My brand new dji mini 2 drone. I am so excited for this brand new drone. I mean it came out like a year ago in october 30th, 2020. I think and like ive been excited, i think issues like 4k 30 frames, a second all that stuff so lets get right into it. Ive heard some really good stuff about this, like really good specs, oh gosh, here we go here. It is what yall been waiting for lets get back its a nice really weatherproof. It seems like, like this zipper. Its really like it looks like splash proof i think, but stop my talking and go straight to what comes in a bag. So first the controller. It has occusiq 2.0, so go 10 kilometers and it just goes really far ill do that your manuals are in here im pretty sure yeah um, quick, start guide future is possible. The two way charging hub and the disclaimers and safety guidelines so interesting accessories, silica, gel donate. That looks really good though, but dont eat it. Whos in this accessories box, their dji high powered volt wall charger seems nice uh cables. That goes into your controller to plug your phone into im. Pretty sure it already has a lightning cable built into it right here it has a usb to usb. I mean usb c to usb type c, and then what is that usb type c do some? I forgot what its called it looks like a trapezoid and then a cable to plug your batteries in usb type c, looks like the two way charging hub with.

I think two batteries should be in there already yeah two batteries. They shouldnt be charged yeah theyre completely dead, nothing else in there and then. Finally, the drone oh forgot, their assistant, so extra thumb sticks for your controller extra propellers one, two one, two, three, four, five, six pairs of extra propellers screwdriver its not to twist and lock things you have to screw these in anything else, nope see theres a little Bag up here and everything down here in a little spot for your film. I believe that there is a zipper yeah theres, a zipper in here – nothing in there, but the bag is really nice. So im gon na set this right down here and then the drone and just look at it so make sure to take the stickers off because when youre flying it reduces a lot of drag. So this is just telling me how to fold these propellers into here and how to put this on and then take these off, and this is like an honest review. I just got this in today so and then so battery compartment right in here propellers. I think you can take this off yet so its like a little thing that its just like a little button. This little ball comes into the socket, just comes right off and then this battery just pull this open. The battery is already in here there we go very loose. I dont know why and then a usb type c cable to plug it in, and it transfer data from the drone to your phone and a little spot for your micro sd card to go in im.

Personally, i im gon na use a 64 gigabyte sandisk extreme. It has to be like a u3. I think, because it this shoots 4k, but hold this. So your arms go out first like this and back arms and then the two sensors. So when youre land theyre landing sensors, so when you land theyll go up because since is it, you know how far away from the ground you are and then on. The gimbal cover put these two fingers up this little girl here and then make sure to take these stickers off the gimbal very important, so yeah heres our roll axis, our pitch axis and our yaw turn. Oh, no so are yall axis and sure take this off back back and power button, you press press and hold and ill do some boot up thing and then the light when youre flying its a light and then theres also a led light right here and then Uh two vents right here: event right here, right here and then vince under here, so when youre landing and going up it sucks, aaron and stuff um. Let me see how i take this battery, so yeah open this up and you pinch and pull and im pretty sure that these are lipo batteries. Lithium ion polymer theyre really light crazy. Just to remind you that i think the box sales like 242 grams with the battery and everything so you dont, have to register it through the faa, so its legal to fly with unless youre doing it commercially.

Because then, you have to do all this other stuff, but here it is everything this is it and then let me go into the controller, looks really nice, so the dji mavic 3 has it the air 2s, the air 2 and the mini 2.. Now this is the controller i was talking about and its really high quality. It fits the hand really good, but i already screwed this in, but how you screw. The thumb sticks in is simple. You just pull this out and screw that in and were good, and so this is the power button like everything else. So if you want to see your battery level, you just press once and im around halfway charged around 60 percent. I could tell and press press and hold it turns on and its blinking to pair up with that, but its not charged press press and hold and it will turn off now. This is the uh camera switch button, so ill go to video to photo mode just by pressing a button right here and so – and this is the picture and video button right here. So lets say if im in picture mode and if i press this button, itll take a picture if im in video mode and press this button, itll start videoing and press it to stop, and this is a jog wheel base. Dji calls it and its spring loaded. But this controls the gimbal. So if i go this way, its the gimbal is going to slowly start going up, and you go this to your left, its going to slowly start to go down, and this is the function button you can mess with it all in the app you could change It to a lot of different things, but im not going to worry about that right now, um.

This is the return to home button, so ill just hold this down for like two seconds it says and itll turn around and come to home, so wherever it landed. I mean took off, itll come and land right there and it also, if you press this on its way back, it will just pause and stay exactly where it is, and you have control over it again now lets say were if youre in a quick shot mode. So youre doing dronie, where you draw a little boxer on you and it goes out and lets say if youre going to run into a tree or something you press this and it will pause it and itll just stay exactly where it is and right here is This the speed switch, so that goes from cine, which is where you get sent really cinematic shots. So if i were gon na do like a commercial for or something i put in city mode, because it processes everything very well and its the slowest speed, it goes around like 10 miles an hour, i think normal mode, its the middle mode. You could tell its the average speed. It goes around 21 miles an hour and then sport mode is the fastest. But when youre recording everythings jerky, because its focused on speed and dji says that the drone goes up to 38 miles an hour. So i suppose it will go 38 miles an hour in this mode and this right here when youre returning the home or low battery.

This is going to be beeping a lot and it will like beep you to death pretty much, and this is the speaker for it and like the cool, the vince that cools the entire controller off and right here, to put your phone in. You pulled this out. It does not fit ipad minis, but it does fit most phones. Now it fits my phone just put this there once it so put it like this. There we go and im not going to put the cable in since its already in here, but you rip this cable out. You rip this cable out right here and it goes around and when your phones in here and stuff youll plug it in then your phones connected to the controller which is connected to the drone and thats pretty much. That is all on the controller Music. Thanks for watching, my video make sure to like and subscribe stay tuned for the next one, and if you have anything that you would like to comment about, make sure to comment down below and hopefully i can respond.