It is packed with really top end features. I cant wait to get it up in the air and see what it can do: Music, Music, possibly the most exciting thing to me about the mini 3 pro isnt, the mini 3 pro itself, its the controller. You have the option of buying with it. This has a built in screen which, for a relatively affordable controller from dji, is a big deal. This is such a nice controller, its such a big improvement over having to connect like a phone to the older controllers and then having to set all that up its. That is a much slower process than this. This you just power on you power. The drone on you fold out the drone and youre ready to fly. It only takes a couple minutes, its a lot less hassle and you have a lot more chance of getting that shot in the moment. So yeah. This is a fantastic controller. I love everything about it: uh yeah, really good job on this dji ive got to say: Music, Music, Music, Music, so im about to take off and film this beautiful prairie behind me with tons of blooming spring flowers, its absolutely gorgeous, but were just going to talk Really quick here about how the mini 3 pro is to fly, and, in short, it is a very nice drone fly its got that excellent controller, its very responsive, its, not quite as fast as something like the mavic 3, of course, but for its size and its Lower price point, it is definitely adequate more than adequate, its a very, very good drone to fly, especially you have a decent turn of speed.

Actually, if you put it into sport mode, even though obstacle avoidance isnt available in sport mode, but even in normal mode, it i find to be perfectly acceptable for my purposes and yeah its just a really great drone to fly Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So, to give you an idea of just how small and portable the mini 3 pro is heres the shoulder bag, that comes with the fly more kit that you can get with the mini 3 pro, and not only does the drone fit in this tiny little bag. So does the controller theres the drone, but ive also got the dji mic kit in here as well and thats. Actually, what im recording with right now ive got the dji mic hooked up to the dji action 2 and i can fit both the dji action 2 and the dji mic into this bag, along with the uh mini three pro and ive got a fully loaded, uh Filmmaking kit right there in a shoulder bag, thats like just absolutely tiny. You can take this thing anywhere, its just so impressive. To me how compact and portable such a capable little drone is it really is impressive: Music, Music, Music, Music, so im very happy with the photos and videos im able to capture with the mini 3 pro. It has a larger sensor than the mini 2, which means that it has higher image, quality and im finding that to very much be the case.

The camera can also flip from horizontal to vertical meaning that you can capture vertical photos and videos. This is excellent for composing uh photos that arent. You know your typical horizontal landscape drone image, its also great for capturing uh, vertical videos for like youtube shorts, like i like to create or tick tock videos or the various social media, apps that, where you typically, where you always share video videos in a vertical format. Its great to be careful to capture them natively in a vertical format, rather than having to crop into a horizontal video and thus lose lose image quality. So its a awesome feature, oh its also great, for creating panoramas. I prefer actually to shoot panoramas vertically, with my regular cameras that way i and then stitch them together, like that. So i get uh more vertically that way and being able to do that, the drone is really handy. I create panoramas all the time with drones and the mini 3 pro is perfect for that, so, Music, Music battery life is very good. Dji claims. You can get over 30 minutes on a single charge with the standard battery, and i find that to very very much. The case, and if thats not enough, you can always buy an extended battery so, though, that will increase the weight of the drone over that 250 gram sweet spot there, but its an option if you want it: Music, Music, Laughter, Music, Music.