and this video im going to quickly discuss what i think this is the most anticipated drone for this year, and this is a replacement to the dji mini 2 lets discuss now. The dji mini 2 came out in november of 2020, which seems a lifetime ago and that drone sold light hot cakes. Anybody who asks me what is a good drone for a beginner to get the mini 2 whats, a good drone for a small portable drone under 250 grams, the dji mini 2.. I will give you that answer all the time for the budget for the price. Its absolutely fantastic – and it still is great, but in 2022 the technology on the drama 2 is now starting to get old. So we are expecting a refresh now, normally, in october or november, the mini line gets updated. It started with the mavic mini 1, then in mini 2, where was the mini 3. So there is several rumors and reasons why this didnt come out. Nobody aside from dji, knows for sure well touch on a few of those today and also about what you actually want to see on that mini 3, but what we are actually realistically going to get so people love the mini 2, including me, because its just so Small, i mean its about the same size as your phone, it packs a 4k camera and it just gets the job done its really great. So if you havent watched any of the recent videos, ive done even in 2022, its still worth it and i recommend getting it now.

If you recommend this to anybody normally the response is: oh just wait for the mini three. Just wait a minute three now. Currently, nobody knows when that mini three is coming out. We did see a leaked blueprint which any of you even you watching there in the background in that blue t shirt, you could go on to excel or numbers and create your own spreadsheet. Put it on to twitter and go oh, the leap dj spreadsheet, so we dont know nothing is concrete. So there are some rumors that it could come out in april, but the normal refresh time for this is november. But what i do think is, i think it will be coming out pretty soon im hoping my intuition is going to be coming out in the spring, and the reasons for this is this, so the dji mini 2 was always the top of the pile when it Came to the 250 gram limit, nothing came close, but even with that technology getting a bit older. Now all the drones like the hubs and zeno mini and other things. They always released. The software which looked great on paper, but did it perform as well it didnt. So people still continue to buy that mini too, even though the technology was old but then autel joined the race now auto have come out with this. The autel nano plus so auto have released this drone and its been out now. Ive had this.

For about a month, so this has obstacle avoiding sensors. It has a better bigger camera on the front of it. So low light performance is also better along with the photos and the videos. Is this the reason why we didnt see a mini 3 in november, because dji may have already started productivity of it, but then autel have released this drone and theres no way dji want to be second, they want to put as much as they can into this Drone, so they continue to be top of the pack, so i think thats why it was delayed. I dont think anything to do with supplies. Chip problems had any impact on it whatsoever. I think the fact that they was ready to release a mini three, but it had something which this had more of and theres no way that dji would accept that so theyve pulled productivity for this they may have added some more features. Meanwhile, this gets released. Now this certainly at the moment, isnt perfect its also more expensive, but it has more tech in it. So what are we expected to see once that mini 3 is actually here? I think the camera is going to be 100. Improved were going to see a bump in the camera, probably the same as the auto so on here, a 1 over 1.28 cmos sensor with an f 1.8 would be great itd, be better low light performance, because the low light on this guy is really good.

Theres. No way dj are gon na want second best sensors obstacle, avoiding sensors for sure needs to happen on this drone. All the drones have added them. Dji will and need to add them front back and bottom sensors im sure will happen. I dont think we will get top sensors or side for that business strategy. You need to spend more and get the air series or the mavic series, but some sensors on here will be brilliant and also allow active track focus track. Now we know theyre pretty good. I wouldnt say the best, because skydiving are the best, but they are good at tracking, so expect some sort of really decent tracking built in with the software, so to have all that protection and tracking on a small, 250 gram drone most people will be really happy With that, before, weve even had any and talked about anything else, now master shots, im kind of still on the fence, because it uses a lot of battery which is going to be an issue for this, and also us as drone pilots and filmmakers. We can create a lot of those shots ourselves, so master shots, but im sure master shots will come on that mini 3 is an added marketing feature. Master ups are cool its just whether you need to use them or not, but that yet alone it comes down to one extra thing and thats to do with the price. So a lot of people will comment saying the mini threes or the mini two, its so much cheaper than this.

But every time we add more technology into these drones, its gon na cost more so expect a increase in price on the mini three. Nobody knows at the moment what thats going to be, but just expect something. I would not be surprised to see the mini three in like the uk price of starting about 650 and then for the fly more, maybe 800, which is more yes, but youre. Gon na get more tech in it. If you want to spend more than that, then you can jump up to the r2s. You want to spend more and get better tech, the mavic 3. But i think if you want a small 250 gram drone and then you can have a dji drone, you can have the tech, the spec in it. I think most people will spend that extra cash to get it. I really dont think i think theres, probably one percent chance theres going to be a mini 3 with added tech for still 419 pounds not going to happen, but it does beg a question if you have a mini 2 already. Do you need that mini 3? So it comes down to for me this is a fantastic b drone. This will be the second drone i take with me majority of the time. This allows me to get shots, just put it in my pocket and always have quick easy to use drone with me at my fingertips, maybe in locations i dont want the bigger drone, maybe just want something and not take a big bag with me.

This is perfect, but for the actual overall flying performance you cant beat those bigger drones. The ability and the confidence flying goes in strong winds, which we get a lot in this country being able to get really sharp crisp video from the camera on the mavic 3. Its just simply unmatched, so i think a lot of you should be thinking if youve already got a mini two and youre thinking. Oh god mini three mini three minute. Three, so do you just use your mini two for like on a sunday just average flying then the mini two is brilliant, and the mini 3 will also suit you great as well. But if you want to expand and get better and better and have the best quality and create fantastic cinematic videos, the mavic 3 or the air 2s is a big bump up, even with the mini 3 coming out. So i would think about what country youre in think about what licenses do you need. So in the uk we need the a2 cfcs course. You can do that in about 48 hours online and it will last you five years costs about 80 pounds ill link in description below similar to other countries around the world, but from then you, then you can fly these bigger drones along with theres still the mini 2 and then maybe, rather than spending 8 hundred or a thousand dollars on the mini three put that towards and get a bigger drone, and have this still the mini two as your b drone and have a big beast of a drone as your a drone thats, Probably the line i would go down for sure the mini 3 will sell and be absolutely fantastic and be great.

But its going to be really interesting to see. Would you upgrade from a mini 2 to a mini 3 or simply just pay that money and get a big drone, whilst keeping this and thats im really interested to see once it comes out testing it? Is it actually worth it now, dji, just like autels biggest issue with this is that these drones have to stay under 250 grams, so this one actually is 238 grams. The autel is bang on 249 grams, so not much in it at all, but to add more technology. It means theres got to be sacrifice, so this is pretty well made, whereas the autel is certainly more plasticky and it doesnt feel as strong so sure when the mini 3 comes out its going to be really interesting. What sacrifices are made on this? To achieve those obstacle, avoiding senses that bigger lens there has to be sacrifice. We dont have the battery technology yet to have really powerful batteries, but really small as well. So the battery life is going to be similar around about 30 minutes, but the actual feel of the drone could feel more plasticky and not well made and its when you then grab an air 2s or mavic 3, and you think this is a proper, proper drone. So its definitely a concern, but im sure you know: if auto can do it the agile all over this, but its certainly a consideration to you. I would say if youve been watching this channel for a while, now and youre interested in filmmaking – and this is basically an aerial tool – and you want to add more tools to your tool.

Bag then think about other drones as well bigger drones. But we cannot wait for this mini 3 to come out to see what dj i have done. I dont think it should be too long. I would hope its going to be a spring launch. I dont think theyll wait until november. The november date last year was delayed should be out, hopefully really soon. So let me know in the comments down below if you have a mini 2 like this, would you upgrade? Would you sell this or what are you going to wait and see how good this is, or would you keep your mini 2 and put that money towards a different, bigger drone like air2s or mavic 3. um itd be really interesting to let me know in the Comments down below, but i hope you enjoyed that guys as soon as you get any more information on this ill for sure share it with you.