere and in fact more people might buy the mini 2. Now the price is going down and if that was the little hump that they couldnt afford to get over now. Itll be easier to find one used, but if you can pay a little bit more then yeah.

This is the features for this are 100 worth it. This has been the most fun drone ive had to test ive taken it everywhere, itll fit in your pocket. I mean its so cool.