The main feature of this drone is very simple bite and flight in the united states. If you are buying a drone over the width of 250 grams, you need to register it in the ffa as a drone and then, after a couple of weeks, you can fly it in this drone. The story is different. The dji mini 2 has the width of 249 grams and one more gram for the micro sd card. That means you shouldnt register it. The dji mini 2 has some goods and beds, but were gon na look at them after we look at some shots Music. You have to know my dji phantom 3, which was released seven years ago, can only shoot in 1080p and theres 33 fly time and looks like this. The dji mini 2 allows you to capture pictures in 20 and 12 megapixels and 4k video with a flight time of 31 minutes a crazy upgrade. I have ordered the regular package of the drone without the combo pack with the price of 449 dollars, which comes with the drone, the previous nice r2s controller, one battery and some reserve equipment lets talk a bit about the frequencies of this drone. It has a 10 kilometer or 6.2 mile range and when i tested it in the city, it was started lagging 500 meters away for me and lost connection a kilometer away from me. The dji mini 2 has the exact same look of the first dji mini, which i think is clean and beautiful.

My first problem comes with the first look when ive seen sensors only at the bottom, which gives the pilot more responsibility. I also cannot track myself or object with a drone. The next problem comes when i need to install a different app, then my then the other dji ones which give me more apps on the phone for the conclusion. I think that dji mini 2 is a very good drone for beginners and for families who wants to capture some moments from trips and stuff. Like this, i dont think for professional pilots to buy this drone. The next upgrades i think they should give to the minute three – is more sensors and change you up to the regular app of dji.