I make videos about filmmaking, mostly outdoors, so today i want to talk about this guy dji mini 2.. I just wanted to say to begin with. I love this drone. I crashed it earlier made a video on it repaired it paid for it myself, so i have a small history and that makes it a little bit more important. Okay, so first i want to show you all the tools you got with this drone, so lets jump in this drone has four different modes: the photo mode, video mode, quick shots and panorama me personally. I mostly just use the the photo and the video some of the quick shots. They can be really good, but its also pretty easy to just do it manually. Then you have auto mode or pro mode and auto is what you think its auto, but that can be pretty bad in video. If you have changing conditions. Im not gon na go deep in the settings because i think theres a lot of other videos that will cover that so im gon na try to stay in the practical side of things more of the flying and stuff like that. So the good things with this drone 4k quality, its really good for this tiny drone and the second best thing is the weight 249 grams, and that makes it much easier to fly than drones. That way more and its a really good thing, and also not only from the law perspective, but from the user perspective, because i dont want to hurt anybody and you can never ever trust your electronics 100.

They sometimes they just fall out of there. They they get. Some malfunction, or just do something that you dont, expect and if this falls down in a city or something its its not gon na, like really hurt anybody. So i think thats one of the best things and of course you youre not allowed to fly over people and stuff like that. So but sometimes you dont know if the drone just flies off so thats a really good thing with this really light drone. Another thing that i dont think too many people are talking about is its its its a pretty cool, looking drone and for me its i like using products that are also good looking because it kind of yeah, i dont, know maybe superficial, but i think its a Good design, its a nice nice look, this drone is probably more for beginners and kind of hobbyists, and i think this is the perfect one. This is the perfect drone you can learn to fly. You can get the perspectives, get the feeling in your fingers on how, when what where youre gon na fly, you get confident and its not so risky its not too expensive it. It does cost a lot of money, though, but its not too expensive. So i think if this was my first drone, i would be really really happy and also, i think, the battery life its its pretty okay, its like you can really fly for 25 minutes and its no problem.

I i dont remember what the what the estimate is by dji but thats, usually just some false number that never youre never gon na get that many minutes that they say so think about 25 is pretty good. Another good thing like crazy good, is that everything fits in this bag. The drone drone goes there, you have the remote control and then we have the battery charging hub. This is the fly more combo and i think you should get it because youre just gon na be pissed off. If you have one battery and try to like really enjoy yourself its not gon na happen, you need more batteries, so go get some batteries. If youre, trying to film like cool stuff, cinematic stuff, you maybe wan na get some nd filters, okay, so that was the best things now, the not so good things. The one thing im really missing on this drone – and i think very many other people also are – is the lack of a flat profile, a color profile, so that you could color grade the footage more thats. The thing that i really hope that dji could could make in an update and just add a log profile thanks. There are some issues with the small size, and that is, if its a little bit windy or more windy. This one tends to drift like in this video. I encounter a pretty interesting problem when its too windy. Sometimes i i tried to fly forward full speed but uh the drone isnt really moving so thats the problem with these small drones.

Okay, i have it in cinema, so its not so powerful. Probably if i change to normal, it will start moving a little bit but its not smooth, so its definitely not the best choice when its very windy. If you want to have like super precise flying its very difficult or because compared to the fpv drone its kind of its heavy, but it it stays where its supposed to be and its kind of its different, and it has more power. But this one its its just tiny, so it it it just gets whips around in in the wind and its maybe stupid, to complain on a thing like this like low light, because its super tiny camera and i know its not capable of very good low light. But still, i think, theres a lot of ai processing that could be done like new iphones and stuff like that, that they have just perfect low light, even if its super tiny, so that would be cool the last bad thing. Oh or maybe its also. A good thing, but the range for me, i think its been like 1.3 kilometers the furthest away, and then it just goes away the signal so, but then on. On the other hand, if you can fly over one kilometer, i think thats. It should be enough, but sometimes when youre filming outdoors and you have like this vast, open fields, you would just want to attack it, but okay thats.

It hope you got some info from this and, if youre, if youre second guessing, if you want to buy this id, say just buy it, because this is the one drone i take everywhere its like. I dont necessarily want to carry too much stuff, but this is so small i can. I can take this anywhere. So for sure this is the go to drone.