The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin, the excitement is building as the dji mini 3 is going to be released. This coming tuesday may the 10th at 9 00 a.m. Eastern time, first of all build a drone. Reviewer has you covered with the dgi mini 3 release party thats right were going to have a party its going to start at 9 00 a.m. Eastern time there is a link in the description for that now we may start after the video. It all depends if dji is running a video or is just going ahead and release the drone so well. Well, we wont know anything until that actual time, so please do join us and make sure to set your reminders on so you dont miss that marcus ron, johnny ray and matt are going to be here, were going to have a blast, so stay tuned for it. What i thought id like to do is to is put together a buyers guide to give you an idea of the options and pricing available now a disclaimer before we get into anything here is that these this is the information that is as of available as the Time and date of this video it is subject to change its all. The availability is also subject to change, as well just to get that out of the way now lets go ahead, and the first thing i wanted to do is just discuss some terminology here now.

The release date is the date that dji releases the drone and is available for sale on multiple websites, which is this tuesday, may the 10th at 9 a.m. Eastern time now the multiple websites, for example, you could be able to find it on djis website. Of course, best buy amazon b, h photo and a whole lot more. These are just representative samples of where youll be able to purchase this now. The next definition that id like to go over is availability because ive had a number of questions on this now. Availability is the date that the drone is available to ship or to be picked up at a big box retailer such as best buy uh. It will also be the date that the drone ships, for example, if you ordered it from dji it will be the the be the shipping date just to clear that information up now lets go ahead over of some of the pricing and options available for the drone Itself now this le this is from jasper, ellens and the dji mini through mini 3 pro single unit, okay, its translated here 7′ euro, but it is a standalone unit. In other words, it is just the drone and the battery itself. There is no controller with this here now, the next one again. This was from the leak from the other day, and this was from from jasper ellens, and what i did here with the pricing was. I did, go ahead and convert this to us dollars.

So, for example, the dji mini 3 pro nd filter set is 55.58 uh us the dji mini 3. Pro intelligent flight battery is 75.66 us usd the dji mini 3. Pro wide angle lens is 41.52 dollars usc and the dji mini 3. Pro propellers is 15 and 41 cents usd the dgm mini 3. Pro two way: charging hub is 51. 51.56 usd. The dji mini 3. Pro fly more kit is 197.43 usd the dji mini 3 pro with the dji rc is 965.32 usd and the dji mini 3. Pro with the standard controller is 841.77 usd and again all of that information is subject to to change based upon your country and availability as as far as thats concerned, what i am planning on doing, im planning on buying the dji mini 3 pro with the new Remote controller im, also planning on buying a battery separately and im, also planning on buying an extended battery separately as well and a charging hub question of the day.