It dictates what we pay attention to what we accomplished that day, but before we get started, i wasnt always this sophisticated camera gentleman before you today: Music, Music. Well, i used to enjoy a good party thats for sure, but nowadays i like to travel to interesting parts of the world with my cameras and try to do good thats a fun day in my book now lets take a closer look at each piece of my Everyday carry essentials. This leather case i hand made before i was a filmmaker. I was a professional leather craftsman. I made pieces for axel, rose, christina aguilera, carrie, heart and pink lots of fun people. So i bring a few leather pieces with me around the world. Little reminders of a wild former life Music. My drone kit is super minimal three batteries and some extra props thats. All i need for shoots. I got hooked on drones about two years ago, its always with me its unlimited, creative potential, just so much fun Music. My other camera is the canon r6, its the best hybrid camera for the money. My 35mm primes just stays on the camera, its an f 1.8 stabilized compact, Music, Music. I was never a jewelry person but, as i started to travel the world, i started to find a few pieces that i thought were kind of cool and great talismans as an adventure filmmaker kathmandu, nusa penida guatemala chiang mai, brooklyn Music. My watch ive always been a watch guy.

This is my seiko xkx custom dive watch. I have three different bands for it now in the watch world theres a huge fanatical community for this specific watch, the seiko xkx dive watch because it can be customized so much its kind of like harley davidson theres, a massive aftermarket of cool custom, dials bezels bezel Inserts cases, hands straps everything for this specific watch, its a great reliable mechanical movement, reasonably priced and endlessly customizable its just a great masculine style. Next up is this piece of fabric i always have with me. This was given to me by a best friend who got it in afghanistan during his second military deployment there. Its just always proven handy to have this in my back pocket during travels client shoots eating. My next essential is earplugs im serious. Actually, when im doing creative writing editing planning, i discovered that i love ear plugs your ears are always sending signals to your brain every little sound but with ear plugs eliminating the majority of sounds. I found that im able to really concentrate deeper im, more productive, more focused earplugs are essential for me every day. Lastly, is my ipad pro. This is my only computer, no laptop, no desktop. Once i discovered a video editing program called lumafusion, i got rid of all my other computers. I simply dont need them. I can do everything on my ipad pro and its much lighter, more compact, lightning, fast and much less expensive.

So as someone whos permanently traveling, lightweight and compact are essential, and if youve got an ipad, i highly suggest try editing with lumafusion. Alright. Thank you for watching this little tour of the eight items i carry with me every day, its my form of minimalism and a little personal style.