So lets take a look at them, but first of all who is actually going to find the mini 2 box? Have you dusted it off? If youve got it all ready to sell lets go Music, so we catching mines back about a month. We saw this mini three pro box with this mini three, quite a weird design and an rc controller thanks to jasper27, then as well for sending me those along with it so go check him out on twitter afterwards, after this video, but weve always said like this Cant be fake because its just too ugly to be fake only dj. I could make it this ugly and that box, you know it was kind of swinging them. Both ways is it real? Is it not anyway? Weve got more leaks now, and this is about the dji mini 3 pro, as we can see on the arms lets, get straight into this, its a saturday, it doesnt waste. Any time lets look at these pictures, so the first one we can see now is you can see the arm, it says mini 3, then you can just make out. The p will be the pro, but what we want to focus on here on this picture is quite a few things. Lets get straight into the actual camera, so we can see here now its got a whole new gimbal design, whole new camera on the front of it here and if we pinch in, we can see that this is now an f 1.

7 millimeter. So what does that mean? Well that means that an area that the mini 2 was lacking in, which was low light and night photography or night videography wasnt, very good, because that was an f two point: eight the to bring context. The mavic air 2 is also an f 2.8 and lets look at this. So this guy here, the nano plus which is fantastic for low light and nighttime video, is an f if you can see that 1.9, so the mini 3 pro on the front of it here is an f 1.7, which means its going to be phenomenal for low Light and nighttime video an area where it was lacking before its going to be fantastic. Based on this picture now, i cant see why this would be fake now, its almost certain that this mini 3 is going to be real and its going to be coming in fast. What else is new in this? So the camera there we can see. That is an improvement of the f 1.7, so low light night time, its going to be great fantastic. You can also see that its got a huge opening around where the gimbal is, which makes me believe its gon na also have vertical video. So why do you need vertical video? Well, its taking off rapid isnt it? You know people are wanting to post videos on reels on tick, tocks and a lot of it. Now even myself do drone videos and then i then have to crop it and convert it into vertical video to post it on reels or instagram.

So now you might be able to have the option to have vertical video, alongside just normal. Horizontal video were all used to so that would be a great selling feature and will be really popular for anybody who likes putting their videos out on reels and tick tocks as well. Lets take a look at the sensors as well on here. So if we just look at the top of it, you can see now these huge front sensors these massive circles at the front, so they are pretty good. I i wonder, because they are so big whether theyre going to include some kind of upward sensor as well, which would be bloody brilliant if we just actually move on to the next slide. Here we can see the bottom of the drone and then here you can see these massive downward sensors as well so downward sensors, obviously for obstacle avoidance and for landing thats going to be great. And if we look at this next slide here we can see it looks like to have the rear sensors as well, but theyre placed towards the front of the drone. So these two circular gaps here the top left and top right facing backwards. So its like a new design there theyre putting them there rather than right at the very back of the drone, a bit bizarre, but it is what it is im sure itll work really well. So from these pictures alone, it looks like its going to have front back and downward sensors fantastic lets.

Look at the battery weve got some person here. Holding the battery in the hand. So then people are asking: is the mini 2 battery going to be compatible with the mini 3? No, it doesnt look like it. It looks like that this has a battery bump. So if we zoom in – and we can see here that its a 2 354 milliamp battery the old mini 2 battery was a 2 250 million battery. So a slight increase there in battery a bigger battery, now its going to have to have a bigger battery because its got all this added tech, so the the sensors on this any actual tech within the side. The drone, any software features its going to be having more processing power. It needs a better and bigger battery, so it expects the advertise of 30 minutes, probably never get 30 minutes itll be between 20 and 25, which are a small drone like this, its more than enough. These links are surely coming in thick and fast now, arent they. If, if i was you and you want to sell your drone im personally, not selling them any two, but i know a lot of you just like one drone, one small drone, the mini 2 holds its value really well. So from this alone, it looks to be an awesome drone, its like its going to be really good. So a lot of beginners pick up these small drones theyre not going to probably know about the mini 3 rumors.

I mean i have a clue what a mini 3d pro even is so by putting it on ebay or facebook marketplace or selling to someone now would be a probably a good idea, because i still think its going to be between april and end of may within That time frame so its not long and then its going to have all these features uh, i would imagine a slight price increase, but ive got a feeling theyre going to undercut auto for sure so theyre going to have a better camera, spec, probably better sensors active Track performance on here, whereas the active track on here, unfortunately still isnt working um its going to be really interesting to see just how good this is. So, if youre considering buying this when it comes out, maybe try and get as much money as you can towards it now by selling that many too, i think theres gon na be three versions: a standard, a fly mall with some extra batteries and then the pro Version we dont have any pictures with the control in anyones hands, so that was on the box im sure its real im just waiting to see some extra pictures of that actual controller. I think its just going to be the same as the mini 2 controller that we had before with just that screen built in. I dont think its going to have the performance spec of the extra range capacity and everything as the rc pro, because its not going to kill that only just came out a few months ago, so its going to have something less than the rc pro for sure.

I i hope and im sure uh it will have d log and some sort of hdr video on here. It will have something because we want this drone to be not only for the hobby flyers, but people to put this out onto social media and to reels and to tick. Tocks. And you know if its a pro drone or a pro version of this mini line, needs to have d log um really interesting to see if it does the nano plus now has it as well. So i imagine its going to have d lug, which will be brilliant, absolutely brilliant. So let me know what you think of these pictures, thanks again to jasper27, go and check him out on twitter. Afterwards hope you have a fantastic weekend.