After that i came home. I couldnt make a vlog And i was also busy with school, So i am on vacations now. So i wanted to make a vlog and i got many subscribers and also viewers. I really appreciate that. I just bought a Drone, so today we will try the drone. I flew it just one time So today we will fly it second time its the month of October, Its very windy and cold too. Has you can see its very beautiful Germany is so beautiful in this month this month is called golden October. Look. Everything is golden. Now i am going to the park to fly my drone. I bought the drone a week ago and i didnt flew it much. I have to go to a big park becouse. I am not so good flying Drones, so lets go. We will go to kchwald park its near my house, so we will go there and fly the drone Keep watching. So here we are So i have to walk straight and there is a huge place to fly the drone, its a big area. People come here to chill and enjoy like that, its very windy. So here you can see this park. I came here to fly the drone becouse. I need a big area to fly the drone and learn. I dont want to crash it haha. If i will be perfect flying the drone, then we will fly it above. The water and mountains, but now lets fly it here here its a huge park.

Has you can see its 10 mints away from my house here? I am on the second corner of the park and i am coming from there and here i will fly my drone. I dont have a tripod to stand. My mobile, i have everything for vlogging except tripod lol. I dont have the main thing haha So keep watching. So here is the drone in this bag, and i have the second mobile also with me, because i willl connect it with the second mobile and make vlog with this mobile, so lets take this off. This is the drone it doesnt fly like this wait, and this is the remote controller. I have to take this out like this, and there is a wire, and now i have to connect this wire with my mobile here. You can see this app. This app is for the drone. I have to connect this wire first here we are, this app will be opened by it self. No first, i have to turn on the remote. I am confused haha here you can see one press, two press now this app will be opened Here now i have to take this camera cover off. I will put this in the bag. Now. Let me unfold the drone, its very difficult doing these things together. Wait. I will unfold the drone Here, its the same way to turn the drone on its started, its a little hard to take off, because i will do it with my hand.

I cant do it on the grass. Let me connect the remote with the drone. This is the camera screen of the drone. Now i have to take off with my hand its a little difficult because i am holding my mobile also now its better. So here we go Its connecting with the satellite Now its ready for take off here. Its written. Take off, I have to press and hold this So finally, its flying so lets fly its recording, yes, itis, also recording it has a lot of features on quick shot. It has a circle mode. I stand in the middle and it rotate above me lets try it now. I have to select my self on the remote Now ill. Do that, so it will focus on me Now. I have to press start. I have to be careful. It can also crash Now ill start it now. It will rotate above me has you can see. I am doing nothing its just flying by it self it was about to crash, but my luck, it didnt, i am not trying it again, no need of it. First. I will learn after that ill. Do these things and second thing: it has 3 modes on the cine mode. It shoot cinematic videos smoothly and on the normal mode it is normal and the sport mode is supper fast. Its fow fllowing cycles cars like that, but i am using it on cine mode because i am new.

I just started learning its also hard to land the drone. I am alone, so i cant make video on landing. I land it on my hand. So now i am on the middle of the park. I think now i can try the circle mode here. It shoot 4k. This is the special thing on this drone. Now i have to set it How much meter i want to fly it, but i dont want to fly it so far. I set it on 25 meter, so lets start. I have to selet me again, so i did oh man, i just cant, but i think i should try it So i am doing it so its rotating auto. It has a lot of features, for example, if it fly far away from my range. So it has a feature called return home. It comes back automatically. So if i lose it, i just press a button and it comes back that place where it was flown. It has a good battery time. It fly 31 mints. Has you can see its flying since 15 mints its also very windy, but its flying smoothly and battery is about to die because its very windy, if its windy it takes more charge? I have to land it on my hand, because i cant land it here on grass, so i landed it and it has a nice camera. It shoots 4k And it weight 249g. It has this speciality ehat. If you live in Europe or USA side countries, you have to register Drones there, but not this one, because its 249g, you have to register Drones above 250g, but this one is nice.

I dont have to register it. I can fly it anywhere, except restricted areas like police army places or privet properties. I cant fly it there, its getting dark so lets go back. I have to go home and also edit the vlog. So let me pack these stuff so look how ill fold it and put it back its smaller. Then my mobile, it has a perfact size and this cover is for the camera, and i fold it like this. Here we go. I can also put it in my pocket, but no ill put it on the bag. I came here netto its a supper market near my house. I came here to buy some drinks, so i can edit the vlog at night. Now i am not shy. Vlogging in public hehe thats me making vlog, and this is the supper market. I want to take a red bull Sugar free because with suger it hurts my teeth so thats it lets go so i bought the stuff. Now i am going home, so we will meet on the next vlog. I will try to make vlog weekly. Ok, take care.