Quick video today talking about fpv masks in particular this new one from drone mask idea, is very simple enough. It enables you to have a full fpv experience on pretty much any model drone that youve got whether its the mini 2 that im going to be playing with today. Air 2s mavic 3, whatever look at the concept is, is so straightforward. The idea is that you will connect your phone to the remote control using a longer cable which, sadly, you dont get in the box. Unfortunately, because obviously depends on what type of phone youve got, but the remote controllers, the standard, dji remote controllers, theyll use usbc. This particular model phone is also usbc, so you can just get a meter long usbc to usbc, and the idea is simple enough. You unzip this mask its got a huge, great, big, lovely lens inside that you can actually see your phone one of the things. I really like about this particular model. Is that its just got one continuous lens, so the idea you havent got a little black bar in the middle, so the idea is simple enough. You will simply clip in your phone into the mask like that, using the high quality little elasticated clips as a zip it up, and then you can literally im going to show you a better better view of that. You can see your screen and the idea. Of course is that you are looking at your screen, so youve got the full high definition of your phone rather than using a third party lcd screen that is built inside the mask now.

One of the key things youre going to have to do is go into the control settings and if you scroll down, youve got gimbal mode, youve got normally the follow mode, but you can switch it to fpv mode and what that means is that when the drone Is banking instead of the gimbal adjusting to always keep the horizon level youre, actually going to get the horizon its going to be moving to give you that fpv feel right, lovely sunny day for it, so lets get it up in the air, obviously, under uk rules. So if youre flying fpv, then you do need a spotter stews lurking off camera, but anyway, idea is simple. Enough lets get the uh mask on drone switched on and then its fairly straightforward, youre just going to be controlling everything, as you normally would. One of the things you might do on your screen is scroll down settings and switch off the automatic brightness on your screen. The moment you put your phone inside the mask, obviously the light sensor thinks its dark and it reduces the brightness of the screen. So right, teddy just stay there matey all right off. We go and have a nice little play. I mean it is such an immersive experience. The screen is literally wrapping around theres no join between the two eyes lets go off, we go put it into sports mode, have a bit of fun all right up. We go and, of course now because we moved the gimbal into fpv mode.

When i turn right, you get that fpv feeling! Goodness me, i mean you know: ive got the uh fpv, the dji fpv. Obviously, this isnt quite as fast thats, an absolutely insane bit of kit, but you have got this perfect fpv experience going on here, its really brilliant, no sunshine glaring on the screen. You see all the uh all the data info perfectly. So the idea, of course, is that if you are humming and arring about whether or not its getting into the world of fpv, this is actually a very cheap way of seeing if its for you, because, basically you are converting your mini, your mini 2 or whichever Drone youve got into a fully functioning fpv drone and obviously theres no latency problems because you are using your phone, you can control the camera settings using the buttons on the phone of course, so you can stop start record. You can swap to photos. Oh okay, stop swap to photos, take a nice little picture. If you want and swap back to video start all of thats being done with the remote control and off you go and carry on having a bit of a laugh there we go so look there. You go really fun mad crazy little uh video today, but um. This ill ill put a link down below to uh, where you can get this um yeah. If you are its such a simple concept but like i said you can get all manner of different masks, ranging from cardboard crap ones, this one fully adjustable, strap, really comfortable to wear, and this huge great big lens, which is um, making sure that everything you see Is nice and clear without a split screen, which is one of the nicest things now obviously, ive got the dji fpv.

The motion and maneuverability of that aircraft is obviously completely different, but with regards to the actual, how can i say experience you get the fpv experience. You get this makes your mini 2 or your air 2s or air 2, exactly the same, because you are basically seeing the entire screen from your phone, including all the telemetry. All of the information right there crystal clear right in front of your face and very sunny day today with a low sun, but obviously inside the mask youve just got the crystal clear screen, so good fun. Good fun, like i said, ill put a link below um its all. There is to say, really a really fun extra little bit of kit that you can basically convert your drone to fpv as and when you want to and and then put it back to normal.