It has a top flight speed of 16 meters per second 35.8 miles per hour and a maximum flying height of 4000 meters, 13 100 feet and a maximum flight distance of 18 kilometers, of course, that maximum height and distance are still governed by your local regulations. It has a 48 megapixel one over 1.3 cmos sensor capable of shooting 4k hdr video. It has a top speed of 34 minutes on the standard battery with level 5 wind resistance, the 48 megapixels a quad bear similar to that found in smartphones, so youre really getting a 12 megapixel result much of the time if the drone is indeed capable of shooting 48 megapixel photos itll be the actual raw data without the quad bearing stuff, as you typically get with android devices when shooting dng raw. Its interesting that the fly more kit seems to be an added extra onto each drone package, rather than a whole set of separate bundles. I wonder if this means you can upgrade to the fly more combo in the future after youve bought your drone. Instead of having to pay full price for all the extras individually, that seems logical, of course, dji could just have it available as an optional extra for new purchases. Only thanks for watching guys. If you like my video, then please subscribe my channel and dont.