I hope you love the intro now before we jump on to all of the reasons. I also want to show you that what you will get in the box, so you will get main drone with the battery and you will also get remote controller with the screen so thats what you will get and if you want to use the extra battery, then You need to get fly more kit plus, so you will get extra two batteries along with the bag, so thats gon na be really helpful and itll. Give you a really good flight time and itll be good for the entire day. Now let me tell you why i love this drone and why ive been waiting for this one, because after this i dont think i need any other drone. This is gon na, be my go to drone. So the first reason is this weights less than 250 grams. It means you dont need to race to this drone to fly anywhere in the clean zones, and you wont face any restriction in most of the countries you can carry easily, because this comes under the nano category and for all of the draws, which weighs less than 250 grams youre free to fly without much restrictions, and, along with that, this is so portable that you can carry in your pocket like that. Now the reason number two – you know that its very lightweight, but it does not mean that you need to compromise on the quality, because it uses 1.

1.3 inch sensor, size, which is good enough to get great images. And you can also get 48 megapixel photos and, along with that, it shoots in 4k 60fps, which i think is good enough like i have always been shooting in 4k, and my youtube timeline is also 4k, so i think its good to go, and it also has Dual native iso, which means it allows more light on the sensing area and its going to give you a good image, even in the low light you can see. All of the samples that you took, i mean it looks pretty decent right. The next reason is, which i think is one of my favorite one djis are included all of the different modes like, for example, they have included master shots, active track, they have added hyperlapse and they have added quick shots as well. So the couple of shots that i can see like you can take a panoramic view. Also, i think, with this, you can take all the kind of different shots. For example like im doing the screen recording and let me just try to do the active track. So im just gon na select the subject and lets see if i hit the spotlight and if i start recording, so i will be able to track this, and this is the first time dji has included this kind of shots in the mini series. So i really love this one. For example, let me now try to get the master shots just started now.

After hitting this, i dont need to do anything im. Just gon na sit here. Its gon na do all of the shots all by itself, like its gon na, take different kind of shots, maybe dronie shaws, maybe a circle shot, maybe a pan shot and its going to give me a full video with all those shots. So i can just add these kind of wheels in my videos. I am also going to try to take quick shots. For example, i really love circle shot so im just gon na select, quick, shot and then circle and then like select the subject and then just start and its taking a beautiful circle. You know these kind of shots really help when you are actually alone, maybe youre, trekking hiking, maybe walking maybe youre, driving and youre just alone, and you dont have anyone to take your shots. So in these case, just set it up and you just start walking its gon na. Do the thing automatically for you. The good thing is, i can quickly watch the shots as well and share it on the social media. If i want to, i usually dont, do i i put it in my laptop and then try to edit and see the best feature of mini 3 pro drone. Is you can shoot in portrait mode? Yes, it was not possible before with any of the dji drone, but this is the first time that they have added in the mini 3d series, and i really love this feature.

I think for all of the people who want to shoot the reels or maybe tick tock. This is the best feature im traveling anywhere. I just need to frame the shot perfectly. This is the way that i can do it. I really love this feature guys as im at such a beautiful location im. Also taking a beautiful hyper lapse like in a kind of a pan mode, so its gon na create a beautiful video out of it. Just keep showing it right now, you must have been seeing me that i am not using any phone with this remote controller. This is a new remote controller that only comes with mini 3 pro. So this is one of the reason that you know you can fly. Uh without any interruption, because when youre using phone you might get call or something when youre flying. But with this you get inbuilt screen and thats really amazing, because it has on all the inbuilt feature. Also, you can screen record as well. I was just doing the screen recording and i dont need to carry anything extra. I dont need to connect my phone with the wire and everything its already in built in already connected, so yeah thats. One of the reason i really like it talking about the next reason you can shoot in upper angle mode. I mean this is the first time the dj is enabled in any of their drone and were getting in the mini 3 pro, for example, you can go up to 60 degree angle in the upward direction.

If you want to take a shot of some high mountain, you can just change the angle to a particular mode. Otherwise, what i used to do is like i used to take my drone way up close to the mountain, so that i can take the shot. But right now i dont need to, because i can just go up with the angle, and i can take that short. Even with the very low height – and this is also good for very high rise building – also you can take a shot like you can move up, okay, just to showcase im, taking one more example like my friend, is there hes just standing and im just very close To the ground, taking the shot see this, it looks so amazing right now, im just taking a circle shot and with a lower angle, maybe up to seven to eight degree. Now. The next thing is, you can fly in the pro mode. You can fully customize the settings. For example, you can change the setting from normal to dc light clicking. You can shoot in the log auto formula pro mode, so in this you will be able to control all of the settings like, for example, the shutter speed. The exposure and the iso as well so all of the things i can change at the same time, i think, plus one exposure, looks good with the cine look so thats the setting. I would like to use with this and once you will color grade its going to look really amazing and lets see the color grading before and after see how amazing it looks, the colors are looking so green, so vibrant and you get really good dynamic range.

The next reason is also very important: you dont need to carry extra charger to charge the batteries, because you can charge it to the power bank. For example, like now, ive used the batteries so im using with the power bank im not using any socket or anything. You can charge all of the batteries even in the drone. You can charge the batteries with the power bank, so you have the option so i can charge two batteries at the same time, if i have two usb seat wire, so the last reason is the wind resistance. Now, because of the low weight, some people might think that its not that good for the wind resistance, but you know dj, has designed this drone in such a way that it can fly up to 16 meters per second. So it can come back automatically once you tap on the home button and we were testing in such a windy condition here as well. We didnt find any problem. It was quite stable. All of the footage that we got from this drone were amazing, so in the end i want to say one thing that this drone is perfect for content creators like us, because it is very lightweight easy to carry and no compromise.