Everyone steven from the flavor guys its good to see you again uh make sure you hit like and subscribe to this channel because we need this video to go further. There are many videos out there talking about radio disconnection and we are going to get into the facts because uh, not many people, really understand what what is going on when it comes to radio frequency and having disconnection issues. So were going to talk about that today, and this is coming from really good experience that the flyby guys have had on our operations and weve. Had many issues, weve had lots of experience with radio frequency issues and yeah its its very interesting, but its not what you expect so first up lets have a look at trees, trees, yeah. They are a huge barrier when it comes to radio frequency. If you stand in front of a tree, and certainly if youre using 2.4 gigahertz uh on your drone, then you will have major disconnection issues. What people dont realize is that a tree is mainly made up of water, and water itself is a reflector, especially from 2.4 gigahertz, so actually going on to 5.8 is a much much better idea. If you want to have a much much smaller connection when flying, if youre, if youre in front of trees so trees very bad. Secondly, lets look at the environment around us in terms of buildings, so buildings, especially the old brick buildings, the older the buildings, the worst.

The the reception that youre going to get around there because you can have telecom towers on top youve got wi fi devices in these homes as well. Youve got massive amount of radio frequency which is going to be in the area. So when i think ive made a video about this before ill put a link to it here and you can see that im in actually encased, you know around uh, very, very old buildings, and it took me quite a long time to get a gps, because you Know because you know it really really actually traps you in so its difficult to get lets, say, radio and also gps and places like that as well. And thirdly, we can look at the weather again. This is something that people dont really realize. Now you can have a favorite spot that you fly every day or every week or with every drone that you fly and you can have some great flights where youll have no disconnection and then suddenly youll have disconnection issues. This is all to do with the weather, because the atmosphere is changing and this will have an effect on the radio frequency, whether its rain, wind or moisture in the air, or you know certain temperatures when they you know when they, you know, if theres certain movements Coming in that will all affect radio frequency and that will have a big effect on your disconnection. Another big alert for you when it comes to radio frequency is if youre flying over industries or lets say places that have lots of heavy devices.

So, for example, if you fly over a port, if you want to catch some ships, thats actually the worst place you can fly because ships are using a lot of radar and radar again is using 2.4 gigahertz. So you can experience a lot of interference from the ships. Some of them are actually jamming on purpose but thats. Another story, and some are also using gps jamming as well, so be really careful when youre flying over ships or flying near ships, because this is actually very, very dangerous and in fact, theres one cruise ship company that has actually banned the use of drones on their Ship, so you cant take a drone onto the ship because there has been lots of accidents. I wonder why that is um yeah uh, because i think they have been jamming and some ships tend to use some some jamming uh in order to hide their own maneuvers. Um, so that thats, something again you should you should be aware of, and in fact we actually experienced uh one major jamming, uh or lets say interference uh from from a ship when we were doing um, we were doing operations in taiwan a few months ago, where My team noticed that we had some interference and, at the same time i could see from a different location. I could see a ship just passing right behind the airfield and that was giving some radio interference and then, when the ship passed funnily enough, everything was okay.

So again, there are many issues that you may not think will actually give you, radio, interference and uh, and those things will give you interference. So as first you always blame this or you blame this, but you never ever blame the surroundings around you. So have a look at where youre flying have a look at any industries, any companies, the type of housing. Look at the weather. Look at everything before you start blaming the drone, because theres a very good chance that its not that and its this around you. So i hope this has been very helpful to you. Please again make sure you like and subscribe to the channel, because i feel that this is an important video for anyone to actually know about um and if youve got any questions.