These are the things that i consider the best features of this little tiny drone and no its not perfect. So when youre done this video, if you want check out my video on 10 things that arent so great about this little drone, so lets dive into number 10 and the first one is obstacle avoidance and the addition of sensors on the mini 3 pro, which it Did not have on the mini 2., so this is a big one for a lot of people theres just a lot of confidence when youre flying do note that that option does completely disappear when youre flying in sport mode so be careful of that but yeah it Just adds a sense of stability to your flight and if you are a new drone pilot this, this is a fantastic feature. Number nine is the speed of this drone. This drone is incredibly fast going about 50 kilometers an hour. It can get where youre going real. Quick and its also pretty darn good in the wind. In my experience it does handle the wind and yeah. You might not want to be flying in crazy conditions, but if you did get caught with a little bit of wind behind you or in front of you or whatever, then just know that this things going to handle it pretty darn well and a lot better than Lets say the mini 2 or the mini one. It just feels a lot better handling and a bit more confident up in the air number.

Eight is going to be the addition of new battery options, and this is pretty cool depending on where you live. They might have more strict laws than other places, but if you have a full out drone license or it doesnt apply to, you know that you can get two options: one for about 34 minute flight time and an extended battery which claims to give about 47 minutes Of flight time now, real world numbers, of course, is going to depend on the situation that youre in i find with the typical normal battery that i get about 25 minutes of real world flight time and its a pretty cool thing that you actually have that option. Now do be aware, however, that the bigger batteries do come at the cost of bringing this little drone over the 250 gram limit, which makes this not flyable in a lot of scenarios in a lot of countries. So if you are very limited in that capacity, maybe stick with the regular batteries, but if you do go out, maybe you want to have one or the fly more combo or something yeah youve got some options, number seven is durability, and this is one that i Can speak to the mini series in general, its really not your drone until youve crashed it am i right so yeah, of course, at some point, youre probably going to crash your drone if youre getting shots that are worth anything in my experience and yes, ive already Crashed this thing, and it was luckily right in front of me: it did kind of go a bit squirrely on me.

I dont really attribute it to user error, but who knows right anyways this thing, doesnt weigh a ton and in which case it doesnt have a ton of inertia, so it pretty much was fine. I dusted it right off. I got it back in the air. It did have a little bit of a calibration thing going on there for a while, but so far so good so yeah. I can speak to the durability of this little drone, as with a couple of the other, smaller drones that ive definitely crashed in the past and yeah. That gets a check mark as well. Number six is the controller options, and this is pretty neat too. We now have the addition of the rc controller, which has the built in screen right there, and this is a fantastic addition. I love the fact that i dont have to use my phone or have it occupied. I can still have that doing whatever if need be, but now you can get this thing up even faster, not have to jumble with cords and its a great option at a reasonable price, if youre not into that or if you do have the original rcn one That came with the mini 2, which youre gon na keep. It does work with that controller as well, so more options are always better and in terms of controllers, yes, youve got some more options. Number five is the ease of use of this drone and im happy to tell you that, whether youre a seasoned vet or a beginner, this thing is going to perform great and its really really easy to fly.

Dji has done a great job at streamlining. The overall experience the app and yeah its pretty much a no brainer, you get it up there and just fine tune your controls a bit depending on how you like to fly it, but yes, its very comfortable and the ease of use for anybody to learn pretty Quickly is very, very good. Number four is the addition of 10 bit recording for video, and this is fantastic. This is going to give us a lot more flexibility in post, of course, its going to give you a bigger file size, but for real, true hardcore, video guys and lovers of editing of all kinds. This is just a great addition and something that i dont think they were gon na throw in and they did at the last minute, so a fantastic addition dji. I commend you for that and another reason why this thing is awesome. Number three is all the features packed into this thing, and i mean quick shots. I mean new quick shots, i mean hdr photo bracketing panorama mode, hyper lapses, master shots things that they were seeming to save for some of the more expensive drones can now be found in the mini series, which is just fantastic. These are among my favorite things to do in this drone. It just makes it really quick and really easy, and if youre, not a professional drone pilot or if you dont, have a ton of experience its going to make you look like you, do really really easily and intuitively and heres an example of one of the newer Quick shots, they added called the meteor, and this is just a really cool cinematic sequence that anybody can do even if youre brand new just hit a few buttons and get some awesome.

Looking footage like this number two is the image quality and the overall package that you get out of this thing. We have a new bigger sensor: weve got better dynamic range. The sharpness is fantastic, its just a great improvement over the mini 2. So, in terms of image quality, yes, two big thumbs up in terms of what youre getting out of this thing, you can compare it to bigger drones, with bigger sensors, of course, but it is a massive upgrade over its predecessor and, i think again, trending in a Very very good direction for what these tiny little drones can do, im very impressed and number one the thing that i definitely wanted to see added to a mini drone and we got it is the addition of active tracking and it does not disappoint. I have been so blown away at what this thing can do in terms of active tracking, its a lot of fun and honestly its a lot better than i thought it was going to be so a huge thumbs up again for the active tracking of this drone. It just makes it really versatile and kind of a one. Click sit it and forget it kind of thing if youre bike riding, if youre a runner or if youre, doing any kind of really cool activities. Well, its going to keep up with you just fine and because its so fast, you can even do it with really fast sports and whatnot as well.

So a huge awesome feature that i am so happy to see in this thing and heres a test that i did riding my bike to show you exactly what this thing can do. If you do want to check out my video on active tracking for this drone and my thoughts so far ill link that above but heres a few quick examples to show you just what this things capable of really blew me away. And i honestly couldnt be happier with it at this point, a few things worth mentioning. However, it does work quite a bit better when your subject is moving quite quickly for slower subjects, it can be a little bit jittery. So do keep that in mind and for most people i dont really think thats a problem as long as youre moving at a decent pace, whether youre, hiking or biking, or what have you you should be just fine. Also there is several different modes, including active track. Parallel and point of interest and thats nice to have some variety depending on what youre doing overall, i think this drone has a lot of what most people are looking for, of course, its not perfect, and we will get into a little bit of that in my Future videos, of course, but as you can see here and with everything in this video, i think for the most part its a clear winner in my book, and there are my 10 favorite things about the dji mini 3 pro and yeah.

Should you buy it? Should you not well make sure you check out my video on the 10 things that are not so great about this drone? If you want before you make your decision, if ive sold you on this thing and you want to pick it up, ill drop, affiliate links down below guys and thanks so much for watching the video. If you did enjoy it make sure you hit that like and subscribe button join the community and, like always make mistakes, be yourself and get out there and take some more pictures.