Please subscribe and comment below. If you have any doubts and queries. Please ask me in comments now lets unbox. This is dji mini 3 pro. There are three types of products released by dji this month. First is mini 3 and second is mini 3 pro with rc and third is mini 3 without rc. That is, if you are having mini 2, you can use your mini 2 controller for this dji mini 3 now lets open. It is so satisfying yeah here. The first kept here is dji mini 3. Pro drone, so lets see what else in this box, so, secondly, they have given a controller placed inside. This is the first controller they have introduced with display in dji drone history, so continue to that. They have given some of propolis for dji, like oh, they have given a dji official screwdriver for propellers ill, explain later and a charger that is type c to type c, and some manuals for dji instructions and something okay lets see the drone, and this is the Drone and now in this drone they have updated the sensors and they have updated the gimbal that is like uh. They have given a vertical mode for photography and video purposes, and they have its some modifications in this propeller like dji mini 2. They have given only a screw for changing the propellers, so now this is the bat battery portion and this is the gimbal portion. So this is the way to uh open the gimbal.

You should lift it. Yes, so they given a sponge. You should remove it. They just gave it for some safety purposes and something else: okay – and this is the camera, so also it turns vertical and nice, and they gave two sensors for obstacles for avoiding obstacles like trees, like it senses, mountains, trees and birds, also during flight, and also they Give two sensors at the back, so it covers 45 degree angle like in front and at back so it doesnt covers at side. That is a small disadvantage in this drone. So finally drone is done. So the next part we are going to do is a controller. This is nice, this controller has a display, wow nice, and they have given us screws for this controller, that that is actually for this for flight purposes and home mode and pass mode is given here and on on and switch off mode is here. So this is like c and and s. This is cinematic mode, normal mode and sports mode, and they gave and or image capture button video recording button zoom in button and uh direction. Button, okay and they give some buttons that you can customize in your app dji fly app. Thank you.