This is the new dji mini 3 pro. It features a brand new design, as i mentioned kind of looks like a spaceship, and it also has a brand new remote controller. Now, with that said, in todays, video were going to kind of be going backwards in time because well be taking our very first flight with the mini 3 pro here, but ive actually already uploaded. My full review video on this drone so im flying this a little over a month in advance, and if you want to learn more about all the little nuances, it has to offer, go ahead and click the link up in the top corner ill put one down In the description as well to figure out more about this drone in my full review, but today i figured itd be cool to just capture my very first flight with the mini 3 pro so lets go ahead, stop wasting time and get this drone into the air. All right so its a little bit windy today, which of course, is going to be great to see how the mini 3 pro fares well go ahead and start our recording here. So the brand new design lends to a lot of really great improvements in terms of feature set um. The first that i really want to highlight is the camera, so youll notice that if you look at the design of the drone, it has an open spot. Above the actual camera itself, which means we can actually pitch the gimbal upwards, a little bit when flying forwards.

So rather than there being this hood over the camera and limiting us in terms of how much we can pitch our camera upwards, we can now look upwards. Pretty f pretty far so lets see. If we pitch up, i mean look at that. We can almost look up positive 16. 18. 20. thats a positive, oh, my gosh. Look at this were almost looking entirely upwards positive 57 degrees and were flying full tilt in sport mode okay, so that is really impressive. That means that were not going to have to deal with any sort of gimbal knocking or the camera shooting downwards, while were flying in sport mode, so that is absolutely great now. Another great function is the fact that the camera itself can actually rotate vertically. So if we look say over at these buildings over here, we can now entirely flip the camera vertical, which is super cool. I think the previous drone that dji made that was able to do this. The last one was the mavic pro. So this is really awesome. The original mavic pro that came out like six years ago, so this is really awesome, uh. The way that i did that by the way on the right side, where it says autofocus one x and then above that it has a rotate button. So we can tap on that again and the entire camera sensor now rotates to be horizontal, so that is great. Now lets spin it around and bring it back here we are just kind of capturing video with the automatic camera settings automatic exposure um.

As i mentioned, it is a little bit windier today and i noticed the wind is kind of going down river, so we are definitely going to experience a little bit of a headwind fighting back here. The top speed on this drone is 35 miles an hour around there, and the flight time is also great. The max flight time is 34 minutes, but they also actually offer an intelligent flight battery, plus that i dont have, but apparently that pushes the weight over 250 grams, but gives you up to 47 minutes of flight time, which is awesome. Now i notice were getting a battery error here, but im not going to really worry about it all that much just because we are running a pre production version of the firmware here. So maybe that could be just uh some issue, thats kind of in this firmware. Now, of course, we also have new sensors on this drone. Because of this redesign, i would say the two biggest factors that come as a result of the redesign is the brand new camera and the obstacle avoidance sensors, which of course, we have them on the bottom. The front and the back, although theyre positioned strangely its not positioned like right on the back its actually positioned on the front but pointing backwards so, for example, well, go ahead and flip it into normal. Here lets go ahead and try to fly directly into the building. My gimbal is way too sensitive.

Also, i havent changed that yet just took it out of the box so lets go ahead and fly towards the building. Okay, so i pulled it back there because i didnt trust it, and i dont know why the drone didnt stop. All right lets see whoa all right so lets see. Maybe i havent turned on the obstacle avoidance. Yet i havent been digging through the settings. Yet lets see safety. Okay, my obstacle avoidance function is on break lets, just try to toggle it on and then off. So well turn it off, and now we have it set to break okay, so now lets see if the drone will automatically avoid obstacles. Lets find something other than the actual building itself lets try to like fly it into this thing over here. Okay, so as of right now, the obstacle avoidance doesnt seem to want to work, which is pretty interesting all right. I also have to change this gimbal here, because the gimbal is just way out of control. Gimbal settings man that pitch speed. We want that down at like ten nine works there. We are all right so lets uh lets not try out the obstacle avoidance sensors for now. So you know: shooting vertical video is like such a 2022 thing. Um ive been wanting vertical video for a while, just because i sometimes create reels, and i want to shoot drone video for reals and usually like. If you look at my screen right now, i would actually shoot drone video and then crop down the horizontal image by using the guidelines in the center, so thats kind of like a 16 by 9 aspect ratio right in the center.

So i would try to shoot video and then crop it down, but the great thing about this drone is: we can now flip over to shoot vertical video and if we wanted to say, do an orbit around this uh clock tower here small clock tower. We now dont have to try and like frame our shot up using the horizontal image, but instead we get a full readout of the sensor. A nice 4k shot here its in full resolution. So you know the mini was always something that i would use for fun and i would use on vacation id use traveling, but if i was ever shooting something for a client or shooting something for instagram or anything like that, i mean quite frankly, i was always Just going to be using my mavic 3, for example, or my air2s, just because it has a better camera, but now the fact that this entire sensor is able or the entire camera itself can rotate is actually going to be a really great thing to use. Um specifically for creating content for social media instagram, whatever you wanted to post to so lets, go ahead and just take this video well continue to shoot it um horizontally, like always because, of course were posting it here to youtube, were not posting it to instagram. Now let me just say that the new remote controller here feels great its kind of like a combination of the older or the older rcn1 and the newer rc pro.

And i would say that, in the terms of the lineup, it does fit directly in the center and also look theres no antennas. The antennas are built right in so that is pretty interesting. Now the speed of the drone is really great, and the handling is also great. I would say that my yaw is a little bit too sensitive on the sport mode function here, which i would just tune. I would change that up um, but yeah thats, just something that im noticing right out of the gate. It seems like everything is like hyper tuned to be as fast as possible right out of the box. So lets go ahead and do a nice reveal of man. Young here again, i feel like every single new drone that dji comes out with is just like the flight software is, is made so much better and its interesting to like get a new mini drone and it feel like im flying a mavic 3.. I mean you know, except for a couple of different functions. I could be flying a drone right now and i wouldnt be able to tell you which one it is just because it feels so smooth nice now heres. Something interesting that i want to try out as well. Of course, the top speed is something thats important, especially for me. I like flying fast im, usually flying in sport mode all the time, so the top speed is 35 miles an hour, but lets test like the diving and ascend function.

Thats. Another thing that i really enjoy doing is like diving down, so lets see were flying at a max of 37 miles an hour thats. Our top speed now lets try to dive downwards. Yeah. Look at that. We are diving down at 11 miles an hour. That is really impressive. I almost think that that is like quadruple the speed that wed be able to descend with the old mini drones. Now lets try to ascend, which again is 11 miles an hour. That is really great and another thing thats awesome is it doesnt? Take away from our horizontal speed, so typically you know with the drone trying to fly forwards and upwards at max speed at the same time, uh. It would take away from that horizontal speed so to see that it ascends and descends at 11 miles an hour is really great. It is impressive again. The mini 2, like one of my biggest gripes, was that when you try to ascend and decent it was so slow. I think that was around four or six miles an hour, so seeing 11 miles an hour is awesome like right here. If i wanted to dive downwards towards the train tracks, im not wasting any time, this drone is getting after it yeah. This is great. Now this new remote controller. Here again, i kind of started talking about it and then started talking about other things, but the remote controller feels really great. In fact, i almost think it feels better in the hands than the rc pro just like the design of it, maybe because its a little bit smaller, maybe because its more lightweight, but something that im noticing is just like these back grips here – are easier to hold.

On to i dont know just a quick observation, of course, ill know a little bit more after. I continue to fly with this thing now. Our camera is 4k at 30 frames per second, and we also can capture 48 megapixel images. So this is a quad bayer sensor um. I would almost relate this to like the mavic air 2 camera in a sense, theyve kind of taken that camera theyve trickled it down and they put it now into the mini drone. The one thing we dont have is 60 frames per second recording, just something to note now. Let me show you guys something because theres going to be a lot of people that uh are going to be very happy about this. I wont give it away until we fly down here and get close to me, something that people been asking for ever since the original mavic mini are features like spotlight and active track and point of interest. Well now, with this drone, you do have both active track. Spotlight – and i think point of interest lets see, so we can go ahead and drag a box oops im changing the exposure now lets go ahead and yeah perfect. All right lets get our exposure out of the way we can go ahead and draw a box over our subject. Being myself, oh, come on see again im using a pre production version of the uh software here, so it could not be ready.

Yet, no maybe id have to stop recording for it to go all right. Things are gon na go dark for a second im gon na stop, recording im gon na go ahead and jump over, potentially, maybe its only available in lower rep frame rate or lower resolutions. No, nothing there lets see if its available in 1080p. Sometimes i know they cap it. Nothing. Okay, so again were flying an early version of the uh. The firmware here ill flip back over to 4k start recording there all right so two things that ive tried and ive miserably failed at no active track and, of course, no obstacle avoidance im going to try the obstacle avoidance again. That would have been such an awful start to the video like hey guys, watch the drone isnt going to crash boom flies right into the right into the building, all right theres. Another thing i got to do is in sport mode ive got ta, ive got ta turn down the uh. The pitch speed way too fast, again, im coming from my mavic 3 that i have set to like eight nine ten, something like that: yeah thats much better. So i like that, i like that smoother pitch speed, just so that the gimbal isnt going crazy and everywhere, but i really enjoy how in the fly app, they give you the opportunity to go through and change your settings um. You know, based on the flight mode, that youre in, so that, if you want, you know a faster gimbal with sport mode, you can, which is awesome, yeah ill, tell you what i really do enjoy flying with this remote controller.

I will say, though, that i dont think the screen is as bright as on something like the rc pro were flying on a fairly overcast day. In fact, i think its going to start raining here shortly and i almost feel like its still not not hard to see but its definitely not as bright, and if we swipe down here um yeah, we are at max brightness here um. Something else to note is that, with this rc here with the new dji rc, it is running a version of android, although youre not able to access like mozilla, firefox or other applications like you would on the rc pro. So, just something to note now i cant believe i havent talked about this yet because its the one thing that i always mention this uh drone is using occusync 303. So weve got great transmission on it. Great great uh great range, as well as a high fidelity signal, so youre never going to get any sort of interruptions. I did choose a really crappy day to do my first flight, but i just couldnt wait. I couldnt let this thing continue to sit inside of its bag in my car had to get this first flight out of the way here. So i mean at this point in time its hard to not be impressed by djis flight software, its hard for them to not come out with a drone that doesnt fly really well, and i kind of mentioned this in one of my previous enterprise level.

Videos its like, when you get a dji drone. You know that its going to fly well. You know that its going to have great range, its going to have a great top speed, but now, when you kind of buy a drone, you look at what fits your workflow best in terms of the technology that it offers so, for example, in this drone. The fact that it offers a vertical camera, like the fact that it can rotate vertically, might be really big to some people like that might be the reason they buy. This drone over say the air 2s, because they shoot a lot of content for social media. They need something thats, small and portable, so this is the drone for them, so that vertical camera, in my opinion, is really going to be a big selling point for people that are purchasing a drone for creating content on social media. And you know social media doesnt need to have the highest level um camera used. So i think that this camera is really going to fit perfect. So i seem to be getting those battery errors when im really pushing the drone hard against the wind flying upwind upriver. Just something interesting to note, so if i were to say spin it around here that battery error should go away, lets go under the bridge. This. This flight has been already pretty interesting in itself. I think the only time that ive gone under this bridge in a first flight video is with the fpv drone awesome yeah, so i mean the general flight experience from this drone is everything youd expect from a dji drone and its kind of like a mini on Steroids, i guess youd call it a mini pro because thats the name of it, the new design, is great.

It offers a lot of brand new features. The new remote is awesome. Uh. This drone will still work with an rcn one, one of the older remote controllers. So actually, just as a quick note, if you have one of those uh one of those old remote controllers, without the built in screen, you could buy just the drone itself and use one of your old remote controllers, which is great because you dont need to continue To accumulate all these remote controllers, but quite honestly, if you wanted to id go with this remote controller, because this remote is awesome all right, so thats going to conclude our first flight here, weve got about 44 battery remaining weve been flying for a good amount of Time i mean the screen recording at the bottom is about 17 minutes id say weve been flying for probably a little over 15 minutes well go ahead and bring her back here so definitely stay tuned on the channel because ill be posting a lot of content surrounding The mini 3 over the coming days, the mini 3 pro lets hand catch it awesome yeah. This thing is like spaceship like awesome, so hopefully you guys enjoyed that first flight again, if you want to see some more content on the mini 3 pro feel free to subscribe. My review video was posted yesterday, thats gon na be linked down in the description as well, as i already put it up in the top corner.

But you can go ahead and check that video out. If you would like and again stay tuned because well be kind of going over all the aspects of this drone and everything that has to offer over the coming days anyway, guys hope you enjoyed the video and, as always, ill talk to you later.