The dji mini 3 is expected to succeed the dji mini 2, which is the companys current entry level drone, and it reveals that, thanks to the addition of front facing obstacle, avoidance, sensors, a larger battery and a reworked gimbal with a new camera, the dji mini 3. Pro will likely cure most of the mini 2s issues. Jasper ellens, a self described dji investigator shared the hacked images and video on twitter. Two huge sensors on the devices front assist it to avoid obstacles, while two downward facing sensors help it avoid ground crashes. If accurate. The dji mini 2 only has ground detecting sensors, so this is a good addition to the beginner friendly drone series. With the impending release of the mini 3 comes a question: will the mini 3 displaces the mini 2 anytime soon? The dji mini 2 has been a huge hit for dji with a foldable and ultra light weight of only 249 grams, far within transport canadas limitations. It also has a maximum flight length of 31 minutes and a video transmission range of 10 kilometers, making it competitive with some of the larger dji drones. The dji mini 2 is already a marvel with intelligent flight modes that enable you to capture social media worthy videos and return. The drone safely to its starting position. The dji mini 2 combines power and portability in a compact, yet powerful design providing a safer flight experience. Improved transmission stability and improved intelligence capabilities with the mini series of drones, dji accomplished an essential task.

Most airspace authorities across the world have adopted 250 grams 0.55 pounds as the lowest weight of a drone that requires registration. The mini 2 does not need to be registered with the faa in the united states because it weighs less than 250 grams. What is it about the drone that makes it so good lets have a look camera without a doubt. The camera on the dji mini 2 is inferior to that of the dji mavic air 2, as well as many other drones that cost more than the air 2.. The mavic air 2 is the greatest drone under 1 000, while the mavic 2 pro is the best camera drone under 1 500. In our opinion, having said that, the dji mini 2 is the only drone under 500 with a 4k camera that is usable. This is definitely your best option if youre searching for the most affordable, portable flying camera available, the 12 mp images and 4k video are captured via the half point three inch sensor. The camera is on par with many of todays higher end smartphones. Converting videos doesnt mean just changing file formats to solve the incompatibility issue. It may also relate to recompressing re encoding and changing the parameters like resolutions bitrates and fps. As all we know, dji mini 2 only has h.264 codec. The file of h.264 is of quality. However, it costs plenty of storage h.265, also known as high efficiency, video coding or heck, is the latest in a long line of video compression standards.

H.265 essentially offers the same level of picture quality as h.264, but with a more efficient codec. So there are less data to manage h.265 uses only half the bitrate of h.264. It significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements which effectively lowers infrastructure costs and ultimately makes high resolution surveillance systems more affordable. Today, i would like to get you through how to convert h.264 to h.265. Video proc converter is the only video converter that utilizes level 3 hardware acceleration to realize 47x real time encoding speed. It is a solid choice if youre trying to make your video collection, playable, editable or shareable, follow the link to download video proc converter from the official website install and open the software. You can convert from h.264 to h.265 format and even more to do this. Click here to import your video choose your preferred profile, choose a location to export to then click the button to export video, proc converter, utilizes level, 3 hardware, acceleration paired with the industry lending intel amd and nvidia gpus and apple m1. M1. Pro m1 max delivers up to 47 x, real time faster video processing and encoding at up to 500 fps click the option button to make professional adjustments. Here you can make changes to settings such as quality, video, codec options and audio code options. Video proc converter supports to convert many codecs and can compress the video size without losses. Download video, proc converter now dji mini 2 portability. The dji mini 2 is made to be portable.

Drones require a lot of portability. The mini 2 is small enough to fit in a large pocket and weighs the same as a smartphone. The complete fly more gear does not fit in a pocket, but it is still quite portable. The dji mini 2s remote control is a little more difficult to transport than the drone itself, but its a decent rectangle block that can also fit in a backpack side pouch. Finally, the mini 2 can only hold one battery, but the battery hub provides a reliable way to transport three batteries. The hub also functions as a usb power source, allowing you to charge the remote or your phone while on the go. Your flying systems will be protected during travel as well. Thanks to the prop holder included with the dji mini 2 dji mini 2 upgraded motors compared to prior drones, like the mavic mini the dji mini 2 boasts updated motors. The end result is a faster top speed. A sportier flying experience and believe it or not longer flight periods. When the dji mavic pro platinum was released, it proved that motors matter they were able to show significant gains in efficiency, with improved flight times and more stable flight by adjusting the electrical frequencies flowing through the components for up to 31 minutes. The dji mini 2 will zoom around at up to 36 miles per hour. The drone can resist gusts of up to 20 miles per hour, while flying above the ground.

These figures are comparable to quadruple sized and triple priced drones. The dji mini 2 is a small drone designed by dji ocusync, instead of depending on an interference prone wi fi dji included its ocusync 2.0 wireless technology, which is also found in its higher end mavic air 2. Drone ocusync offers anti interference technology that eliminates undesired signals and enhances your transmission range to 6.2 miles 10 kilometers dji mini 2 cost weve already stated that we believe the dji mini 2 is the best drone under 500 to put things in perspective, most drones under 500 Arent much better than toy or racing drones for a long time. The best camera drones were priced at far over 1 500 getting 4k video used to be a 1 000 investment slowly. The cost of a 4k drone decreased, but the capabilities of some of these crafts were not what people wanted in a flying vehicle without a doubt. The dji mini 2 for 449 is an excellent option for people wishing to launch a reliable and portable 4k camera into the sky. However, a drone with multi directional obstacle avoidance, sensors or the ability to tote additional payloads will set you back at least twice as much. One thing is certain: the price of the mini 3 will be significantly greater than that of the mini 2. flight performance. Dj mini 2 for a drone of its size. The dji mini 2 has a surprisingly extended flying duration and range.

It has a video transmission range of 10 kilometers and a maximum flying time of 31 minutes. This allows you to fly around seeking the right shot without having to worry about recharging or changing your physical position. It can also withstand winds of up to 37.8 kilometers per hour and travel at a top speed of 57.6 kilometers per hour, making it remarkably durable and quick for a drone of its size with the mini 2 dji took a great first design for a beginner level. Drone listened to community feedback and made major improvements despite a few minor flaws, the mini 2 is a flexible little gadget that is easy to transport and crams. A lot of complex functions into a compact space, while the mini 2 size price and smooth performance make it ideal for beginners. It lacks that extra safety net to keep you out of trouble thats, not necessarily a negative thing, because it means youll have to learn how to fly and have a feel for it. Overall, its a fantastic learning experience for people new to aerial photography and videography. The dji mini 2 is aimed at the average customer, a hobbyist who wants to play around with a drone, but doesnt want to spend hundreds of dollars on more complex, higher end drones.