com. Now here i have the brand new completely redesigned: dji mini 3 pro and dj. I definitely had to take a little bit more time to refine this drone, because if you guys know the dji mini the whole mini lineup has just been one of the best, if not the best selling drones on the market. And if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something that interests you please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos so of course, im going to run through the specs with you guys, but more importantly, im going to talk to you guys about my experience when we start breaking down each one of these categories. So if you are interested in the dji mini 3 – and you want to know all about it – ive made a bunch of separate videos going in depth of all of the individual features. Ill also have full timestamps down below in the video description, if you guys want to jump around to any particular feature, any particular part of this video make sure you check out those time stamps below in the video description now. The first thing, of course, well talk about completely new design based off of, of course, the mini lineup, so the mini mini se. The mini 2 all have roughly the same design, the same form factor.

We have a completely new design on the mini 3 pro i dont think theyd be able to change the form factor that much, but, as you can see its actually significantly larger than the mini. However, it does fold down to almost the same size as the mini 2 or mini lineup. This completely new gimbal design, which is really like a gimbal turned upside down. This is all new. I havent really seen a gimbal thats kind of flipped upside down how it normally sits on traditional drones. As you can see here, we have that little notch at the very top of the mini 3 pro we dont have that here on the mini 2., if youve ever flown the mini lineup and you throw it in sport mode and you just go really fast. Youll see that sometimes the camera will actually kind of tick up, it wont, go smooth, itll actually go forward, and then the camera will just kind of shift here on the mini three thats, the one thing that they did fix. So, whenever youre going in sport mode youre going really fast, and if you wanted to pitch this up, you dont have that issue here, where the camera twitches up, like we did on the mini 2.. This definitely gives us a lot more range when were flying fast in sport mode. We dont have that restriction here, like we do on some of the previous drones and with this open notch, youre now able to tilt the camera up 60 degrees, which is a lot more than before.

This allows you to get a lot more sky, a lot more buildings in your photos and videos, but that notch is not only just for that. We now have true vertical shooting, with the mini 3 pro now. What exactly does true vertical video and photo mean? Well, you dont necessarily crop into the picture if youre shooting in landscape, the camera itself will actually turn just by hitting a button on the screen so now youre able to shoot in vertical format utilizing the full sensor. So if you wanted to post things to any of your social media stories, tick tock reels where everything is shot mostly in vertical youre. Gon na take advantage of utilizing the entire sensor by turning that camera from horizontal to portrait mode very similar to how we had that option here on the dji mavic pro. If you have seen some of my previous videos actually a while ago when i talked about the mavic pro one of the features i loved on, this thing was vertical shooting, but this was also back when vertical video and photos werent really a thing. I liked it because i was able to shoot panoramics in vertical mode and then stitch them together. I have a separate video going in more detail on vertical shooting, so make sure you guys check out my playlist down below, like i said, im going to have a bunch of separate videos going in more detail about a lot of these features.

So make sure you guys use those links down below in the video description next well, talk about size and, like i mentioned in the beginning of the video, its slightly bigger than the mini 2 lineup or mini lineup, as you can see right here, just a little Bit bigger when it is folded down, but when it is opened up, it actually is a lot bigger than the mini 2 or mini lineup. Now in comparison to the dji air 2, as you can see here, air 2 a lot bigger than the mini 3. Pro, of course, the air 2 very similar size as the air 2s. So if you do have the air 2s and youre interested and about the size difference here same thing as the air 2. Definitely a lot bigger than the mini 3 pro, as well as the mini 2., and if you guys do have the mavic 3, as you can see here, the size difference definitely a lot smaller than the mavic 3. This drone right here is an absolute beast when it comes to not only as your primary drone, if this is what you want to shoot with and always have in your bag, but also, if you have one of these other drones perfect as a complimentary or even A backup drone to one of these larger platforms as far as weight goes dji, somehow crammed in a completely new design, sensors, a new camera new batteries, and we are still under that 250 gram mark now.

There are two separate batteries you can get with the mini three two different capacity batteries. One of them keeps you under that 250 gram mark actually about 248 grams and the second battery is a higher capacity. Also weighs more and well talk about that a little bit, but that does put you over that 250 gram mark, otherwise wait so important! Well, if you dont want to register your drone in a lot of places, you need to stay under that 250 gram mark. So if you are restricted as far as weight goes, keeping it under 250 grams is a very big deal. Now. Does the weight stack up against the other dji drones? Of course, the mini lineup that is under 250 grams, as well. 248. 49 grams on the mini 2 same with the mini 3 pro, the air 2 were at 570 grams. The air 2s were at 595 grams and, with the mavic 3 were at 895 grams about 895 to 98, depending if you have, the sydney version weighs a little bit more. One of the biggest updates on the mini 3 pro is the new camera. Despite being such a small frame and small body, we have a bigger sensor on here than some of these drones. Here we have the mini 2, which is 1 over 2.3 inch cmos sensor. We have the air 2, which is a half inch sensor. Now we have the mini 3 pro with a 1 over 1.

3 inch sensor on the r2s. We do have the one in sensor and, of course, the mavic 3. We have the four thirds sensor on this guy right here. Dumbbell sensor. Size, of course, is a big deal when it comes to video and photo quality. The one thing thats, really great about the new mini three, is that they also open up that aperture to a 1.7, and i wasnt familiar with the comparison. As far as the mini two, the mini two has an aperture of 2.8. Now the 1.7 here means you have a larger opening, youre able to collect in a lot more light and with that extra light means youre able to get better quality photo and video in low light scenarios, sunrise sunset or even at night. As far as field of view, we have 82 degree field of view and as far as lens goes, we have an equivalent to a 24 millimeter lens on the mini 3 pro now, of course, with all of these camera specs being bumped up. How does it compare as far as video quality goes against some of the other drones? I did a massive side by side test with the mini 3 pro and i even brought back some of the older drones. The dji spark the first mavic air, also the mavic air 2, also the air 2s mavic pro platinum and a couple times. I was able to take this out against the nano the ill tell nano, as well as the mini 2 and the dji mavic 3.

But im also going to have a full and longer video down below in the video description, make sure you guys check it out the ultimate video comparison of the mini 3 pro now. The one thing i do like that dji did is that, even though this is still kind of targeted towards the new drone flyer or the first time, drone flyer, as well as an experienced drone flyer, is the fact that they do have a normal color profile as Well, as the d cine like profile, the color profile on the mini 3 pro, which is really good for those that want to have that flexibility in video post production, it gives you a flatter profile for you to edit, with, instead of just having the baked in Normal profile and their color grade, you actually have a little bit flatter of a profile for you to adjust in your editing software now the mini 3 pro also has 4k hdr photo and video, and when i first saw it, i was like okay, where is this Function, i was trying to find this hdr function through the app. Then they send this information about what is actually happening and its actually hdr built into the camera when youre, shooting photos and videos now im going to talk about it, as though i know all about the dual native iso on this, because they said its mostly reserved For some of the similar cameras, like the red cameras and some of the higher end mirrorless, so just want to pass it along to you guys, if youre like me, and trying to find that hdr button, like some drones, have you dont have to look for it.

Now, because its all integrated into this new camera system, one of the biggest changes we have on the mini 3 pro is the battery with the standard battery is rated for 34 minutes. This battery right here is also labeled here. 249.. This battery right here keeps your drone under 250, keeps it at 249.. However, they now offer another battery, which is rated to give you 47 minutes of flight time higher capacity higher weight. It will put you over that 250 gram mark, so you just have to understand. If you are trying to stay under youre gon na want to pick up some of these extra standard batteries, if you are okay, going over 250 grams definitely get the plus batteries the length of flight time i get when these are ridiculous. When it comes to charging the batteries standard battery takes about 64 minutes to charge up this one. The plus battery the higher capacity one takes a little bit over a hundred minutes hour and a half or so to charge up this battery after the next feature. That everyones been waiting for. We now have obstacle avoidance on the mini 3 pro something that we did not have on any of the previous mini lineups. We do have tri directional obstacle avoidance, which means we have sensors here on the very front, we have sensors. That point back, but theyre actually at the front, but they point backwards and we also have the sensors here at the very bottom.

So if youre like me and youre a solo content creator – or you just want to be able to follow a subject round, follow a boat, follow a person follow yourself uh on a bike up a hill. You can now do that with a tiny drone like this. The mini 3 does have active track, so youre able to do those following functions as well as spotlight. So youre able to now keep the drone up in the air. You can actually maneuver the drone in spotlight. However, you want, when its locked into a subject, the drone will automatically track it as well as point of interest, select the subject on the screen. Select a person or place on the screen choose the direction you want it to go into, and it will then do a full circle all the way around. We now have a pass 4.0, which is the advanced pilot assistant system. So if you are flying – and you do have the sensors on the apas 4.0 on, you can actually determine what you want the drone to do. Do you want the drone to go around an object? If, if its in front of you, do you want the drone to stop, or do you want to turn off the sensors here now when it comes to wind resistance, we do have the same level. 5, wind resistance. We have here on the mini 2.. I kind of think were stuck in that range and thats one of the things that, even if you do want the mini 3 and think it might be the best all purpose drone which for most circumstances it will be.

However, theres not much, you can do in getting around weight so when it comes to flying in places that have high gusts of winds or elevation thats. The reason why these drones right here will still dominate the smaller ones: the air 2 air 2s mavic, 3 mavic. 2 pro some of the ones that are a little bit heavier in the air also have a higher wind resistance. So if you are flying in those places that are really gusty windy at elevation, youre still going to want to probably stick to a heavier platform. Stronger motors for you to fight through the wind and be able to fly at higher elevations, something like the air, 2s mavic, 3 or air 2.. Now, when it comes to transmission, which means that connection between your drone and your remote controls, we are using o3. Your ocusync 3.0, with o3 rocket sync 3.0. You are able to get 12 kilometers in range between your drone and the remote control, but they do have further distance as far as what the battery capacities are able to do with the drone next well talk about. Are the shooting mode options now on the mini 3? Of course we can shoot photos and videos. We also have new features like master shots, and i say new features because mostly came out on some of the more recent dji drones. We do have master shots. We do have quick shots, we also have the ability to shoot, panoramics and whats.

Really cool is that they did put in hyperlapse on the mini 3 pro and if youre familiar with hyperlapse theyre, basically just time lapses in the air. So your drone is actually moving at a slow pace, taking photos and then itll, of course compile that into a video whats. Nice is that theres, actually four different modes of hyperlapse theres free hyperlapse, where you would just pilot the drone in any direction. We have circles. So youre able to select a subject or a person and do a hyperlapse around that we also have course lock. So all you do is point your drone in a particular direction. Type in course, lock and hit lock, and then your drone will just fly in that direction and last we have waypoints and to go to more detail as far as master shots go master. Shots is a bunch of different dynamic shots automatically done with the drone. So all you have to do is select your subject, and the drone itself will then go into master shots mode and itll perform a bunch of different maneuvers up in the air whats great about master. Shots, too, is that you do have that raw footage, so it does edit it in different resolutions. So if you wanted to pull some of those clips out of that video youre still able to do that. Also on the new camera, we now have 4k 60 frames. A second which is probably still my all time, favorite to shoot at, i normally shoot 4k 60 on a lot of my sony cameras when im out there shooting it just gives you that little flexibility in post processing, if you wanted to slow down any of your Footage, and not just that we also have 1080p at 120 frames a second.

When it comes to photos. We have 48 megapixel photos on the mini 3 pro also some of the other photo modes that we do have like i mentioned before. We do have the panoramic modes, we also have burst mode as well as auto exposure bracketing from three to five. Another feature we have here on the mini three pro is the ability to zoom. I know a lot of people kind of hit or miss on zooming and theyre, saying the quality is not that great. It definitely isnt when you go all the way in if you go four times zoom at 1080p, but i think its just more of the fact that you have the ability to zoom. One thing i really like about the new dji rc is that you do have two scroll wheels. Instead of one left scroll over here. Of course tilts your camera up and down, but that right, scroll, wheel, youre able to now slowly nice, smooth zoom in and zoom out with the scroll right here on the top in 4k. You do have the ability to go two times zoom in 4k and 2.7. You can go up to three times and then 1080p up to four times zoom. Now, when shooting in 4k, i did like using the two time zoom to get a little bit added. Parallax effect a couple shots. I did out there when i focus on a specific subject up in the air and when you zoom in a little bit, and then you also move that drone around it.

It does give you a lot more of that parallax effect. In the background, when i first took this drone up in the air, you can definitely tell theres a little bit of a tone difference. As far as the sound goes coming from the propellers, the propellers are definitely much longer than the mini 2, and i think that helps bring that tone down a little bit more when you use these smaller propellers very similar to like when you use the spark it Has a very high pitch kind of windy b noise here the tone is brought down a lot more and i think a lot has to do with the size of the propellers Music. Just like the video comparison, i did a side by side sound test with all of those same drones. Now the one thing i was bummed about with the mini 3 pro and honestly theres, not that many things to be that upset about. But ive talked about this before when it comes to action. Cameras like the action, as well as the smaller drones or the fact that theres no internal storage on the drone. Well, there is its only about not even two gigs, its like 1.6 1.8 gigs internal on the drone itself. Now ive talked about this in the past and its always nice to have some sort of internal storage. Just in case you dont have your memory card. In there a lot of times. You take a memory card, you offload it and then you forget to put it back in and ideally it would have been nice to at least get a 16 or a 32 gig internal but, like i said not many things to be upset about with this drone.

As far as max ceiling height, they are rating this thing for 4 000 meters, but, like i talked about earlier, if you are in a place where youre going to be flying in elevation, youre going to find some another drone like the air, 2s or mavic 3 Stronger motors youre able to have a lot more power in the air, especially at elevation. Now, when it comes to the speed of the drone, if youre in sport mode, you can get about 16 meters per second roughly about 35 miles per hour. Of course, you need to be able to test it out based on your location, the wind and all that stuff, but theyre rating it for about 35 miles per hour in sport mode, switching this over into normal mode in normal mode, theyre rating it for about 22 Or max about 22 miles an hour and then city mode, youre gon na get about 13 miles per hour. Now, with the mini 3 pro being ocusync 3, you would assume, of course it should easily work with the dji rc pro at the time of recording this video as of right now, it is not compatible with the rc pro im, assuming or hoping it will be In the future, because of course, if we spent all this money on this, you would really hope itll work on something like this plus we do have pretty much a mini rc pro with the new rc here now, just like we had in the past when the Mavic 3 was released.

This did not support the air 2s at that time and then later on, with a firmware update, it did and of course same conversation here. Will the dji rc work with all of the ocusync 3 drones im assuming in the future update? Hopefully we will get that compatibility across the board could be nice to fly this with the mavic 3 with the air 2s, possibly even the mini 2 – not exactly sure, but it would be nice to just have one of these remote controls to fly across. All of your drones now as far as global satellites go, i cant tell you this much. It is actually using the same satellites that the mavic 3 is using, which is the gps, galileo and the baidu satellites, but whats interesting is that it does connect faster than the dji mavic 3.. So if youre worried about running into that same issue, that a lot of people have with their mavic 3s as far as connected satellites ive had that issue in the past before just really depends on my location, i did put these side by side and the mini 3 was still able to connect quicker than the mavic 3., and who is this drone for? Well? If this is your first time looking at getting a drone, of course, youre, probably looking at something like the mini 2 or moving up to something like this one, the mini 3 pro to be honest, just a cut to the chase.

If youre, looking already at spending around four to five hundred dollars on the mini 2, i would probably just wait a little bit save up. Another 100 plus maybe 200 get the mini 3, because theres. So many new features on this drone that youre probably going to want to experiment with to try out that the mini 2 just doesnt have, and if you already do, have the mini 2 and youre looking at. Is it really an upgrade 100, its a huge upgrade? As far as what youre getting now in this tiny package updated camera, you now have obstacle avoidance. You have the ability to use focus track with all the follow me functions, point of interest spotlight. You now have master shots and all of the other quick shots things like hyperlapse and also the biggest thing that i could think of the battery insane flight time with this battery right here and some people might think you dont need it if youre up in the Air and you have the ability to stay up there, get more shots set yourself up now, as far as prices go for the mini 3 pro. If you already have this remote control, because you might be an existing dji customer – and you already had one from a previous drone like the air 2s, the mini 2 or even the mavic 3, you can now buy the drone by itself, as well as a battery And a couple cables, but you can actually buy the drone standalone for 669 thats us dollars.

If you are starting fresh, then youre gon na need at least the basic remote control, which is the rcn1 and the dji mini 3 pro thatll be starting at 759. And finally, i have this package: this is the rc, the new dji rc and the mini 3 pro 909. So under a thousand dollars, you get this new rc the drone and, of course, all of the accessories that come along with it. I also have a separate video going into the available kits what you get also when i unbox the dji mini 3 pro im talking about all the accessories that come in the box and also in that video. I talked to you about the two kits: the fly more combo kits that are available, theres gon na be two different ones. Now, if youre, looking at picking up this drone, i would definitely recommend looking at the dji care refresh program and my reason why you might want to look into it because of the fact that if you are new to drones and just the fact that its also A very small, delicate drone. They do have a few different plans now for the dji mini 3. They have one where you can just replace the drone one for a year, long where you can actually get two replacements as well as another one for two years. Long and you get up to three replacements, like i mentioned ill – have the full details down below in the video description, but definitely look into that now.

With all of that said, those are the specs of the new dji mini 3 and theres a ton more to talk through in more details and im going to have a lot more videos. Every time i release a video, like, i said, im going to be adding them to that playlist down below in the video description and there it is guys. Hopefully you got everything you needed to know about the dji mini 3 pro after my experience flying this thing. For the past month now, i do have a ton of comparisons and content of this drone. Talking about all the remotes, seeing what you get in the kids seeing all of the features intelligent flight modes, i go in depth on all that. Make sure you guys check out the links down below also make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel turn that bell notification on. So you guys know when i post new videos on the dji mini 3 pro, as always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like could be much appreciated. This is also sausteal with flightpath.