So really simple to access active track or any of the focus track modes drag a box of your subject. We will select active track, well, tap on, go and now were golden. Now we have the drone following us, so this is the first mini drone that actually has active track and focus track in general added to the drone. The reason being is that this is the first mini drone that has obstacle avoidance sensors on it. Now this path were riding here, weve done in the past, using the skydio2 and the skydio2 plus weve also done the mavic 3 and plenty of other drones on the same path. So its going to be interesting to see how the mini 3 pro fares now, usually when i do these active track tests with any of these drones, i like to use my jordan store to lag a little bit. Uh was going underneath the tree there. I usually use my one wheel just because thats my preferred board of riding, although i feel like i can get a little bit more speed out of my boosted board and i want to see if the mini 3 pro can keep up at some faster speeds. Also, i think, my one wheel after my skydio2 tracking video – i almost ate it on my onewheel a couple of times, because i felt like the motor was going so were using the boosted board today, and i think that this scenario, this kind of course that were Going to be riding on is kind of something that youre going to experience in your everyday use of active track.

With this drone, weve got some good obstacles around like the trees, so the drone doesnt have just a wide open space to go through so youre going to be able to see how it fares at, i would say, faster speeds, probably going to be maxing out at About 15 miles an hour on the board, dont have a helmet on, so we dont want to be going too fast. Now, the one thing i cannotice right off the bat is. The drone is so quiet that its almost difficult to hear that its still behind me, i feel, like ive, got to constantly look at my screen and almost turn around to make sure that the drone is still there because its so quiet. You know when you have the mavic 3 following you, the skydio2 following you its a little bit louder, but this drone is so quiet that you cant even hear it behind you. Now we only have about 20 more minutes of sunlight here, so im, hoping that the drone sensors can still see around the drone uh. Also, we can actually change the framing of the shot here by pitching the gimbal up or down. So i want to kind of put us towards the bottom of the frame there we are now we did this track last with the mavic 3, and if you remember, the mavic 3 came out in november. Gosh time is really flying by, but the mavic 3 came out.

This is probably the most challenging part. It did it, though, its nice crossing, how you doing Music so when the mavic 3 came out uh, if you remember that was like during the winter time – and there was no leaves on the trees, so it made it a little bit more difficult for the drone To dodge and see obstacles, but now that we have leaves on the trees, it makes it a lot easier for the drone to know that hey theres, an obstacle in the way and uh. You know obviously dodge that obstacle, whereas the small thin branches, its a little bit harder for it to see now lets try to pick up the speed a little bit and see if the drone can keep up, which i have to say, im im impressed with how Well, the drone has done thus far at keeping up right now were going about 14 miles an hour. This is much faster than my one wheel. When am i one wheel out im maxing out around 10.? Oh, the drone is lagging behind a little bit, but look it can still see me its still picking me up on the frame. I was actually pretty far away and they could still see me thats, thats, impressive, all right now. Next up is to go to the left here and on the golf course, but there might be some people playing and if thats the case, i definitely dont want to disrupt them.

I know if i was golfing and had some kid. Some dude ride a boosted board onto the golf course. I probably wouldnt be too happy about it all right. So up until this point, drone has done a really good job at dodging obstacles and following me, oh whoa, whats it gon na do there its almost swinging around a little bit too far. Although it looks cool yeah its kind of strange that its swinging from left to right alright, so we do have some people playing on the course were not going to go down there but well head down to the bottom here and spin around so something thats kind Of cool is: when you get into open space, you can use the remote controller and manipulate how the drone follows you so like i can increase my altitude and now the drone will fly up higher and follow me so uh. You know when you initially trace yourself starting to catch up there. When you initially trace yourself, the drone is going to kind of go into a default position in terms of how far away it is from the subject initially, but you can change that using the sticks. Now on this drone, we have tri directional obstacle avoidance, so that means we have three different directions of obstacle avoidance. We have uh up or sorry forwards backwards and downwards. So using those sensors, the drone is able to dodge obstacles and make the right choice and choose the right path to follow.

You so lets pick up the speed here now im going to leave the drone at this height im not going to leave it at a lower altitude were coming up to some trees here and obviously the drone is going to be. You know if it kept flying straight, it would run right into these trees, so lets go ahead and lets see what the drone decides to do. Im guessing it might get stuck or it could change its altitude and go down. Lets see what youre going to do. What youre going to do mini 3, it lost me picked me back up there cool, so its anticipating, where im gon na be at, and it should go around the tree to the left nice cool. I want a little bit slower to give it some help there. It goes nice, okay, so im going to change the altitude im going to come down a little bit here were kind of going around the same path here, im also going to bring it closer to me. So again i mean you know: im changing all this directly from the remote controller, so its nice to kind of have that control. When the drone is following you uh, you know. Obviously, this is kind of like a hands off mode, so you could put the remote controller in your sweatshirt pocket. You could maybe create a little lanyard. Have it dangle from your neck or down from your uh down from your waist, and you know it would continue to follow you, but it is nice to have that control over the drone using the sticks.

So i guess next. What well do because there is some pretty tough trees, is well make a right here at the uh, at the stop sign or at the intersection. Now it is going to get a little bit darker coming down this way. So the drone changes altitude lowers down and is going to continue to follow. Me now were crossing a little bit of a busy road here. Hopefully, nobody comes up if thats the case, i am going to have to just quickly take control and get the drone out of the way so that, of course it will cause any accidents here, but we should be in the clear after so all right, all in All weve now been flying for about seven minutes, im impressed with the flight. So far all right come on mini come on. Minnie, Music minnie crosses the street. There we go now were in the clear so yeah i mean up until this point super impressed with its tracking capabilities its making. All the right moves to go around a lot of the trees uh its its not only changing its direction from left to right, but ive seen it change its altitude when we went up near those trees. I almost wish that the drone would have gone under the trees to continue to follow me and then gone back up to its altitude. But regardless it made a really good decision in uh in going around the trees right to left and then continuing to follow us.

Now were picking up the speed here going about 12 miles an hour. Drone is starting to lag behind a little bit ill slow down, so it can catch up its getting awfully close to those trees. Lets see if i continue to move the drone forwards, but come closer. I do want it to follow a little bit closer to me. Maybe give it a second to catch up. Oh drone completely stopped now its coming back. Look, i would say up until this point, since we dont have any crashes im, calling this a uh, a win so far, freakers crossed because you know what now that i say that it could just totally crash crash and burn now. These are some fairly low hanging. Trees, i mean the minis doing a good job at staying low following me, ill make it right here just to kind of change up the scenery a little bit. Actually, you know what well go down and well make a right a little bit further up, because thats a dead end to the right Music. Now the sun sets at like 807. The time is about 7 50, so weve got about 10 minutes until sundown, and one thing i was worried about is with it getting a little bit darker. Would the drone continue to be able to see obstacles? Would it see these branches and so far i mean its keeping its altitude underneath the branches, so its pretty good im, just hoping that we can stay to the left and not get in the way of these people here well, go a little bit slower so that They can see the drone Music hey.

How are you Music car all right, so beeping at them, and not me all right, nice, you know thats the one thing about doing these uh. These tracking videos is like youve got to find a nice quiet, place, thats fun to ride, and you know obviously youre going to encounter some people, whether its you know, people walking or cars. You just got to be safe Music, so i said it in my review. Video active track here is like by far the number one most requested feature in really any mini drone, since dji has started releasing these mini drones, uh the mini one, the mini 2, the mini se. The comment that i get the most of my videos is like: does this drone have active track? Can this drone follow me all by itself, because all these other drones can – and it just sucks that i had to continue to tell people? No, the main reason that this drone has active track, but the others dont. Oh look at this nice smooth pavement lets pick it up a little bit. So the reason that this drone has active track and the others dont is because it has the sensors outran the mini a little bit there. Its still keeping up with me, though, see how its its kind of losing me, but also trying to catch up. I totally lost me there. Okay, so high speed mini no like at least it didnt crash, though right its easy to just bring the drone back over to us, though, draw the box around us.

Will it pick us up by doing that? Nah, i think, were going to try to have to get a little bit closer here. Well, redraw that box there we go tracking us again and now were rolling, so it seemed like when we started to pick up the speed the mini didnt. Like it look. Oh im in spotlight, uh active track, go come on catch up, catch up catch up. There we go. I was able to catch it just in time. Let me come a little bit closer to us here, nice, so active, active track. Of course. Isnt perfect, i mean you know its definitely fun to use uh, and i know that its one of peoples, favorite modes, thats, why i enjoy making like these tutorial videos showing off how it works, but in the real world i really dont use active track. All that much i mean typically the subjects that im following: oh my batterys dying a little bit here on my remote. So typically, you know the subjects that im filming im just gon na use. You know manual flying im, just going to use the sticks to fly. The drone to get the shots that i need, but in a situation like this, when youre a solo person and youre just trying to capture yourself riding your bike uh, you know riding your one wheel, riding the boosted board in this case. Here then, having active track is great, because the drone does all the work for you all right lets make a right here, because the drone is going to have to go around these trees doing a little torture test here.

What youre going to do mini uh its going to go under it, made slight work of that? I thought it was going to get a little bit caught up, but did a good job. All right, so were at about 12 13 minutes. Here we have that upgraded battery in and so far weve only drained about 30 percent of battery 35 of battery, which is really great and its its expecting that we have 28 more minutes of flight time. Lets pick up the speed again and see if we can lose the drone because it seems to not like faster paces. Obviously, the minute the drone gets held up lets take a left, looks like a tough area for it to go through once the drone gets held up. Oh thats, impressive, its taking the turns really well, and this is a pretty tight tight stretch of trees here. Yeah look see its starting to get held up a little bit so anytime. The drone starts to break just a touch its still going to uh its still going to lose us because we start to get further away and then it needs to play catch up but ill. Tell you what i mean: im wearing dark, colored clothing, im wearing a gray sweatshirt on a gray surface and its doing a good job at knowing where i am and the times where i actually lose it. Where the drone loses me and i have to kind of recalibrate and uh, or what should i say here – whats the right wordage when the drone loses me and it needs to refine me right, uh, it kind of anticipates my pace and it kind of picks me Up right, where i left off so look see the drones kind of swinging around its kind of strange.

I notice, when it takes, turns its very its very lofty from left to right all right. So what do you say we go up here? We make a left and then we will stop our active track testing here, weve gotten this far weve burnt about half of a battery here and the drones done great. I mean i lost us once i may have been babying it a little bit, but i have been trying to give it the hardest terrain possible. I mean obviously active track works. The best we got a car here lets see what hes gon na do if he makes a left no hes gon na keep going straight. You know i mean active track is definitely best used in a nice open environment like a space where theres no obstacles whatsoever. But of course you want to see it in an area where there are obstacles to know if its going to work so right there was a false break. I mean the drone is right in the middle and it just slammed on the brakes. Ive noticed that happened. A couple of times, i guess better, to be safe than sorry, but then its got to play catch up and fly faster, so yeah i mean active track, definitely best used on a larger or a more open environment, but hey. I think that this has been a fairly good test, its a little bit weird riding the boosted board after having rid of the one wheel so much because you dont lean to go.

You just use the remote controller Music, so up here, if we make a left well be back on that smooth, pavement and thatll be a good spot for us to end the video. Actually, you know what theres a person there. I dont want to risk. Having the drone go around her, so well just end the video right here so pretty pretty good. I mean drone didnt crash, so obviously thats a good thing. Of course people probably like to use active track for the drone following them and following them around doing stuff. So the drone still does a good job at doing that uh and for me personally, im really not worried about it, hitting anything, because it has all the sensors that it needs forwards backwards and downward sensors. It is making little left and right movements, but those movements really arent going to warrant a crash, um and yeah. The drone did a really good job at dodging obstacles. So hopefully you guys enjoyed the video, definitely stay tuned for some more mini 3. Pro content here in the future, hopefully uh – you know this kind of answered some questions that you might have had on active track. I think that theres no better way than just showing it in action so anyway, guys.