All right guys well were back here at the hill. I normally like to take all my drones that have the follow me function and yes, the dji mini 3 pro does have focus track, which includes all the favorite functions on all of our dji drones, active track, which is the ability to follow you. We also have spotlight, as well as point of interest or poi, and for those who are familiar with my channel, you guys are probably familiar with this hill and the main reason why i like taking follow me function. Drones up the hill is because a lot of times some dont follow you when you go up and down elevation and for me, if you are going to be using some sort of follow me function, youre not always going to be on flat ground. You might be on a bike, you might be running up a hill, it might be going down the hillside, and you want to know that the drone is able to ascend and descend and just like all, the other drones lets. Take the dji mini 3. Pro up. This hill see how well it does if it can follow me if it can ascend and descend with me, lets test it out and then, when we get to the top of the hill ill, show you some of the other modes, the spotlight as well as the Point of interest, but before i jump on my bike and head up the hill, a quick word from todays sponsor adorama, if you guys arent familiar with adorama adorama, is one of the largest most reputable online retail stores that specializes in everything from musical equipment, electronics, camera Gear lenses, and even this dji mini 3 drones, as well as all the other drones from the major manufacturers.

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Last one with my other drone, we are gon na leave. Everything in auto – and let me turn obstacle avoidance on lets – go bypass circle around myself and then i do see a little icon of a little running, icon im going to do active track, and i want it to trace me. So that means itll go from behind. There is no option here, because we dont have any other sensors like side, sensors or uh that you cant do and change your direction from what i can see. All i can see is that we have trace and parallel all right, so its in trace mode, so lets go. Lets see how it does with these uh cars coming down the hill too. All right here we go like i said. The elevation, i think, is a bigger deal, so were already at 50 feet, so elevation seems to be working well. Let me change my gears here, so i can actually try pedaling up this hill a little bit there. You go Music and well pick up some speed here, too Music. So far, so good from what i can see on my screen looks like were maintaining distance were about uh 94 feet up from original uh takeoff, and it is following me: fine pick up the speed around this corner here and this corner on. Some drones gave it uh a little bit of a some trouble, so lets see how this how this one does down shift here.

All right looks good, looks good. That is what im talking about there you go. I like it. All right were still got some bushes and trees around here lets see how it does here, perfect Music. Here it is now im gon na keep going, because why not uh theres an area back here where i like to go its a little small trail? It just goes it just loops all the way around, so i am slowing down and then the drone kind of comes a little bit closer because of my speed so lets take it over here and i like to take it on this little loop over here. Lets see how the drone does still got me still on me, nice. That is solid all right. So now that were at the top of the hill lets test out a couple of other features. Here we have spotlight so if you arent familiar with spotlight spotlight, basically, you just select your subject on screen and what you can do now is fly your drone. Whichever way you like, and the drone ideally will automatically keep you on the screen, it automatically keep the subject in the middle of the screen without you having to always adjust the camera with just the angle. Itll. Do that all itself, all you have to do is worry about flying so right now, im in spotlight mode. If i pull my camera back, you can see it keeps me right there.

I just just with one hand like i said: im just gon na push the camera to one side and, as you can see, the camera and the drone will automatically start shifting around im, not doing anything im not moving the drone im, not changing the camera angle. So if i move the drone towards me, the camera automatically starts tilting down, as you can see. If i go to the other side – and i pull back, the drone automatically will start adjusting that camera angle, so basically thats what it does its spotlighting your subject and you dont have to worry about some complex movements on your sticks. To try to maintain that subject. In the middle of the screen, itll actually do everything for you, as you can see when i lower the drone. The camera starts tilting up now. If i move towards me and i tilt, and i move the drone up, you can see the cameras automatically tilting it. Im not using that scroll wheel at all its doing everything itself, so really cool feature for spotlight its actually a really good one to use. If youre following a subject, i followed some people on a boat, and all i had to do is make sure its on spotlight. I just have to fly around the boat and the drone will automatically move the camera to keep the subject in the middle all right. Next, im going to do is point of interest, so what we want to do now is circle me as my subject there.

It is hit point of interest right there and you have the ability to change which direction you want the drone to go and how fast you want it to go. So do i want to go clockwise and i want it to go fast uh. We can do that, but medium speed hit go and you also want to make sure theres nothing around you that you might run into because there is remember there is no side sensors here on the drone. So once you engage that point of interest just make sure there is nothing around there, you go full circle all right. Here we go time to head back down the mountain. Picking up some good speed down here, too 20 miles an hour still following all right up and back down the mountain. That was the biggest thing i wanted to make sure is that it cannot only just track you, but it can also ascend and descend with you. Like i mentioned, some of the other drones would only do it on flat ground so good to know that the mini 3 pro survived. It did very similar to how the mavic 3 did when i did this test last time, if you guys havent seen that one check above as well as down below in the video description. But overall, here we are with a sub 250 drone that has obstacle avoidance, active track point of interest spotlight mode, all those focus track modes that dji has had on the previous larger drones.

We now have that on something this tiny, the mini three pro huge thanks to our sponsor of this video adorama. If you guys want to see a lot more dji mini 3 pro videos make sure you guys check the links above as well as down below. In the video description, i have a full playlist of all the stuff all the details on this drone. This is aldrin estacio with flightpath.