com ive, been flying. The dji mini 3 pro for the past three months now, and i say three months because it was released publicly about two months ago, and i had it a few weeks before the release date. In order for me to do my review and when they did release it, it quickly went on back order. So i know a lot of you guys are actually getting the drone now getting it pretty soon. So, in a way this video might help you guys just to give you some more insight on someone that has been flying the drone for the past few months and if you guys havent seen my previous full review. Video im not going to be going into all the specs of this thing. I already did that in my main review and ill make sure thats linked above as well as down below in the video description, and i also went through a full comparison between the mini 3 pro and the mini 2. So if you guys are deciding which one to get between those, i have a full comparison. Video thats also linked down below in the video description. So this video lets talk about some of those things you might want to know after flying this drone. For a few months and huge thanks to our sponsor of this video adorama a little bit more about them later on in the video now, for the first question, am i still flying the dji mini 3 pro, even though i have all these drones right here, the Mavic 3 air 2s and the mini 2.

. And if you guys are following me on instagram, you guys probably know the answer, because i normally always post some behind the scenes. Videos and some stories about what im flying or what im doing that day and youll always see this drone in my backpack, the mini 3 pro now, of course, if im flying for specific types of reasons and im gon na need higher quality, youll see me fly With the mavic 3 or the air 2s, but as far as my daily carry this thing will pretty much always be in my bag. Next question is: what has changed since you did your initial review video all of the main features that you would expect to be on. It were actually on the drone obstacle. Avoidance worked, focus, track, work, active track. All those things worked on the mini 3 and i think that was why it became such a popular release, because all those things that we really wanted from the mini 2, we now have on the mini 3 pro. Some recent firmware updates have made the mini 3 pro even better. When it was released. We were still able to do photos and videos in vertical mode, but with one of the recent firmware updates, you can now use all the intelligent flight modes in vertical mode. Like active track, focus track spotlight point of interest, so if youre, the type to post on instagram reels, youtube stories, tick tock and you wanted to have a lot more dynamic types of shots in those vertical or portrait modes.

You can now do all of that with the mini 3 pro with one of the most recent firmware updates. Also, another update that a lot of people were happy about is that you can now use your dji rc with the mavic 3.. Now that is a great feature for people who already have a mavic 3 pro, but a lot of people dont, so it doesnt really apply to a lot of people. I would have liked to see dji actually release the firmware for the rc pro to work with the mini 3 pro first, i think a lot of people who have the mavic 3 more than likely picked up a mini 3 pro. I dont think vice versa. I dont think a lot of people who have the mini 3 pro are going to be picking up a mavic 3 pro and are super excited about the compatibility here. I think definitely we need the compatibility of the rc pro with something like the air 2s thats going to be another big update, but we do want to see rc pro working with the mini 3 pro, because this is a really really good drone to have, as, Like a secondary or a backup drone to something like the mavic 3., as well as those people that are flying the air 2s, this combination is a really good one here and i think we all want the ability to now fly with the dji rc, with both Drones now here we are in july 2022 and i know theres still a lot of people out there that are looking at either this one, the mini 2 or the mini 3.

Pro now is the mini 2 still worth getting, even though the mini 3 pro is out now my opinion, if you are capped out as far as budget goes at 500, maybe five, maybe stretching it to 550 or so, and youre capped out there theres no way. Youre going to be able to spend any more money than absolutely youre not going to go wrong with the mini 2., and with that said, this actually brings us into our sponsor of the video adorama and those arent familiar with adorama adorama is one of the most Reputable online retail stores that specializes in everything from your camera gear lenses, studio lighting, even things like this, the dji drones and all the drones from some of the major manufacturers. Now i bring up the mini 2 and adorama because on adoramas website they have a bunch of different kits that not only include things like the fly more kit from dji, but for the same price. They actually include things like a bag extra memory cards, landing pads for roughly the same price as the mini 2 fly more combo kit, so whether youre in the market for any one of these drones, the mavic 3, the mini 3 pro the air 2s – or you Still want to get the mini 2, like i mentioned theres a bunch of different kits. They have available at a huge discount ill, make sure those are all linked down below in the video description now.

For my next question, if the mini 3 pro is so good, why would i need to move up to something like the air 2s or the mavic 3.? Now, at the end of the day, these drones are nothing more than tools in your tool kit, and these are all flying cameras. Now, what does that really mean? Well, everyone has their different use case when they go out there to fly. For me, i do a lot of print photography, so i normally lean towards flying something with a larger camera, larger sensor, higher quality resolution, because if i am gon na be printing them out, youre gon na see the difference between prints when youre shooting, with a smaller Camera smaller sensor versus a larger camera like the mavic 3 or the air 2s for the majority of the people out there flying and shopping for something like the mini 3 pro or the mini 2. You will not be disappointed from what comes out of this camera. On this drone now early in the video, i did talk about this drone being with me in my daily carry mainly because this drone is just a great all purpose drone for those that want to keep weight as low as possible. This does sit under that 250 gram mark and, as far as size goes when this thing is folded down its just as small tiny bit bigger than the mini 2, but packs up as small as this, and this is the mini 2.

. The great thing is that, even with the size of this drone, we dont lack that many other features that some of the big boys have. We have obstacle avoidance on the front bottom and the rear, and we have things like focus tracks, so you are able to use active track spotlight point of interest if you wanted to follow a subject, youre able to do that with this tiny drone, and not just That youre also able to do it in vertical mode. When it comes to quality, we have 4k 60 frames, a second for photos. We have jpeg and raw all of the intelligent flight modes as far as photos go. We have panoramics and also with the video like. I mentioned the focus track all those things that a lot of the other bigger drones have. We now have that in this tiny compact size and for my final question: is it worth the money? A lot of people talk about it, hey. You know what its kind of steep theyre pushing that almost a thousand dollar mark when it comes to this drone, absolutely worth the money, especially if you get something like the rc pro combo. Now, if you want to get the drone with the rcn1 remote control, youre around that 7 mid 700 range, but i would highly recommend getting the rc pro. It just makes this combo such an easy seamless process to get up in the air quickly. This combo right here comes in at 909 dollars usd and actually, i would normally always recommend the fly more combo, which you would normally get on all the other drones.

However, not i do still recommend it, but if you were to try to stay as low budget as possible, all you would want to do is pick up. The plus battery pick up an extra battery, which is the plus battery, which is rated for 47 minutes. If you got this battery, which youll probably get about 40 35 to 40 minutes of flight time, plus the battery that comes in the drone already and youll – probably get a good 25 30 minutes from that battery. Those two alone with this combo will probably keep you around that thousand dollar mark, and this is probably what you will need to get id say. A majority 90 95 percent of the types of shots youre gon na get out. There are going to be extremely usable in many many scenarios as far as one thing im still kind of upset about that i really wish dji did is they did not include sufficient amount of internal storage, which ive talked about in my review video. I just feel like with storage, so cheap these days, i dont see why they couldnt at least put a 16 gig 32 gig in both of these right now you have to actually have a memory card in the rc pro and you have to have a memory Card in the drone itself, in order for you to capture footage, i would have liked to seen some internal storage on both of these devices right here and there.

It is thats my little update, video its been about three months or so from flying. This drone right here and the great thing about dji, is that theyve been continuously updating the firmware on the drone, making it better fixing a lot of things updating it. Like i mentioned, we now have that vertical focus track on the mini 3 pro, and this will definitely stay in my bag as far as my daily carry drone, probably until the next one comes out huge thanks to adorama for sponsoring this video, if you guys, are Looking at the mini 3 or any one of these drones right here and check out the packages they have for the mini 2 ill leave all those links down below in the video description. As always, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like be much appreciated. Dont forget to subscribe hit that bell to be notified when i post new videos, if you guys want to see my full review video on the mini 3 pro make sure you guys check out this video right here or if you guys want to see my comparison. Video against the mini 2 that video will be right here. This is aldrin estacio with flightpath.