Pro and theres been a lot of excitement about this drone and i think its not without reason. This is a very powerful drone, thats, very small, very affordable and very accessible. A lot of people who are going to be beginning drone flying are going to purchase this drone or a lot of content creators out there, who maybe dont, need the most high quality footage, but they still want drone footage. This is going to be the drone for them, so why dont we open it up and see whats in the box and then were gon na take up the dji mini 3 pro for a flight. All right ive got my trusty knife. Uh lets open up the box. I am the most terrible unboxer, but lets do this with precision. Just listen as asmr another one. There we go. Is there more lets, take off the plastic first, let us see whats inside the dji mini 3 pro box. Oh, this thing is so little: oh man, this guy is so small pokey smokes its like one half of my face. This thing looks so small, so sleek already im just getting excited about the thought of bringing this guy alone on my next trips. Look at this thing, its so small so light. This is the battery this battery pack is so little and so light. Oh, my gosh whats else is in the box. I end up getting the smart controller as well for this, because i just really enjoyed the smart controllers.

Yes, it does cost someone to get them, but the fact that you dont have to connect your phone, which is always a hassle. Oh look at that. This feels so good in your hands. Weve got the little slot in the back for uh joysticks, just gon na put the joysticks in here, and there we go this controller as well is so light like this setup alone is gon na be like two pounds in my backpack. You know this is not gon na take a lot of weight at all all right. I think theres only one way to test out this drone and its going to be at the cottage all right here we are were at the cottage, the beautiful nava resort and ive got the dji mini 3 pro here and the smart controller Music Applause. Well, that was a success. We just did our first maiden voyage with the dji mini 3 pro, and i got ta say im really impressed at first when i picked this out of the box and just held it in my hands. I was like man. This is so light and feels so like in a way weak that i dont think its gon na be able to handle flying in a windy situation. But even today, its pretty windy out here on the lake and i felt very in control and as well. Just because it is so small and the opposite section was really good. I was able to just fly through like really tight corners there around the cottage, while feeling confident about it.

Knowing that im not going to crash, if somehow i lose focus but man its crazy, how much drones have come if you think about like 10 20 years ago, maybe people were having to like hire a full on helicopter to get aerial shots, and now this little Tiny drone can do that and not only just horizontal, but you can also get the vertical. I think we should jump back to the studio and talk more about this drone, because it is impressive. So for 759 us dollars. What are you getting with the dji mini 3 pro? Let me lift off some specs well. First off this drone is only 249 grams, meaning that its less weight than most of the international laws regarding drones, meaning you dont, need to get a license or go through the hassle of all that stuff in order to fly a drone. So the fact that its 249 grams, its a great thing for us as drone pilots, second, because its 249 grams, it is freaking small. This thing is just so tiny like look at that its smaller than my head and its just so easy to take along with you, wherever you go, whether thats a hike or a road trip where you just dont have too much gear with you, its small and Compact, but even though its small and compact, it doesnt mean its not packing a punch, because this little guy records, 4k hdr, 4k 60 frames per second 1080 120 frames per second, and it has 48 megapixel photo so theres a lot packed into this little guy.

Even though its small as well, this is the first drone in a long time that allows you to do vertical photo and video, which is really nice for taking photos on instagram and as well, creating content for social media. We all know the struggle of when youre filming shots landscape, and then you have to scale in like 200 percent in order to make it fit the whole screen when youre making content for instagram reels or tick tock. But now, with the mini 3 pro, you can simply just film everything vertical. If you know that youre going to be posting all of it on to social media like instagram and tick tock, so thats a really cool feature with a click of a button. The gimbal olson moves vertically and voila youre able to shoot vertical as well. We have the tri directional obstacle, sensors, which is really handy. I was flying through really tight situations and i wasnt hitting anything because of these sensors thats really great. You have 35 minute max flight time, which is insane for just how small this battery. Let me show you how small the battery is on this guy. If i first figure out how to uh there, we go for this little battery. You get 34 minutes of flight time, which is insane on top of that you got the focus, tracking master, shots, time lapse, features and recently they added a new firmware update to get 10 bit quality in your video footage.

So there is a lot packed into the dji mini 3 pro. If im brutally honest, i dont even know why i have the air 2s anymore. Ok, yes, i think the air 2s will be able to fly in more extreme conditions. So maybe i would be more likely to take the air 2s with me on a trip to norway when im in the mountains, and i want to be able to make sure that i can get to my destination and back and as well. I probably would get better quality footage, because this has a one inch sensor, but for a daily driver. You know if im just want to get some quick drone shots for my youtube videos. I think the dji mini 3 pro will be good enough. A lot of times youtube is compressing your video footage, anyways youre, not even going to get the full quality that you would hope to get out. For example, the air 2s, so itll be very interesting to see. Maybe like six months from now. How often will i end up using the air 2s, and how often will i just choose to use the dji mini 3 pro but yeah? These are my first thoughts of the dji mini 3 pro first flights very excited to keep on practicing flying with this drone. Get some more of that vertical shots, but yeah dji good job. I just want to say thats amazing that you guys keep making these products just better and better, as time goes on once again, im just blown away that back in the day, you literally had to hire a full on helicopter to get aerial shots, and now we Have a drone thats, this small like its just ridiculous.

This thing is so tiny and lightweight: ah, just cant get over it all right.