Some of you might ask me why dont i fly my drones more in singapore. Well, truth is theres only so little places that you can fly your drones in singapore. What is up you guys, i hope, youre having a wonderful day now, im here at marina barrage. Apparently we can fly the drone here, but im not sure i got ta check. I want to check the safe fly zone for flying, so im allowed to fly this. Okay, this is 250 grams within the weight limit, okay, Music. So the leaf wasnt working, but you heard it so much complication so difficult to fly a drone. You got ta get approval, you got ta, ask permission and you know, hopefully they say its okay. Now i have to walk all the way up on the top of marina barrage, so i get an open spot so that i can fly the drone yeah. Finally, okay, what a nice view theres still a long way up to the top till then lets start with the unboxing of the dji mini 2., and here we are, with the dji mini 2, the standard set inside the box. We are straight away, greeted with the mini 2 drone itself. All right lets see what else is inside the box. Ah, we got the controller at the bottom. Is there anything else in the box other than the silica gel? All right lets have a look at this new controller wow, its nice, its comfy.

It is bigger than the drone, and here we have the drone and the controller for size comparison and, of course, we have instruction manual always important to read the instruction manuals guys. We have a usb type c cable for charging, and these are the usbc cable and the micro usbc cable wow. They even include the screwdriver for those propellers and yes, we got a set of spare propellers and also they gave a spare joystick for the controllers. Just in case you lose them now. On top of the controller, you got a rotating dial to tilt the camera of the drone and on the right side, is the shutter button at the bottom of the controller thats, where you keep the joystick simply just remove them and screw it on the controller. Alright lets take a look at the controller on the right power button. In the middle you get to switch the mode from cinematic normal to sports mode and on the left. Thats. The home button on the top left is the function button and on the right is to switch between camera and video mode and on the top of the controller. This is where you mount your phone now i got a pretty big phone and it does take my phone in pretty easily even with the phone cover on, and this is the lightning cable on the controller which you know only stupid, iphone users would use it. So lets dive into the mini 2 drone and have a closer look at it.

Removing the sticker – and this is how you extend the propellers more stickers over here – lets – have a look at the battery on the drone itself. You have the sd card slot and a usb port to charge your drone more stickers to remove – and this is where you unfold – the back propeller now at the bottom of the drone. This is where you switched on your drone. You also have two sensors at the bottom of the drone more stickers to remove – and here is the little plastic cover to protect the 4k camera – all right, thats, pretty much it lets get back to flying. The drone super hot day today, guys mini 2, is over here. Just let me set it down on the grass and also a very windy day today, gon na be challenging for the small little mini. So the reason why i decided to get a mini 2 is purely because of weight. Um, the mini is 249 grams, which means you do not need to have a license or register your drone. I did register my mavic pro just to let you know to switch on your drone. You press once and you press again and hold its on same with the controls, press and hold so always check the home point to make sure that it is exactly where its supposed to be thats. The most important thing and, of course, make sure your drone is calibrated properly or the safety checks just go through it, its all very simple.

On the app i need to brighten the screen a bit, because it is broad daylight now and we go alright. Lets go and see mbs, Music. Everything is just easy, since you told me what could become of me, i put together all the pieces and now its time for me to Music come on. If dennis watch this video hes gon na kill me see even without riding. I too drop my camera. Damn freaking, wind man, Music. That is how strong the wind is. Look at this Music crazy. I was saying that the mini 2 can handle strong winds, good job impressive, my camera cant handle strong winds. It blew my camera down. You saw that hot day, guys hot day. Finally, in the car air conditioned, i swear. Man im dropping my camera more than i expected. I am usually a careful guy been recently dropping my camera way too much alright. So always after you fly check your phone, you can review the footage and ive already checked the footage in my phone. Everything seems fine. You guys have seen the footage as well alright. So while i pack up, let me tell you why i decided to get the mini 2. When i already have the mavic pro. I knew a friend a long time friend he works at dgi, so he was able to hook me up with the mini 2 and i was like you know what it is high time i mean.

I know i dont fly the drone that much, but it is high time that i upgrade my drone and on top of that i dont want to be breaking any laws. You know me so in any case, if i ever travel overseas, then i am not able to bring my mavic pro because its more than 250 grams. If i do, i need to register and all the hassle and then check their laws with the mini tool, because its below 250 grams, you dont, have to register it. But you still have to follow the rules like as in. Where are the fly zones and all that stuff thats? The reason why i decided to get the mini too now heres, why i like the mini 2, so much my power bank usbc, plug it to my power bank and connect it at the back of the drone. Like this, it is charging see charging now. This is also the reason why i didnt go with the flymo combo, because i wanted it to be compact. I wanted it to be small. I dont want to carry extra batteries with me and all the stuff, although i know, if i wanted to fly more combo, my friend could hook me up. The standard version is good enough for me, for example, right now after i flew the drone, if im going to another place – and i want to fly a drone – i just charge it and it takes like 45 minutes to an hour for full charge.

Also one more thing: i want to give a shout out to davey spray. Thank you again so much for the chinese new year, hong pao support support. Yes, thank you so much for the little gift. I appreciate it so much and big shout out and thank you to you and i want to say gong sifa thai to you as well, Music, its nearly full three bars already. I feel like im gon na need some camera company to sponsor me that way. If i ever drop my camera, i can get a new camera, so i wanted to fly the drone a bit more today, but of course you saw it started raining again: thats life in singapore, guys, okay, i am back with hazer. This here is the mini 2.. This is my mavic pro the original, the first ever mavic pro lets unfold this and you guys get to see the size comparison, design wise. They both look similar how you unfold them is exactly the same. Its like um, big brother and little brother only little brother is newer than big brother alright. So here we have both drones um. As you can see, when you unfold them, the size is a huge difference seriously almost doubled the size, in fact the mavic pro its bigger than hazer, yes, its bigger than you mini 2, its smaller than you. Now. What i like about the mini 2 is that small compact, of course, the new controller because of its new technology, ocusing 2.

0, gives me the confidence to fly the mini 2, even more so than my original mavic pro now, i would say that the original mavic pro Is more stable in the air? When i flew this in the strong winds, i could see it like move and swivel a lot. However, it did fight the wind very well, as you can see today, the wind was really strong and all the footage that i got its impressive. I dont know how they do it, but this gimbal on the mini 2, its impressive, i couldnt, feel any shake or camera movement when reviewing the footage of the mini 2. camera wise, its actually a lot better than my old mavic pro. I feel like the dynamic range of the mini 2 camera, its impressive shadows and brights no problem. Well, the mavic pro the whites and the brightness. It tends to get overexposed and you lose quality out of that. Now, surprisingly, even though, without any obstacle avoidance on the mini 2, i was very confident flying this drone. I actually fly through trees, whereas when i had the mavic pro, i didnt dare to go through obstacles, even though my mavic pro has front sensors. I do not have any confidence flying these true trees, maybe its because its bigger and because the mini 2 is smaller. It has to fly through obstacles easily. I guess when i go out – and i show people this – it wouldnt be so intrusive as to if i were to take this with me, and they see this big drone, they would be like, oh with the mini 2.

It feels like a toy. It feels like you are casually flying a toy up in the sky and not to mention this little guy. It is so silent. You could hardly hear it when you fly this mavic pro. When you fly it. Everybody knows you got a mavic pro. Everybody knows that youre flying a drone, it is uh, not so discreet. I would say now quickly to run through with the specification. The mini 2 has 31 minutes of flight time. This is why i feel like just get the standard set. You dont need to go for the flymo combo, the mini 2 shoots in 4k 30 frames per second 2.7 k in 60 frames per second, and would you believe it this small little camera here this small little camera here it has four times zoom. Oh, i have to say that its digital zoom, not optical, so but its still a zoom guys it still zooms the transmission distance, its 10 kilometers, like my original mavic pro the distance, is seven kilometers. Now, of course, we are not gon na fly 10 kilometers. Now, usually i dont really fly my drone more than a kilometer away. Yeah, i think the most ive ever done is a kilometer thats, the most usually, i will always fly like 500 meters just so that i have the line of sight like i know where my drone is. I am not so brave to fly far away and plus you should always fly a drone and have a line of sight right taser.

So the mini 2 has a level 5 wind resistance. I dont know what that means, but im guessing its pretty good level. 5.. Now, lastly, i want to add that this drone has five quick shots. I usually dont use the quick shots because i like to control it myself, especially when theres no sensor so the five quick shots that they have is droney helix, boomerang rocket and circle. All in all, i would say the mini 2 is a great drone, especially if you travel, especially if youre on the go. You just want to bring something light and small. Along with you, then the mini 2 is perfect. It does the job, especially if youre, traveling mini 2 is the only option unless you want to go for the mini one, but whats the point of going for a mini one when thats mini 2. Alright guys, i hope you enjoyed todays vlog and i will see you in the next one. You guys keep smiling see ya my baby. They have not seen you for a long time. He said they have not seen you for a long time. Singapore has a lot of restriction. You got ta find where you could fly the drone. You know what let me show you the map of singapore. This is the map of singapore literally everywhere in singapore. Its almost a no fly zone everywhere is covered its crazy guys and its not like oh im here at sentosa.

Well lets pull out the drone lets fly. Let me show you sentosa, no youre not supposed to fly at that area because theres cable cars – oh oh im at jurassic mile. Let me show you the pcn at jurassic mall, no, because our changi airport is nearby. This is what i have to deal with. This is why you dont see a lot of drone footage because its not worth it well now.