The drone overall im super happy its gon na be interesting to see if the minute three tests – Music, Music Music, hold on hold on im, basically interested in two things about this drone. First and most important as a filmmaker, of course, the image quality did they manage to put a decent camera into a sub to 50 gram, drone and second vertical shooting. I found myself cropping my videos into vertical formats for tick tock lately, and this throne can do that Music as a content creator. You start thinking about being productive since you wake up 24 hours a day, it can get really exhausting. Ive been really appreciating products developing into making your life easier. Lately we still lose a lot of time by editing, cropping and reformatting content, so it may sound stupid, but a drone camera just becoming vertical by pressing a button. Yeah does make my life easier, Music. In order to have a productive life, whenever you get a message like this, you got ta answer fast. Do i know you stalker nana, just kidding sure bro and lets do this: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. I recently moved to andorra its like a small country in between spain and france, two hours from barcelona, and i met this young talented filmmaker. His name is icker and hes going to be showing me today, a little bit of you know a few mountains that are nice to fly the drone and were gon na have some fun Music Applause, Music, well, hello, im, icker and today were going to do a Little hike a very nice and good spot to take some epic shots with the mag mini 3 were going to see what we can do.

With this little beast, Music weve been walking for four hours, just getting just 10 minutes. We have the first round right here. The first one, but the nice one is the second. We have to walk for two more days. Music Applause are, we lost, we are lost. I thought you were from andorra, yeah Music. Where did you bring me man? This is not the regular bad jesus christ. Music. Look at this man, Music, weve been working for quite some time. Now we have some nice views behind us were changing lenses. What are we doing good sweating a lot, but we have to go now up here so Music. We made it bro. We made it to the top Music Music, its quite windy, guys i dont know if its gon na look at the wind. I mean look at my hair right, uh its gon na be interesting to see if the mini 3 just sticks up to the challenge: Music. Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, as i got ta say we made it to the top look at this and we were just flying the drone surrounding a couple of animals and they just did not notice the drone at all, which means that um, the Drone is quiet, i mean look at this wind. My body is still flying see the drone works in wind in low light. The animals just dont notice the drone, and i think overall, im super happy and now, of course, we cannot upload the stuff to tick tock.

Yet because the drone is not out, i mean when you see it this video, then it will be already out but its easy to download to your phone. You just upload it directly to ticktail and just make you know the magic happen well see. Now how easy it is to land in strong winds? Wind is really strong. I mean look at this. You can probably hear it at this point. I want to answer a few of your questions that ive been receiving on my instagram and the first one is about this rc. This rc is probably the best out of this whole bundle, its brighter than my iphone. Of course, i dont need to use my phone, which is always good and it uses ocusync 3.0 for up to 12 kilometer range, then theres, this uh battery, you know the regular one which gives us up to 34 minutes, but theres also a pro battery that increases That to 47 brutal minutes, unfortunately its not available in europe, and i dont really have it right here to show it to you. Finally, of course, for a much more detailed, specs review of the mini 3 pro ive uploaded a review to my regular. We talk uav channel the links, of course, in the description and thanks again guys to all of you supporting me and my channels throughout purchasing um. Of course, my sunglasses that really helps me so much, and it makes me so proud to be delivering products to you and that you are happy with them, well guys to finish off this video depending on how you react to this video, if you like it, if You comment: if you want more, if you like this more vlog style, you know having more fun and testing the drone in our situations.