Hence the name and im running a little late for a train because were going to head upstate to see what this guy can do, but first things first, Music. Thank you very much. You too, have a good one, its all about just lovely, genuine interactions with other people, even if theyre, small, Music coffee check also just beat the train, and we just left moynihan train hall at penn station. If youve watched my videos before weve been there before its a relatively new extension to the very outdated pennsylvania station here in new york city and honestly compared to the trash that is penn station, its actually very nice now this time, i was surprised to see, though, That they opened up the long awaited food hall with a new nice bar and seating area and a bunch more food options and vendors and, more importantly, for me today, it means that i could get coffee from a place that wasnt just starbucks ive said it before Starbucks is fine, but as a last resort, theres just such good coffee in this city, but we are heading out of the city right now on this train upstate to a place ive read about, but never really been to, and it just seemed like a good place To test out the drone, speaking of lets, chat about the dji mini 3 pro physical aspects and how it compares to dji mini 2.. So, firstly, when folded, it is a bit larger than the mini 2, but not enough that it really matters honestly.

It is still similar in volume and tight enough to be just as portable. You will notice, though, that the mini 3 pro looks pretty different and thats in part due to the large sensors all over it and these large ones on the front that give it like a frog like vibe to me. But those sensors are a feature from some of djis higher end drones, and the idea here is that they can either have the drone stop or even dodge obstacles in front below and behind the drone when flying something thats super handy if youre flying through trees or Other more complex Music environments. Thank you, okay. After a very long wait for a lift – because i forgot were not in the city anymore – um got one a little nervous about the way back, but its fine got one on the way here and i think were were where we need to be. I think i can hear what were trying to find Music. We made it. This is the new croton dam. It was completed in 1906, so you know new is kind of a relative term. Here the original old croton dam was built in 1842 and is actually now somewhere submerged in the water in the reservoir that was created by the new croton dam. The original reservoir that was here, though, was the first large masonry dam in the united states and was built to solve the issue of the new faster growing new york citys need for water.

The new dam here was built after the city quickly outgrew the capacity that the old reservoir used to have, and this one is now much larger now in todays, modern day and age, theres, actually a lot of different reservoirs that all feed water into new york city. But some of the water still comes from here now, along with the old and new reservoir. There was an aqueduct system that was constructed that originally used nothing but gravity to move water from the croton river to manhattan over 41 miles through pipes, crazy, theres, a little park that is at the base here of the dam, its just like a cool little spot To hang out and the dam is very unique in the fact that it has a spillway that has a natural section, where water just kind of cascades down it kind of, looks like a little waterfall. And then a man made portion that just kind of shoots water out now, if its just me, i love the sound of running water, its like the best white noise ever its just calming to me, its just a neat little spot 45 minutes outside of new york City that ive just never been to while were here, though lets test out the dji mini 3 pro. So, firstly, we can shoot in 4k up to 60 frames per second compared to the 30 frames per second of the mini 2, which is handy for action shots, but also for slowing that footage down to 30 or even 24 frames per second to get a slightly Slow mo vibe at half speed, or so something to note, though, if you shoot in 30 frames per second or lower, the image quality is better its more apparent in less light, which will check out when the sun goes down.

You can also shoot in 120 frames per second in 1080p, but its automatically slowed down to 30 fps in camera. So you get 1 4. The speed slow motion. I prefer proper 120 fps that i can adjust myself after the fact, but it is cool at least to have slo mo mode on a drone at all. Just like the dji mini 2, the mini 3 pro has a two times digital zoom button. To get a bit closer of shots, but i will say that the two time shots definitely look less sharp on the mini three pro than they do in the dji mini 2., not sure what thats about now. One of the clever things this drone can do that. I didnt really think id care that much about, but is now one of my favorite features is that, with the tap of a button, the drone will move the gimbal vertically to capture vertical videos and photos for social, its just so much better for any form of Social media short form content than cropping the horizontal image and its the same thing. I do with my actual camera if im recording video or photo knowing that its gon na go live on, instagram, twitter, facebook or tick, tock 4k sideways is just way sharper and, frankly, easier to frame instead of eyeballing, where the crop on the sides will happen. Now, if you are a content creator, you might also like todays sponsor, and they might even help you pay for this new drone over time, with the footage you get from it.

This is wire stock wire stock is quite simply the easiest way to sell your photos. Vectors and videos online, you can simply submit your content in seconds and wirestock does all the annoying keywording and captioning for you automatically for free. They also automatically submit your content to all of the major marketplaces at once from one account that you can then use to track all of your earnings in a single dashboard, and you even get access to higher royalty rates than you would. If you had your own individual account on those marketplaces as well as increased discoverability too best part, though wirestock only takes a 15 commission with no other fees to use the service, so they only make money when you, if youre, looking to make extra money off your Content through royalties then check them out again for free at the link below okay lets get out of here, because its starting to get real cold Music. So i cant go this way, but i think i see a trail shortcut. Okay, so theres the dam and then im on this trail and where this is, where the pipe the aqueduct used to run this way all the way to new york city, Music. Okay, i could have walked the whole trail here, but by then we would have run out of sunlight um. So i took a car. I would love to do that. One day, though, like actually take the entire trail or a good portion of it.

Maybe on like a bike or an electric bike, thatd be fun: Music. Okay, here we are at the croton landing park and its located here along the hudson river, which is what we just were riding the amtrak train along to get here, its this river and the erie canal, connecting it to the great lakes and thereby a large interior Of the us at the time that helped new york city and the hudson valley, towns, like the one were in now, grow as quickly as they did with all of the trade going up and down it and out to the ocean. Also, though, because of its opening to the ocean in new york city, it had a very brackish water around the city, which is like a mix of salt and fresh water, which is what prompted the building of the dam and the aqueduct system here in croton. On hudson, it still blows my mind that i made it from here all the way to the city in pipes in the 1800s, using just gravity, okay, and while were here before we completely run out of daylight. Lets talk a little more about this drone. So, while the dji mini 3, pro is only slightly larger compared to the dji mini 2 and folded once deployed its actually a bit larger. Also, the propellers are larger, which is good for maneuverability, but it also has the side effect ive noticed of making the drone quieter by quite a bit.

It seems to me Music. Now the new drone has a much improved gimbal system. That, as mentioned, can allow it to shoot vertically in full resolution, but also has a lot more movement to it, which means that the gimbal can correct for wind better than the dji mini 2. Does this drooping is what happens when the wind is high and the gimbal struggles to keep the camera straight its 18 miles per hour here, by the way, right now and despite a strong wind warning, its doing well, considering its listed limit is 24 miles per hour Or so the camera the gimbal is holding here is also a much larger sensor than the dji mini 2.. We have a 1 by 1.3 inch sensor now compared to the 1 by 2.3 inch sensor of the dji mini 2., so its about three quarters of an inch versus 0.45, or so now that combined with the 2.4 micron size pixels that we get, which dji actually Bins, the 48 megapixels together in sets of four to get a 12 megapixel image with these larger pixels, plus the faster f 1.7 aperture, compared to the f 2.8 of the mini 2. The light the mini 3 pro can capture is noticeably better than the mini 2.. Well, test this out more again as it gets darker now, you can also shoot photos on both the drones and even take 48 megapixel stills from the new drone by unbending the pixels with a button in the settings e glide viewers might also have noticed by now That im not using a phone to control the drone, the mini 3 pro, can actually use a new optional controller that you can purchase for an extra 150 and personally, to not have to put my phone into the normal controller that it comes with, which is the Same as the dji mini 2 is amazing to me, it saves my phones battery its faster to deploy its shaped better and lighter than the other controller.

When you add the phone to it, i, like it a lot its just nice to have a dedicated controller. Now i do wish that the joysticks, somehow folded down for storage or something compared to unscrewing them and sticking them in the back, because this feels like a recipe for losing them pretty easily. Now, speaking of optional extras, we have new extended batteries that you can purchase at least here in the u.s, and these will run you 95 each compared to the 65 of the normal batteries, and they will give you up to 40 minutes of hover time in no Wind compared to the 30 minutes of the same situation for the normal ones. Now i noticed that the normal batteries actually have the ultra light 249 gram stamp on them, which, because of how the batteries go into the drone, you can see that from the outside. While the extended ones do not now, this simply is because the extended batteries way more in order to get the extra flight time, and it takes the drone over that precious 250 gram limit. Now that limit, if you arent familiar, is the limit to have to register your drone here in the us with the faa and just overall means youre allowed to fly it in more places or at least get in less trouble. If you do frankly, i like the idea of the extended batteries and i might use them occasionally, but you dont need them, as you still do, get a few more minutes of flight time over the dji mini 2, even with the standard ones.

There are also fly more combos that come with a multiple battery charger and a case as well as extra propellers, with both the extended and the standard batteries as options. Now you can also switch the camera on the mini 3 pro to manual mode and then tap on the screen, like you do a phone to choose what to focus on, and we even have focus peaking to highlight whats in focus, something that i appreciate on any Video camera, thanks to those new sensors, the dji mini 3 pro, cannot only avoid obstacles while youre flying it. It can also highlight a subject and use active track to follow them in a few different modes and honestly, it works pretty. Well, we have the quick shots. Were used to seeing on most dji drones, including the mini 2 as well in here, but we also now have master shots, which essentially shoots about two minutes worth of b roll focused on a subject in various types of shots, so small circle, large circle, pan up On approach fly away from and others automatically now its, not something that i would use personally, as i would rather control the shots myself, but maybe somebody would use it the other mode that we have here that isnt on the dji mini 2 is hyperlapse. Now, essentially, hyperlapse is a moving time lapse. So speeding up footage in fast motion with the cameras own movement integrated as well, and because of the obstacle avoidance sensors.

You can actually pre program a flight path, for example, and have it just carry out that entire hyperlapse on its own okay and as with getting here there are no car services. Basically, its been sitting looking for a car for a very long time and im gon na miss my train, so im gon na just start walking to the train station, which is about a 40 minute walk Music, hello, dear friend, dont, mind me, i think i made It okay croton on the hudson Music, okay, finally, home its been a very long day. I think i hit like almost 20 000 steps today, but one last thing before we call it a knight. Now neither drone is going to be good at night, but the larger sensor from the dji mini 3 pro and faster aperture, let in more light, and so it definitely does a better job than the mini 2.. Now more useful for later in the day and just darker situations versus night, maybe though, but with all the city lights here, it doesnt really look that bad to me and honestly. I was just really curious what night shots would look like on this drone? Okay, there. We go now. I have to say that overall i i really like this drone. I think it has to be said, though, that it is not a sequel to the mini 2.. Maybe theyll make a mini 3 without the pro, and that would be more of a sequel to this, with the pretty sizable difference in price and all of the extra features that you get on this, it feels like its meant for a different demographic.

Now i love my mini too, but this feels just more solid, dare i say more professional, it kind of feels more like a very compact and maybe even less expensive version of djis higher end drones. Now, for me, i feel like it is worth the difference in price if at least youre somebody who maybe makes content for a living youre a content creator versus maybe a hobbyist. But what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below i always appreciate it, for you guys also. Let me know what you thought of this video in the format. I always appreciate that as well. I will leave a link below to the best price i can find on both of these drones in the description below also shout out again to our sponsor wirestock, you can check them out at the link below as well.