I am back again with another unboxing video unboxing subscribers finally drawn unboxing torches, so lets get started Music and if you see this is like the ultra light, drone monique is just 249 grams in the drone, 249 grams wow chala less weight on the other side image. So lets unbox. This, oh, is the bagla petite charu. So this is bag. Unboxing trim the camera bag on the hand premium quality on the front of the monkey, so accessories you next to chessy monkey usb a adapter on the with dji logo and in usl purchases, and then we have connectors so choose error, usbc usbc. Last but not least, we have the charging brick. This is like a battery charger case, so monkey two extra batteries already drawn three batteries. Let me clean this off. You products are drawn into them. This is the tiniest and lightweight drone available from dji its just 250 grams on top wow. In fact, a drone controller, 12 megapixel Music so lets try it three two one Music, so finally, the beautiful city of california, san jose and mata place.