If you recall back when the mavic 2 pro was released, they released all the specs and images of the drone in a published catalog and, as you can see here, they have done it again for the mini 3, this time on their website. Now, with this leak, we get a lot of really nice high resolution images. These are typically the images that dji provides to online retailers to promote the new drone and, of course, theres. Some specs that are published along with it now most of the specs that are published are things that we already knew about. Weve learned about with other leaks over the past few weeks, but its always good when you get these types of leaks again from other retailers, especially a company like argos, it just adds confirmation to some of the specs and that indeed the drone is just around the Corner now, if youre not aware the latest rumor states that we should be getting an announcement from dji around may 10th, now some of the early rumors of the mini 3 said that we were going to see dji, announce it on the 28th or 29th of april And then it got pushed back till the 10th of may and im wondering if that is indeed true and thats. Why argos published this page? They hadnt fixed that in their database. These web pages are set up weeks in advance and if they didnt update the release date, then of course it went ahead and published when it was supposed to so you can see here this time.

The pricing is in pounds british pounds, i believe now, that is, for the combo, with the remote that has the built in screen theres going to be another package that has the standard, rcn1 controller and then theres going to be a package where you can purchase just The drone and a battery because the drone will be compatible with some of the existing controllers that are already available, such as the one that came with the mini 2. So in that case you dont have to repurchase the controller. Now, if we take a quick look at the specs here again, it just confirms what we already knew. It has a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor, its gon na be capable of hdr. The highest filming resolution is 4k 60 frames per second, and you can take 48 megapixel raw photos. Now it doesnt list it on the page here, but apparently the drone will be capable of capturing and descend like, which is a flat color profile. Allowing you to do your own grading. Another confirmation we get here is that indeed, the camera will be able to flip up 90 degrees. Thatll. Allow you to take portrait style videos for things like tick, tock, youtube, shorts and instagram reels dji is calling it true vertical. Shooting and then we get some basic specs here, its going to be able to fly at a maximum speed of 16 meters per second and right below that they actually publish something kind of interesting that it can fly at the height of 4 000 meters, which i Find it very odd that they publish that and, of course it takes about an hour to charge a battery for the 34 minute battery and well talk a little bit about batteries here in a minute.

So again, just some basic specs there, nothing that we havent already seen before, but whats really nice is we get these nice high resolution images? You can see here a nice front view of the drone we can blow it in and get a nice look at the camera there. If we go to the next image here, we can get a back view of the drone and again we can see that usbc port for charging and the memory card slot right beside it. If we zoom in you can see the rear facing sensors, those sensors are built into the front facing sensors and its kind of an interesting design, its something we havent really seen before on a drone and, of course, the battery, and it is a little bit different On the mini 2, here, the mini 2 has a door that you have to open the batteries inside with the mini 3. The back of the battery becomes the back of the drone another shot of the drone there again we can get a good look at that camera and the front facing sensors heres a nice view of the gimbal assembly. You can see its quite a bit different than what weve seen in past drones and then, of course, here we can see the downward facing sensors theres the top view of the drone nice close up there side view of the mini 3 pro top down view, and Here we get a picture of the drone with the new controller with built in screen.

Now these have to be probably the clearest pictures of the screen that weve had to date. Now we still know very little about this controller. We dont know the exact specifications of it the size of the screen, the brightness of the screen. The consensus is, is that it is going to be a five and a half inch screen, just like the rc pro, but we dont know what the net brightness is. The rc pro has a thousand nits and everybodys, hoping, of course, that this is going to be a thousand its as well. This controller is going to be considerably less so it may not have as bright of a screen, but even if it has something like a 600 or 800 net screen, thats, continuous and doesnt dim down, it will still be quite valuable bottom there. You can see a usb c port for charging and then we get this door here and of course we dont know whats underneath that door it could be storage for the sticks or it could be another port under there memory card slot, but i guess well find Out soon enough, then here we get a picture of all the components that will come inside the package. Now this next image is a photo of the fly more kit and just like the mavic 2 pro theyre keeping the fly more kit separate. So you purchase whatever package of drone. You want either with the rcn1 controller or the smart controller, and then you can pick up a fly more kit and, as you can see, we get extra propellers, a charging hub and two spare batteries and of course, a case now.

When we look at these batteries. Close up you can see they are labeled 249 grams, now thats important, because if youre not aware, apparently theyre going to be releasing a high capacity battery a pro battery, if you will and its going to allow the drone to fly for 47 minutes compared to 34 Minutes with the standard battery and you will be able to distinguish between the two batteries, because the lower capacity battery are labeled 249 grams. Those higher capacity batteries will put the drone over 249 grams, so they are definitely not going to be for everybody depending on the regulations in your country, but for some people, its going to be a nice option again, a different view of the fly more kit and Then here we get a closer look at the batteries now thats. A question that i have been asked quite a bit on my channel is whether the batteries from the mini 2 will work with the mini 3. But as you can see, the mini 2 batteries are quite a bit different, so they will not work with the mini 3 pro and theres a good look at the charging hub pretty similar to what we have now with the mini 2. Except you can see, the batteries are now aligned differently, theres, a close up of the bag and thats, basically it so the mini 3 pro is really shaping up to be a powerhouse. I think this is going to be an incredible drone for many people, whether youre somebody who needs a 249 gram drone or not, or you just want a nice lightweight drone thats easy to travel with.

This is going to give you all the options and features of something like the air 2s, of course, with just a smaller sensor, but were going to have all the intelligent flight modes, such as focus track master shots hyper lapses. Of course, i will be purchasing this drone once it is available. So if this is a drone, youre interested in make sure youre following me that way you can follow along as we test it out. Do comparisons to current drones, like the mini 2 and the air 2s, and just to do some deep, diving into all the features just to see how everything works now im curious, whether this is a drone that youre going to be purchasing. Let me know down in the comments what feature youre most excited about. I want to thank you for watching this video. Hopefully you enjoyed it and found it had value.